Radhi Devlukia Shetty (Jay Shetty’s Wife) Age, Family, Biography & More Latest Updates 2022

Radhi Devlukia Shetty (Jay Shetty’s Wife) Age, Family, Biography & More Latest Updates 2022

Radhi Devlukia Shetty (Jay Shetty’s Wife) Age, Family, Biography & More Latest Updates 2022

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Jay Shetty is a British author and purpose coach who is best known for co-hosting the podcast On Purpose with Chris Brogan. He has conducted interviews with a slew of celebrities, including Kobe Bryant and Alicia Keys, among others. The first year of Jay’s podcast saw a total of 64 million downloads from all across the world. Shetty also has a YouTube channel with 3.84 million members, which is filled with a variety of motivational videos of various kinds.

Shetty, a Buddhist monk, rose to prominence as a video producer for the Huffington Post after leaving the order. In 2017, he was named to Forbes’ 30 under 30 Europe list, and a year later, he created the video with the highest number of views on Facebook of the year. Radhi Devlukia-Shetty, Jay’s wife, was the first celebrity to appear on his reality show On Purpose, which premiered in early 2019.

Roshni Devlukia Shetty is the wife of Jay Shetty, a YouTuber and motivational speaker who has a large following on YouTube. She works as a nutritionist in the Watford General Hospital system. Find out some fascinating facts about Roshni Devlukia Shetty in this article..


Roshni Devlukia Shetty was born on July 30, 1990, in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India (age 32 years; as of 2022). At the beginning of her childhood, she was an overweight girl who was ridiculed for her weight all throughout her school and college years. In response to the negative remarks she had received about her appearance, Roshni decided to make some changes to her body. She began practicing yoga and meditation and eventually saw positive outcomes as a result of her efforts.

Roshni started working as a plant-based nutritionist at Watford General Hospital in Hertfordshire, England, after completing her study. She is particularly interested in Ayurveda. She also enjoys cooking and enjoys experimenting with new dishes, which she does frequently.

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Devlukia is a devout disciple of Radhanath Swami, who he met in a dream. Sharing her spiritual knowledge is important to her because she wants to convey happiness and love throughout the world.

Physical Appearance

Roshni is approximately 5′ 7″ tall and weighs approximately 55 kg. Her eyes are moss green, and her hair is black.

Radhi Devlukia Family, Husband & Caste

Roshni Devlukia is a Hindu woman who comes from a Hindu family. There is very little information available about her parents. Deepa Devlukia is her older sister, who is also a model.

Roshni Shetty tied the knot with Jay Shetty, a motivational speaker, in April 2016.

Radhi and Jay met when he was a monk and got married in a low-key 2016 ceremony

It’s interesting to note that Jay met Radhi’s mother before meeting Radhi, his future bride. When Jay was learning to be a monk, he was given the task of putting Radhi’s mother through a series of exercises. For Jay, it was the first time that such responsibility had been placed in his hands. Radhi’s mother admired Jay and provided him with Radhi’s contact information so that he might get in touch with her.

Because Shetty’s primary interest at the time was spirituality, he passed the phone number on to his sister. Radhi and Jay’s sister became first friends, and it was via her that Radhi was introduced to Jay. At the time, Jay was a tattooed monk who had little interest in romantic relationships, but Radhi saw him as someone she could perhaps date in the future. Radhi admitted on On Purpose that she was awestruck by Jay: “I was in awe of Jay.”

“I was completely taken aback by him. He also had an extremely interesting appearance — he had something like a bald head. Because he had tattoos and a bald head, he didn’t appear to be the type of person who would be thinking about these things, but he was dressed in robes, so it was possible. And I thought to myself, ‘Wow, this is really, really great, but it’s also bizarre at the same time.'”

Radhi confided in Jay’s sister that she was interested in him, and Jay’s sister was the one who leaked the information. It was at this point that Jay began to consider Radhi as a potential companion.. Jay eventually left the monks and became closer to Radhi as time went on.

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The couple tied the knot in a low-key ceremony in 2016. Jay’s rigorous job prevented the pair from taking a honeymoon until August of this year, though. Thanks for always going above and beyond for me, Radhi captioned a photo of their postponed honeymoon. “Even when you don’t have to, you always do,” Radhi wrote with a photo of their delayed honeymoon. Radhi and Jay are frequently seen on social media displaying their deep friendship. Adding the following caption to a photo of the couple, Radhi posted it on Facebook on the 27th of December, 2020:

“Create a laugh or grin for someone today… The ability to spread happiness to others will truly bring you a great deal of pleasure… as well as YOU, @jayshetty… Please accept my gratitude for ALWAYS attempting to make me smile or laugh in any way that you can… “LET ME TELL YOU AAALLL. MENS HAVE HAD BANTER AND JOKES FOR DAYSSS,” says the author.

Radhi lost her self-confidence as a child due to bullying but she regained it through meditation

Roshni Devlukia was born on the 30th of July, 1990, in the United Kingdom. Radhi was a nickname given to her by her family, and the moniker stuck with her. Despite the fact that Radhi was always the chubby one in the family, she didn’t care because her parents had instilled in her a culture of self-acceptance.

After her schoolmates began to bully Radhi for being overweight, her outlook on life began to transform. Radhi did not lose her sense of self-worth, but she did suffer a significant setback in her self-confidence. When she understood that her perceived value to others was based on her outward beauty, she was devastated on the inside. She shared the following with Women of Impact:

“You end up noticing the people around you, the girls around you, and the types of individuals who wind up being loved or despised,” says the author. And you understand that a lot of it has to do with your physical appearance. “I was either bullied over it or excluded from social situations as a result of it.”

The most significant consequence of Radhi’s bullying was that she began to alter her life to match the expectations of others around her. Radhi’s drive to appease others prohibited her from having a fulfilled life since she was constantly concerned with what other people would think of her actions and words.

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When Devlukia discovered the power of meditation, she was able to reclaim her identity. Even though she’d grown up in a spiritual home, she hadn’t really connected with her spirituality until she started incorporating meditation into her daily practice. Radhi gradually regained her self-confidence, and her sense of self-worth soared to previously unimaginable heights. Radhi discovered her passion for people-serving while practicing meditation. She shared her thoughts with Coco Eco Magazine, saying:

“What is life if it is not spent serving others? What I’ve learned most from this Vedic culture and on this road is that everything is about service, and we get so much more satisfaction from helping others than we do from taking. This is the most important lesson I’ve learned. It is a lovely practice and meditation to maintain throughout one’s life to do anything we can to assist us in being the best versions of ourselves.”

In addition to her website, Radhi Devlukia uses social media to share motivation. Previously, she posted inspirational films and images on Instagram, and she just started a YouTube channel that features a large collection of motivating movies and images.

Devlukia’s parents and grandmother continue to inspire her love for healthy cooking

Devlukia refers to her mother and father as Momma Bear and Poppa Bear, respectively, and her grandmother as Superstar BAA, all of which are endearing nicknames. Radhi’s passion for cooking was influenced by three distinct personalities. Everyone in the family now considers themselves to be a master chefs as a result of their efforts. “My grandmothers, my mother, my father, and my sister have all acquired some major culinary abilities,” Radhi writes on her website.

Radhi credits her mother as her most significant inspiration, and it was she who encouraged Radhi to pursue a degree in nutrition and dietetics at university. As soon as Radhi and Jay were married, they purchased a home in the vicinity of Momma Bear’s home since Radhi believed she still had a lot to learn from her mother. Although they had only been in their new home for three weeks, the couple immediately traveled to New York and then Los Angeles. Despite the distance, Radhi continues to prepare meals with her mother and grandmother. She shared her thoughts with Coco Eco Magazine, saying:

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Radhi Devlukia Shetty (Jay Shetty’s Wife) Age, Family, Biography & More Latest Updates 2022
Radhi Devlukia Shetty (Jay Shetty’s Wife) Age, Family, Biography & More Latest Updates 2022

We’re constantly on the phone with each other, as I’m preparing my breakfast and my mother is preparing her lunch. “I contact her for everything, and she’s actually turned into one of my best friends,” says the author.

Moving to the United States proved to be a blessing in disguise for Radhi, as she met Divya Alter, the proprietor of an Ayurvedic restaurant in New York City, who became a lifelong friend. Radhi promised to assist Divya in the kitchen so that she could learn as much as she possibly could from her. “She is very sincere in her profession, and I simply fell in love with it,” Devlukia said of his encounter with her.

Incorporating Ayurveda into her life was a breeze for Radhi because it nurtured her physical body in addition to her mind and soul. In an interview with Devlukia, he explained how he learned about it through his spiritual and Ayurvedic practices, which are linked. She went on to say:

A practice of aware eating and practice of mindfulness in the kitchen is at the heart of it, with the Gratitude prayer serving as its culmination. The way you think about food and the amount of energy you put into it have the potential to have an impact on your body. Making time for mindful eating and cooking should be a part of your daily routine.” “It’s all about finding pockets of time in your day when you can practice mindfulness.”


  • Roshni is a vegetarian who eats only fruits and vegetables.
  • Her interests include cooking, practicing yoga, and traveling.
  • Her granny is considered to be a role model by her.
  • She has a strong affinity for animals.

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