11 Best Slack Apps for Businessm You Should Know

11 Best Slack Apps for Business You Should Know

11 Best Slack Apps for Business You Should Know

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Slack is a platform for instant messaging that integrates with various different types of productivity applications.

Slack is compatible with hundreds of different integration apps that can be used by businesses.

Slack has the potential to make your team more productive and cooperative.

This post is geared toward business owners and professionals who are considering implementing Slack as a communication medium, as well as current Slack users who wish to improve their productivity by utilizing third-party applications.

What is Slack?

Slack is quickly becoming one of the most popular technologies for business communication, and there is a sound rationale behind this trend. So, can you tell me more about it? Slack is a platform for instant messaging that is capable of integrating with other productivity software and enterprise solutions. This allows an entire workforce to make calls, share documents, coordinate projects, and – of course – send instant messages all from within a single application. Slack is also capable of integrating with enterprise solutions.

The software, which is sometimes referred to as a “messaging app on steroids,” makes it simple for corporate teams of any size to collaborate with one another. Users have the ability to create private or public chat rooms, search messages, drag and drop files for file sharing, and access the system from either their desktop computer or their mobile device.

In addition, there are hundreds of integration apps that make it possible for teams to perform almost anything, including keeping track of the feedback provided by clients, approving vacation time, and providing project status reports. Basically, if you want to increase the amount of collaboration and productivity within your team, you should look for an app that is compatible with Slack.

How do Slack integrations work?

Installing a plugin for your preferred web browser is all that is required to begin using Slack’s application integration features. You can locate and install add-ons in a matter of moments with the assistance of Slack’s dedicated software menu, which is included in the app.

If you are new to the world of Slack or are wanting to take your team to the next level, we have compiled a list of the 11 top Slack apps that you should try. We are aware that you do not have the time to wade through hundreds of possibilities, which is why we have compiled this list.

Have you been informed? To assist you in developing a flexible platform that meets the individual requirements of your group, top software publishers such as Microsoft, Google, and Spotify have made their respective application programming interfaces (APIs) available for use within Slack.


It can be tough to create shared project plans, and it can be an even greater challenge for a manager, even one that manages in a Marie Kondo style, to manage those plans across multiple teams.

By empowering teams to design efficient and automated workflows, the MeisterTask plugin contributes to the maintenance of an ordered environment. Users are able to discuss work details with other members of their team, upload files, establish due dates, and add checklist items in real-time all through the app, which is designed in the Kanban-style project board format. MeisterTask has a starting price of $8.25 USD per user, per month.


When they have access to immediate feedback, creatives are able to produce some of their most impressive work. Within Slack itself, InVision gives all of this and much more. Design prototypes can be connected to channels, which makes modifications visible to other members of the team. Individual screens can also be shared, which enables quick coordination. It is also possible to keep many project files, examine them simultaneously, and evaluate them all at the same time. The monthly cost of InVision begins at $99 and covers up to five team members.

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It is simply inefficient to have to switch between apps in order to ring into a conference call or to check your messages. Users are able to dial calls and receive notifications for missed calls, voicemails, and text messages while using Dialpad in conjunction with Slack. In addition, admins have the ability to select which departments should receive certain Slack messages. This allows your staff to take care of any urgent phone calls in your absence. The Dialpad Plus Slack software has a starting price of $30 per month, per user, and requires that you have a Pro or Enterprise Dialpad membership.


It is possible to make educated choices regarding the future of your company if you are aware of how your clients truly feel about the products or services you provide. By enabling users to keep track of incoming survey replies in real-time, the Survicate app for Slack puts users in control of their feedback and puts it right at their fingertips. The feedback provided by customers can also be distributed both within a Slack team and throughout your entire company by using the appropriate Slack channels. In addition, users have the option of disseminating surveys by email or direct message, as well as embedding them into the mobile app or website of the organization. The monthly cost of Survicate begins at $159.

Concur Travel

Employees will occasionally be required to plan travel plans for various events, such as a customer meeting or a workshop focused on improving teamwork. The Concur Travel bot streamlines the travel planning and booking process for users by allowing them to coordinate their trips and make reservations without leaving Slack. In addition, members of the team can work together to plan trips and check for flight information without leaving the Slack channel in which the plans are being discussed. Within Slack, users are able to browse and review upcoming itineraries, and those itineraries are then instantly loaded into Concur Expense for hassle-free processing. For those who have an SAP Concur Travel account, using the Concur Travel bot is completely free.

Zoom Meetings

The way in which we conduct business meetings has undergone a significant transformation, and the use of video conferencing services such as Zoom has made it possible for us to stay in continual communication. You never have to leave your discussion again since the Zoom app for Slack allows you to start a short meeting and share the information of the meeting without ever leaving your conversation. You are able to simply provide a coworker or a full Slack channel with a meeting room that provides crystal-clear audio and high-definition video for all of the attendees’ thanks to the integration of Zoom for Slack.


Trello makes it simple to keep projects going forward – on schedule and according to specifications – thanks to its interaction with Slack. Trello also assists teams in coordinating their efforts. A project manager is able to post a project card into a conversation using Trello for Slack. This opens the door for other members of the team to make updates to the card, or for the team to offer draughts and revisions of a deliverable for a larger group to evaluate. This software for Slack not only automatically delivers status updates but also delivery dates along with regular reminders and notifications in the event that an asset is in danger of missing a deadline.

Google Drive

As more and more firms migrate their enterprise software to the cloud, services such as Google Drive have made it possible for geographically dispersed communities to function effectively. In addition, for groups that communicate and collaborate using Slack, the Google Drive add-on is a fantastic time-saving tool that enables users to rapidly manage and review documents without the need to launch extra programs. Because Google Drive is now integrated into Slack, everyone on your team will be able to create, search for, and modify Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides files without ever leaving Slack.

Vacation Tracker

With the help of Vacation Tracker, employee vacation days are much easier to manage. Within Slack, team members are able to submit requests for time off for vacation or illness thanks to the app. The requests can also be approved or denied by managers within the app, and managers can view an overview of all upcoming vacations for their teams. Administrators have the ability to schedule both regional and international holidays for each group, letting employees know in advance when their offices will be closed. The starting price for Vacation Tracker is $25 and supports up to 25 users.

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There are instances when a photo alone is not enough to convey the meaning you intend. You are able to creatively express yourself through the use of the Giphy app even when you are not speaking. Members of the team have access to a curated collection of GIFs, which they may search and then immediately share in a Slack channel or direct message. Administrators of a company can prevent unprofessional GIFs from being accidentally shared by setting a maximum rating for GIFs, such as G, which stands for “designed for general audiences.” Everyone who uses Slack can access Giphy for free.


With the Spotify app for Slack, you and your coworkers will be able to simply find new music and share it with one another, as well as take control of your song selections. In addition, you are able to view information regarding individual songs, albums, and podcasts. The Spotify app for Slack is available at no cost to customers; but, in order to enjoy all of the app’s capabilities, users will need a Spotify Premium subscription, which starts at $9.99 per month.

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