Pinterest for Business 8 Strategies You Need to Know

Pinterest for Business: 8 Strategies You Need to Know

Pinterest for Business: 8 Strategies You Need to Know

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Pinterest is not just a social network but also a visual search engine and a tool that can be used to increase productivity. Discover how your company might benefit from using Pinterest.

Are you only utilizing Pinterest at the moment to plan your ideal trip or to locate recipes that look mouthwatering so that you may attempt them, or are you also using Pinterest for your company? If the latter is something that you have not yet started doing, it may be time to think about putting your brand on this visual platform.

Because it is a visual search engine, Pinterest is excellent for introducing your brand to new people who might be interested in purchasing it. This is something that businesses of all sizes can take advantage of on Pinterest.

This is due to the fact that Pinners come to the platform in search of ideas. They want to be motivated to try new things, find new ideas, find excellent recipes and often receive inspiration for their next buy from the content they consume.

This article will cover all the fundamentals of Pinterest marketing, including but not limited to the following:

What exactly does it mean to market on Pinterest?

How to effectively use Pinterest for your company

How to create a Pinterest account for your business Terms that are important for you to be familiar with and that will assist your Pinterest marketing plan

Hootsuite’s Guide to Pinterest: How to Use It

Let’s get started.

What is Pinterest marketing?

Pinterest marketing is a set of strategies that integrate Pinterest into the larger social media marketing strategy that your company employs in order to expand its reach to new audiences and raise more people’s knowledge of its brands and products.

Pinterest Business reports that social media marketers utilize the platform to achieve the following goals:

Gain access to a new audience and expand your visibility online.

Increase the number of people who visit the website or online store of the company.

Get people to sign up for your email, buy tickets, or make purchases by encouraging them.

In other words, utilizing Pinterest for commercial purposes can assist your brand in reaching a large number of people and in generating revenue.

Pinterest has 459 million active members on a monthly basis, making it the fourteenth largest social network in the world as of the year 2021.

In addition to this, its advertising reach is remarkable:

In point of fact, eighty percent of weekly Pinners have come across a new business or product through the use of Pinterest. According to Pinterest’s data, the number of users who have created boards on the platform as well as the total number of pinners is growing each year.

This platform may be of particular help to your company if the audience that you are trying to reach is the same one that is obsessed with Pinterest and uses it. Women, as well as others interested in shopping and beginning new projects, have traditionally been drawn to the site. As of the year 2021, men and members of Generation Z are showing a growing interest in it.

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People who are looking for positive inspiration are also big fans of Pinterest because, unlike other social media platforms, it is not geared around “fear of missing out” or contentious debates.

You should now move on to learning how you can market your business using Pinterest now that you are familiar with what Pinterest marketing is. Continue reading for eight useful suggestions.

How to use Pinterest for business: 8 tips and tricks

1. Create a Pinterest marketing strategy

Do not immediately go into Pinterest without first formulating a social media strategy for it, as you would with any other social media channel. Instead, take the time to plan out your approach.

Developing a marketing strategy for Pinterest entails the following steps:

Goal-setting that is both SMART and realistic (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound). Do you hope that in addition to growing your following on Pinterest, the platform will also drive traffic to your website, lead to an increase in sales for a particular product, or improve the number of people who sign up for an event?

Discovering more about the people who use Pinterest in general and the type of person who is most likely to make use of this channel.

Learning about the unique audience that your brand is trying to reach on Pinterest.

Take into consideration the activities that your rivals are engaging in on this social media site.

Your content calendar for social media should include Pinterest, and you should plan to include brand-appropriate content there.

You may get started on achieving your objectives once you’ve devised a methodical plan to do so.

2. Retweet interesting and fascinating stuff

Because Pinterest is a visual medium, making effective use of it for business requires developing and sharing visual material of high quality and level of engagement.

So, what is it that makes a Pin so alluring?

Imagery that is vertical. According to the data, 82% of Pinterest users surf the platform on their mobile devices. Aim for an aspect ratio of 2:3 to prevent coming up with photographs that have been cropped in an unnatural way.

Take into consideration the quality of your images and videos. Because you want to avoid pixelation, you should shoot for the greatest possible quality when uploading images and videos to Pinterest.

Descriptive copy. A well-written description can help you boost your SEO, give your photographs context, and encourage viewers to click on the links you provide.

A layer of text on top. You could want to include a title that elaborates on the point being made visually.

Branding that has good taste. Incorporate your company logo into your Pins if doing so is appropriate for your business and fits well with the strategy you’ve devised for marketing on Pinterest. This will ensure that your brand is not lost in the sea of Repins.

Make sure your connections function. Broken links won’t assist your brand! Make certain that the URL that is associated with your Pin will not result in a 404 error and that it loads promptly in order to provide Pinners with the best possible user experience.

Last but not least, remain consistent! It is more beneficial to pin on a regular, daily basis as opposed to constructing a board and then filling it up all at once. In addition, regular pinning increases the likelihood that your work will be seen by more people.

Your company will have an easier time staying on top of your content calendar if you use Hootsuite to plan your Pins.

3. Experiment with a variety of pin formats.

Pinterest is a platform for sharing images, but it’s not limited to simply photos alone.

Mix it up! Try adding many photographs to a Pin in order to create a carousel, or pin a video that invites users to shop at your online store and encourages them to do so.

As an illustration, Nike promotes their wares with the use of videos:

And carousels to display a number of different goods under the same Pin:

However, despite the fact that 80% of Pinners find a new brand or product on Pinterest, you should not limit yourself to merely browsing and advertising your company overtly.

Pinners also come to the platform for inspiration, with 85% of Pinners claiming they come to Pinterest in order to begin a new project. Pinners come to the platform for a variety of reasons. You might also want to consider publishing how-to Pins or inspiration boards in order to create engaging and helpful information for your audience.

4. Prepare your boards with great care.

97% of searches on Pinterest are not branded, therefore the boards associated with your brand can help you connect with new users who are interested in specific subjects or learning specific things.

For instance, Oreo’s boards include Pins with ideas for upcoming seasonal holidays, such as its Spooky Sweet Halloween board and Holidays with Oreo board, as well as recipe ideas, such as its Oreo Cupcakes and Oreo Cookie Balls board. These boards are examples of what can be found on Oreo’s Pinterest page.

To put it another way, the company does an excellent job of balancing commercial boards with boards containing content that is helpful, interesting, and inspirational:

Additional pins and recipe ideas may be found on the Oreos Pinterest Board.

In addition, Aveeno maintains boards dedicated to the company’s own goods, such as the Aveeno Body and Sun Care boards:

However, the brand also has other boards, such as one dedicated to Earth Day. On this board, there are pins that inadvertently promote the business while simultaneously demonstrating an awareness of the things that their audience loves and supports.

5. Optimize your Pins for SEO

Since Pinterest functions as a search engine, you should ensure that the Pins associated with your company are simple to locate. Include keywords in the descriptions of your pins, as well as on your boards and in your hashtags.

Rich Pins, which are intended to pin new content from your company’s website while avoiding duplicate content, will help boost the Pinterest SEO of your brand.

This article contains additional SEO advice, as well as a list of the top 100 keywords used on Pinterest.

6. Experiment with a few different adverts on Pinterest.

Advertising on Pinterest is an additional powerful method for promoting your company on the platform. Advertisers on Pinterest are able to target their campaigns based on keywords, interests, location, age, and a variety of other metrics and categories.

In addition, comprehensive audience targeting enables advertisers to communicate with particular subsets of Pinterest users, such as:

Guests of your website who have already viewed it.

individuals who have interacted with your Pins in some way.

People who have previously interacted with content that is comparable on the platform.

A specialized list, such as the people who subscribe to your newsletter.

On Pinterest, users can choose to advertise using a variety of formats, including sponsored Pins, promoted collections, and video advertising. Discover everything you need to know about advertising on Pinterest by reading this.

7. Keep an eye on the stats.

A data-driven approach to marketing on Pinterest is essential to its success. Tracking, measuring, and analyzing important Pinterest metrics and audience behavior enables social media managers to gain insight into which types of content perform the best on Pinterest and which types of material are less engaging.

Here, we will inform you of the metrics that you ought to be measuring as well as the tools that you may use to monitor these data.

8. Promote your Pinterest profile

Last but not least, you should let the dedicated fans you already have on other platforms know that you are also active on Pinterest. Promote your Pinterest profile:

by the inclusion of a link to your Pinterest profile on the website of your firm.

Include the URL in the signature of your outgoing email.

Promoting your Pinterest business account on the other social platforms used by your company is called cross-channel promotion.

Including in a company newsletter an announcement on the company’s Pinterest profile.

How to set up a Pinterest business account

If you intend to use Pinterest for professional purposes, you should be certain that you have established a Pinterest business account and are not merely relying on a personal account. Because of this, having a business account enables your brand to do the following:

Utilize analytics to track and evaluate how well your Pinterest marketing approach is working.

Maintain a diverse range of advertisements on Pinterest.

Create a tab labeled Shop.

This article will guide you through the process of creating a Pinterest business account for your company or brand.

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How to set up an account if you’ve never used Pinterest before

First, you’ll need to sign up for a brand-new account.

Visit and click the Signup button when you get there.

Step 2: When the pop-up appears, scroll all the way to the bottom.

And press here. Begin your journey right now!

Step 3: Fill in your personal information.

Create a safe password, along with adding your professional email address and your age. Make sure that the email address you’re adding to your Pinterest account isn’t already associated with another one. After that, select the Create account option.

Step 4: Complete the required fields to create a profile for your company.

You’ll be prompted to input your business’s name, language, and location. Then, press the Next button.

  1. Describe your company or organization

Select the explanation that corresponds the most closely with the activities that your company engages in, and include a link to your website.

You can now begin running advertising and pinning images to your boards!

How to set up an account if you have a private Pinterest profile

First, head on over to the Settings section of your personal Pinterest account after you’ve signed in.

You can reach this page by selecting the very last option (it’s just an arrow icon) in the menu that’s located in the upper right corner. This brings up a menu that can be dropped down. After that, select the Settings tab.

Step 2: Navigate to the left-hand menu and select Account Settings.

Step 3: After scrolling down to the Account Changes section, select the Convert account button that is located in the section labeled “Convert to a business account.”

Step 4: Complete the form with your company’s information.

You will be prompted to enter the name of your company, as well as its language and location. In addition to this, you will select the description that corresponds most closely to the services that your company provides and include a link to your website.

You also have the option of linking a Pinterest business account to an existing personal account of yours on the platform. After browsing to settings while you are logged into your personal account, all you have to do to accomplish this is click the Add an account button:

To create a free account for your business, click the “Create” button.

Repeat the steps from the previous section after you have established a linked Pinterest business account. These stages include adding your company’s name, language, location, business description, and a link to your website.

You can start promoting on Pinterest as soon as you have a Pinterest business account set up, and it doesn’t matter which approach you choose to use because you’ll be good to go either way!

Important Pinterest for business terms you should know

Pinterest, like all other social media sites, has its own language, or slang, which you should become familiar with if you want to be successful on the platform. A glossary is provided here for your convenience.

Pins and Pin formats


LinkedIn has members. Users of Snapchat are referred to as Snapchatters. And Pinterest has Pinners. In other terms, a person who utilizes Pinterest is referred to as a Pinner, which is the branded term for the term.


A primary post published on Pinterest is referred to as a Pin. Like bookmarks on websites, pins may contain images or videos and may link back to the original source from which they originated.

Merchandised Pins

Promoted Pins can be thought of as a form of advertisement on Pinterest. These are Pins that businesses have paid to have promoted to the Pinterest community in the hopes that more users would come across them. These Pins are labeled as “Promoted,” and they show up in the home feed, category feeds, and search results.

Additionally accessible options include promoted video Pins, carousels, and app Pins. Click here to read more on the many advertising choices on Pinterest.


Consider a Repin to be the Pinterest equivalent of a share on Facebook or a retweet on Twitter. When someone finds a post on Pinterest that they like but did not create themselves, they are said to have “Repinned” it to one of their boards.

Rich Pins

Rich Pins are pins that automatically pull additional information from your website into the pin itself. The purpose of this is to provide more information, such as the most recent pricing and the availability of products. Product Rich Pins, Recipe Rich Pins, and Article Rich Pins are the three varieties of Rich Pins that can be used on Pinterest.

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Video Pins

These are quite similar to standard pins, however, instead of a still image, they display a video that plays in a continuous loop.

Carousel Pins

Carousel Pins display numerous images rather than simply a single image as their motif. A carousel Pin can hold a maximum of five different pictures at once.

Collections Pins

Pinners will find it much simpler to shop for items that are comparable thanks to this Pin style. Dots of white color will emerge on a Collections Pin if the Pinner clicks on the magnifying glass that is located in the bottom right corner of the Pin.

Idea Pins

This is a brand-new format for pins, which has not yet been widely used. Customizing the colors and fonts used in your Idea Pin, developing step-by-step guides, and curating collections are all ways that you can utilize Idea Pins to promote your business in novel ways.

Test out some product Pins.

Another new format for the Pin that isn’t widely available just yet is this one. Pinners are able to visually “try on” things they find on Pinterest by utilizing the Pinterest Lens in conjunction with augmented reality (AR) filters that are used in Try on Pins.

Boards and Board types


Consider the boards you create on Pinterest to be virtual mood boards. Make use of boards to store, compile, and arrange the pins you’ve collected. Many people make use of boards to organize their Pins in accordance with a particular subject or topic. You could, for instance, create a board centered on the planning of an event for the debut of a product, one for seasonal content, or one for wedding ideas and inspiration.

Boards for groups

Group boards are identical to standard boards, with the exception that multiple users can contribute content at once. Because it allows everyone to contribute, this structure is perfect for marketing teams that want to exchange ideas or strategies with one another.

Hidden bulletin boards

The only people who can view a private board are the person who created it and any invited collaborators. After you have made one, there will be a sign of a lock to the right of the board’s name. These are helpful for planning that you don’t want to be seen by others, as secret boards are hidden from the home feed, search results, and other public areas of Pinterest.

Boards with protection

Protected boards function in a manner very similar to that of secret boards in that they are located at the bottom of your profile and only you can view them. However, if a Pinner has a direct link, other Pinterest users will be able to view the Pins that are located on protected boards.

General Pinterest terms

Audience Insights

Through the use of the Audience Insights tool, Pinterest business accounts gain access to a variety of useful data and insights. Find out more about how to use Pinterest analytics and what platform-specific data you ought to be measured by reading the information provided in this article.

Pinterest Lens

Only mobile devices are compatible with this augmented reality technology at this time. With the help of the Pinterest Lens camera feature, users are able to take a picture of something, such as a product or a Pincode, and then locate information on Pinterest that is linked to what they photographed.


Pincodes are essentially QR codes. These codes can be placed on printed copies of marketing material, such as a business card or a press release, then scanned using Pinterest Lens. Once scanned, the codes will connect back to a Pinterest board or profile, depending on which was used.

How to use Pinterest with Hootsuite

Hootsuite enables you to centralise the management of all of your social media accounts across many platforms, streamline the marketing efforts you put into Pinterest, and collaborate with others on social media marketing projects.

The following are some of the ways in which the integration between Hootsuite and Pinterest can help you save time and make it easier to include Pinterest into your social media strategy.

How your marketing approach on Pinterest can benefit from using Hootsuite

You and your company will benefit from using Pinterest in the following ways:

Time is being saved. You are able to generate and schedule Pins with the help of Hootsuite. Additionally, you have the ability to simultaneously post the content to many accounts.

Enhancing the sense of teamwork. You may use Hootsuite to ensure that content is created in a consistent manner, regardless of which member of your team is responsible for carrying out the work. You can accomplish this goal by configuring an approval workflow in Hootsuite and making use of the collaborative features provided by the dashboard.

Facilitating management of numerous channels simultaneously. Because of the scheduling option, your Pinterest marketing approach will always be in perfect sync with all of the other social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter, that your firm uses.

How to start using Pinterest with Hootsuite

The first thing you need to do is link your Hootsuite account to your Pinterest company profile.

Check that you are logged into your Pinterest business account before continuing. After that, click the Add social network button:

Choose Pinterest as the social media platform that you would like to add to Hootsuite:

And then give it permission by clicking the Give access button.

Create your first entry on the forum in Step 2.

Move your mouse pointer over the Composer icon, and then click Pin.

Step 3: Choose a surface for your pin to go on.

You are not limited to selecting just one; instead, you can post the Pin to several other boards.

The fourth step is to upload your various media assets.

You can provide further context about your Pin by uploading an image, editing that image (if you so choose), adding a link to the website, and typing whatever words you wish.

Step 5: Schedule the publication of the Pin at a specific time.

To quickly publish the Pin, click the Post now button. Alternately, you can click the arrow to reveal more publishing options:

Step 6: If you want to schedule something for later, choose the day and hour you want to publish it.

Next, click the Done button.

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