Who is Rami Malek Wife in 2023 Are Rami and Lucy Still Together

Who is Rami Malek Wife in 2023? Are Rami and Lucy Still Together?

Who is Rami Malek Wife in 2023? Are Rami and Lucy Still Together?

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It is now confirmed that Rami Malek has won an Oscar. During the event for the 2019 Academy Awards, the actor won the prize for Best Actor for his performance as Freddie Mercury in Bohemian Rhapsody. However, the fact that he is now a winner of an Academy Award is not the only thing that has changed as a result of the movie. He has also made his relationship with his co-star and current love interest, Lucy Boynton, official. The following is a rundown of the couple’s relationship, which has now lasted for three years.

Year 2018

Malek and Boynton first started making public appearances together in 2018 after working together on the production of Bohemian Rhapsody in 2017. They made their first appearance in public in January of 2018, when they went to a party in London that was held for the ALEXACHUNG Fantastic collection.

They celebrated the upcoming game by attending a party in Minneapolis the next month. The couple who will soon be known to the world appeared to be having a good time together, but they gave few hints that they were a romantic item.

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They traveled to Paris in March to attend the fashion week there. They were seated in the front row at Miu Miu, but they kept their hands to themselves the entire time.

The relationship between the two co-stars was verified by Us Weekly a few months after the first time they were seen together on a red carpet event. According to a person who spoke to the publication, the pair “met while filming Bohemian Rhapsody in London.” “He has such a crush on her. He spends a lot of time traveling to London to see her there.

During their time in the Louis Vuitton and Virgil Abloh London pop-up shop, the couple showed a slightly more amount of outward adoration for one another. While they were walking down the red carpet, Malek had his arm around Boynton’s shoulder.

Both Malek and Boynton promoted their picture at the Governors Awards in Hollywood the following month, and while they did so in a professional manner on the red carpet, they did promote the film.

Year 2019

During the Palm Springs International Film Festival in the beginning of January, Malek made his first public comments about his new connection with a female actor. During his speech of acceptance for the Breakthrough Performance Award, Malek thanked Lucy Boynton for her contribution to the industry. You have been everything to me: a friend, a confidant, and a lover. I can’t express how grateful I am.

A few days later, the couple attended the Golden Globes together, where Malek was ultimately deemed to be the most deserving of the award for Best Actor. At an after party to celebrate Boynton’s victory, the two were seen congratulating one other by hugging and holding hands with Malek.

The paparazzi captured the couple as they were out on a date in Los Angeles not long after the Golden Globe Awards. The obvious display of affection that Malek was going for consisted of his keeping his arm wrapped around Boynton’s waist.

The next week, Malek and Boynton made a significant new step in their relationship by presenting together at the Critics’ Choice Awards while wearing pale blue ensembles that matched one other. By the time award season was over, Malek and Boynton had developed a habit of frequently coordinating their costumes for public appearances.

At the end of January, the couple went to the Screen Actors Guild Awards together with the rest of the Bohemian Rhapsody ensemble. While there, Boynton gave her beau a hug as he was announced as the winner of the award for Best Actor.

Malek and Boynton took a break from the festivities that were happening during awards season to watch a Lakers basketball game from courtside seats. The couple smiled and laughed the whole time they were shot together, but they avoided any obvious displays of affection as is natural for couples. The sport of basketball is very funny.

After that, the couple boarded a flight to London, where they attended the BAFTA Awards and walked the red carpet. Malek was successful in his bid to win the award for Best Actor once more.

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Finally, two weeks later, it was time for the Oscars. The couple attended the event together, including walking the red carpet and sitting close to one other in the crowd. Before taking the stage to accept his Academy Award for Best Actor, Rami Malek kissed his co-star and girlfriend in front of the audience as he was being named as the winner of the Best Actor category. During his winning speech, he expressed his gratitude to Boynton by giving him a sincere shoutout. He told Lucy Boynton that she was the most important part of the movie. “You have an extraordinary amount of talent. You have won my love and admiration. I really appreciate your help.”

It was stated that Malek collapsed on his way back to his seat, and he required medical attention before being given the go-ahead to continue enjoying the rest of the evening. The man is completely overcome with astonishment.

The newly crowned Academy Award winner and his partner attended a Cartier event in Paris, where they posed for photographs on the red carpet while looking really fashionable.

A famous married couple Boynton and Malek made their debut at the Met Gala as part of their coming-of-age ritual. Despite this, they decided against walking the red carpet together as a couple.

It was observed that Malek and Boynton were walking away from the Century Club in London while holding hands. During the same month, both actors give interviews in which they discuss their connection to one another. During the course of Malek’s interview with GQ, he buys Boynton a deodorant made by Schmidt’s Jasmine Tea. In the meantime, Boynton told The Cut that she puts her composed response to Malek kissing her on the red carpet at the Oscars down to the fact that she had consumed a handful of CBD candies prior to the event.

Boynton stated to the publication that him winning for his performance was comparable to winning for the tiny tip of the iceberg in terms of everything he had accomplished. You seem to forget that there are probably several hundred other individuals in the room. She also shared a humorous anecdote about visiting a vintage store with Malek, during which he made a remark about her sense of fashion:

I showed him the dress that I was wearing, and he asked, “Why do you constantly strive to dress like a 12-year-old ghost?”

Malek disclosed in an interview with GQ that his long-term partner is a “bath taker,” and that he had purchased a necklace for her in addition to a deodorant that smells like perfume for her. It is really astute of him to instruct a salesman to present the deodorant in a jewelry box before wrapping it up and placing it in the Goop bag. “Good,” he said. “This is going to be quite funny. She will probably think that I’m being ridiculous.”

It was said that he complimented the jewelry by saying that the recipient would be “very thrilled” with it. This is a very British expression.

The month got off to a good start for the couple when they went to the Venice Film Festival together. After all, studies have shown that couples who take gondola rides together tend to stay together.

In a conversation with the Porter at Net-A-Porter, Boynton reveals that the intense attention that is focused on her lover may sometimes be taxing. “It’s nice to see people who are thrilled about his work—if they’ve watched Mr. Robot or [the] Freddie [Mercury biopic, Bohemian Rhapsody—but it’s just that issue of people grabbing him,” she remarked. “If they’ve seen Mr. Robot or [the] Freddie [Mercury biopic, Bohemian Rhapsody].” “I mean, you wouldn’t just go up and grab some random person off the street, would you? In addition to that, I believe there is a sense of ownership.”

Malek was there to support Boynton at the launch of her new Netflix series, The Politician. He was right by her side. Both appeared to be in good spirits and stylish, demonstrating that their relationship is going from strength to strength.

The duo made another appearance on the red carpet at the premiere of Mr. Robot season 4, which was held in New York City. This season will be the show’s last. On the step-and-repeat, Boynton posed with Malek while wearing a black dress with a ruffled collar. Malek was also wearing a black suit.

They also had some time to talk with the co-executive producer of the show, Kyle Bradstreet, and the three of them took some photos together.

In an interview later that evening with Entertainment Tonight, Malek described the first episode of the show’s fourth and final season as “a profoundly emotional event.”

The couple spent time together at the Staples Center watching another game of the Los Angeles Lakers basketball team on Black Friday, which occurred in November of the previous year. While Malek donned an all-black suit with a red hoodie underneath, Boynton wore a black mock turtleneck dress teamed with black tights and platform heels. Boynton also wore black platform shoes.

On their date night, the normally reserved pair could be seen laughing and smiling as they sat courtside.

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Who is Rami Malek Wife in 2023 Are Rami and Lucy Still Together

January 2020

The beginning of the year saw Malek and Boynton making their way back into the award show scene. Both of them were present at the Golden Globes ceremony. Boynton looked chic in a silver metallic dress, and Malek, who complimented her look with a black suit, wore a suit himself.

Malek and Boynton spent time together at the Oscars after-party as well as the Vanity Fair bash before the global outbreak of the coronavirus. In a rather unusual display of public display of affection, they walked the red carpet at the Oscars holding hands:


During the early stages of the pandemic, Malek and Boynton went several months without actually being photographed when they were together. At the end of July, witnesses spotted the couple socializing in London at Cay Tre, located in Soho, where they were with Boynton’s pals.

In August of the year 2020, Malek and Boynton were seen together in London, indicating that they were still very much in a relationship with one other. They made their appearance alongside their mutual buddy Ben Hardy. They were observed going to Brasserie of Light to get some food for dinner.

In April 2021, photographs taken of Malek when he was partying in Miami with friends and a group of ladies spread suspicions that he and Boynton’s relationship was experiencing difficulties after Malek was seen sans Boynton. E! was informed by a witness who was present that there was no problematic activity taking place at the time. Malek was described as being “in a wonderful mood” and “did not appear to outwardly flirt with or be affectionate with any of the women.”

When Boynton and Malek were caught spending time together at the Hotel Esplanade in Zagreb, Croatia on April 22, 2018, they insinuated that their relationship was going swimmingly by confirming that everything was well between them. Malek made the trip to visit Boynton while she was in the city working on the upcoming miniseries The Ipcress File. Boynton had been working in the city.

Year 2022

At the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club on day 12 of the Wimbledon Tennis Championships on July 8, Boynton and Malek made an appearance in London. The event took place at the Wimbledon Tennis Championships. They were there to see the men’s singles semifinal match between Novak Djokovic and Cameron Norrie. The contest was between Novak Djokovic and Cameron Norrie.

It was obvious that the game was entertaining, and both Malek and Boynton appeared to be highly invested in the play.

whenever they weren’t completely preoccupied with one another.

Alongside them at their table was another prominent couple, Regé-Jean Page and Emily Brown, who have been together for a very long time. Everyone looked their best, with Boynton donning a white scalloped, sleeveless little dress with a black bow embellishment at the collar. Everyone else also looked their best. Malek had a blue tie, a blue and white striped button-up, and a black suit that was the ideal complement to the ensemble that his girlfriend had chosen to wear.

September 2022

At the 2022 Deauville Film Festival, which was held at the CID in Deauville, France, on September 2nd (Friday), Lucy Boynton was honored with the Nouvel Hollywood award. After Boynton finished her performance, Rami Malek was seen in the audience giving her a standing ovation before she went backstage for photos.

ceremony commemorating the beginning of the 47th annual Deauville American Film Festival

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