Prosecution Elite Drama Cast, Plot, Trailer & More 2023

Prosecution Elite Drama Cast, Plot, Trailer & More 2023

  • Drama: Prosecution Elite
  • Country: China
  • Language: Chinese
  • Status: Upcoming
  • Season: 1
  • Episodes: 40
  • Airs: 2023 -?
  • Original Network: CCTV, Tencent Video
  • Duration: 45 min.
  • Content Rating: Not Yet Rated
  • Native Title: 公诉精英
  • Also Known As: 公訴精英 , Prosecution Elites , Gong Su Jing Ying
  • Genres: Mystery, Crime, Drama

Prosecution Elite Drama Cast

Dilraba Dilmurat as An Ni

Tong Da Wei as He Lu Yuan

Gao Xin as Zhao Ji Kai

Una You as Li Yi Tang

Luo Hai Qiong as Qian Tian Xin

Lei Han as Luo Jiang Xiao

Ma Yuan as Wang He Yu

Feng Lei as Guo Hong Jiang

Guo Jia Nan as Han Xuan

Xu Wen Guang as Yin Hui Quan

Ma Su as Zhan Mei

Li Yi Xiao as Zhang Wan Ru

Li Fei Er as Liang Ying

Tan Kai as Bai Zhao Xi

Zhang Ke Ying as Wang Xiao Jiao

Na Ren Hua as Xu Ai Lin

Sha Bao Liang as Zhu Xin

Yi Sha as Luo Xiao Ting

An Hu as Hu De Wang

Xiong Zi Qi as Zhang Xiao Bei

Prosecution Elite Drama Release Date

The release date of this drama is not decided still.

Prosecution Elite Drama Production

The shooting of this drama will start soon.

Prosecution Elite Drama Trailer

The trailer for this drama has not been out yet.

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Prosecution Elite Drama Cast, Plot, Trailer & More 2023

Prosecution Elite Drama

An Ni, a prosecutor of the Jiangcheng Procuratorate, was given the task of investigating a case involving a missing college student who was last seen jumping over a cliff into a lake by Chief Prosecutor Xu Ailin. An Ni was given this task by Chief Prosecutor Xu Ailin. She began with Zhao Jikai, the General Manager of Huiquan Games, and discovered a connection between him and international groups that encourage bullying. This led to the arrest of the individuals who were responsible for the crimes. While the stock price of Huiquan Games collapsed, Yin Huiquan donated money to Jiangxiao Academy, which would then corrupt underage students under the pretense of being charitable.

Student Li Xiaowen, along with other victims, comes forward and openly condemns the unconventional methods used by Jiangxiao Academy to exert control over younger students. An Ni provides the court with convincing proof, which ultimately results in the closure of the institution and the retribution of those who were involved.

When Yan Qin acquired control of the Huiquan Games, he stole the money and invested it in the expansion of a copper mine. On the other hand, this investment opportunity was a Ponzi scam run by a group that committed financial crimes online. An Ni packed her bags and headed out of the country to take part in a trial that took place beyond international borders. As a result of the combined efforts of Chinese and international judicial authorities, Qian Tianxin was extradited back to China, and his assets were seized.

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