Who is Bridget Moynahan Husband in 2023 All About Her Marriage & Divorce

Who is Bridget Moynahan Husband in 2023? All About Her Marriage & Divorce

Who is Bridget Moynahan Husband in 2023? All About Her Marriage & Divorce

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Over the course of their marriage, Bridget Moynahan and Andrew Frankel have maintained a life that is both extremely secretive and reminiscent of a fairytale. Learn more about their marriage and other topics by reading this.

Bridget Moynahan, who is 51 years old, and her husband, Andrew Frankel, who is 48 years old, have been married for almost seven years and have quite an interesting history together. Since the beginning of their relationship, the actress and the businessman have shared bits and pieces of their lives on social media, but they have also been careful to protect their privacy. These two sweethearts shared unforgettable events during their courtship, beginning with their first encounter in the 2010s and culminating with their wedding being held in complete secrecy.

See the following for further information on Andrew, his dedication to Bridget, and Bridget’s former love, Tom Brady.

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Andrew & Bridget first meeting.

It was somewhere in the early 2010s, and the hottie, who is a well-known businessman in New York, reportedly made Bridget feel like she was “on cloud nine” around the time that they met. Although it is unknown exactly where or when they met, it was sometime in the early 2010s. According to a source who spoke to PEOPLE, “they met each other through a friend,” and ever since then, “she has been on cloud nine.”

When did they get engaged?

Basia Zamorska, one of Bridget’s stylists, disclosed the engagement in an interview with PEOPLE in 2015, despite the fact that Bridget has maintained the confidentiality of the proposal. She told the source that “Andrew proposed to Bridget in April [2015] during a romantic holiday in Puerto Rico.” She also mentioned that the engagement diamond was an antique piece made by Fred Leighton. “The bride has always wanted the diamond to be set east-west, so the jeweler did just that.”

Andrew and Bridget secret marriage.

The wedding of the engaged couple took place on October 19, 2015, at the Wolffer Estate Vineyard in Sagaponack, New York; however, no one knew when or where it would take place, not even their guests. They had invited their family and friends to what they thought would be a harvest moon ceremony, but it became clear very quickly that the event in question was actually the reception for the couple’s genuine wedding. A select few people, including her son Jack, whom she shares with her ex-husband Tom, attended the ceremony that took place before the wedding.

Bridget shared a gorgeous photo of her and Andrew from their wedding day in 2019.

The post that caught people’s attention brought a lot of joy and appreciation because she doesn’t usually share images of Andrew very often. It was a picture of them posing in their wedding clothes while standing outside on green grass in the center of rows of trees, and she had shared it with him for the occasion of their fourth wedding anniversary.

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Bridget looked absolutely stunning in her wedding dress, which was a traditional white color, and she wore her hair in a classic updo, while Andrew looked dapper in a suit and tie. She accompanied the photo with the phrase “Happy anniversary!”

Do Bridget & Andrew have kids?

Even though Bridget and Andrew do not have any children together, Bridget’s son Jack is now considered to have Andrew as his stepfather after the couple was married. Tom, a former NFL player, and Bridget’s ex-boyfriend Jack’s father. Bridget was previously involved with Tom.

Bridget’s former relationship with Tom Brady.

Before Bridget’s love affair with Andrew began, she was in a relationship with Tom, who is widely regarded as one of the greatest quarterbacks in the history of professional football. Before Bridget met Andrew, she was in a relationship with Tom. The former girlfriend and boyfriend began dating in 2004, and they were quite public about their relationship, frequently appearing together on various public occasions. Their relationship lasted for around three years before they decided to end it in December 2006. At the time, Bridget was pregnant with their son Jack, and she gave birth to him in 2007, after the couple had already decided to end their relationship.

During the time of their breakup, a representative stated that they parted ways “amicably” and desired solitude. They broke up amicably after being together for three years, which happened a few weeks ago. We kindly ask that you respect their privacy and keep it in mind when doing so. The representative tells PEOPLE that there will be no additional remarks made.

Bridget and Tom have maintained a cordial relationship throughout their time spent co-parenting Jack. After that, he married Gisele Bundchen and the couple went on to have two more children.

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