Pachinko Kdrama (2021) Release Date & Cast Name

Pachinko Kdrama Release Date, Cast Name Summary Plot & More Updates

Pachinko Kdrama  Release Date & Cast Name

Pachinko Kdrama (2021) Release Date & Cast Name.

Pachinko Kdrama (2021) Release Date & Cast Name
Pachinko Kdrama (2021) Release Date & Cast Name


Genre: Drama

Title: Pachinko

Writer: Soo Hugh

Network: Apple TV+

Release Date:2021

Total Episodes:8

Language: Korean, Japanese, English

Main cast of Pachinko Kdrama:

Lee Min-ho as Hansu

Kaho Minami as Etsuko

Anna Sawai as Naomi

Support Cast of Pachinko Kdrama

Jin Ha as Solomon

Soji Arai as Mosazu

Minha Kim as Teenage Sunja

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Pachinko Kdrama Story:

Hansu is a merchant who has links with criminals and illegal relations.

Solomon is an energetic man who wants to take revenge for his family.

Naomi is a businesswoman.

Teenage Sunja is a charming and brave girl who wants to live in a country from which she does not belong.

Mosazu is a sincere businesswoman who cares about the future of his son.

Etsuko is a woman who wants to reunite with her lost daughter.

Pachinko Kdrama Release Date:

Pachinko Kdrama is going to release in 2021.

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Lee Min-ho Pachinko Kdrama:

He is the most famous Korean actor. Lee is 33 years old and born on 22 June 1987. He is a Korean actor, singer, and model. He has a charming and stunning personality. lee min ho is currently working for Pachinko Kdrama.

Lee Min Ho dramas List:

1.Sharp as Student

2.Nonstop 5 as MC Mong

3.Recipe of Love as Waiter

4.Secret Campus as Park Du-hyun

5.Mackerel Run as Cha Gong-chan

5.I Am Sam as Heo Mo-se

6.Get Up as Min Wook-gi

7.Boys Over Flowers as Gu Jun-pyo

8.Personal Taste as Jeon Jin-ho

9.City Hunter as Lee Yoon-sung

10.Faith as Choi Young

11.The Heirs as Kim Tan

12.Legend of the Blue Sea as Heo Joon-jae

13.DMZ, The Wild as Himself

14.The King: Eternal Monarch as Emperor Lee Gon

He also played a role in movies.

1.Public Enemy Returns as Jung Ha-yeon

2.Our School’s E.T. as Oh Sang-hoon

3.Gangnam Blues as Kim Jong-dae

4.Bounty Hunters as Yi San

Kaho Minami Pachinko Kdrama:

Kaho was born on 20 January 1964. She is 57 years old. Kaho is a Japanese actor.

Kaho Minami movies List:

1.Ruby Fruit (1985) – Maiko

2.Tomorrow (1988)

3.Tokyo: The Last War (1989)

4.Angel Dust (1994)

5.Open House (1997)

6.J Horror Theater (2001)

7.The Laughing Frog (2002)

8.The Great Yokai War (2005

9.Sketches of Kaitan City (2010)

10.Gene Waltz (2011)

11.Chronicle of My Mother (2012)

12.Masterless (2015)

13.And Then There Was Light (2017)

14.Oh Lucy! (2017)

15.21st Century Girl (2019)

16.Blue Hour (2019)

17.Nōten Paradise (2020)

18.Miss Osaka (TBA)

Anna Sawai in Drama Pachinko:

She is 28 years old and born on 11 June 1992. Anna is a Japanese-Newzeland actress and singer. She played the role in Ninja Assassin and F9. Now she is working for Pachinko Kdrama.

Jin Ha IN Drama Pachinko:

He is a well-known American actor. Jin was born in Seoul and then moved to Hong Kong. Now she is working for Pachinko Kdrama.

His movies are:

1.Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert

2.Hot Air


4.Love Life

Minha Kim Pachinko Kdrama:

She was born on 1 February 1991. Minah is a South Korean actress.

Minha Kim Drama List:

1.JTBC News Morning& as Sub-anchor

2.JTBC Golf Magazine-Progress as Sub-anchor

3.Workman as host

4.Cashback (pilot episodes only) as host

5.On & Off as Cast

6.20th Century Hit Song as host

Soji Arai Kdrama Pachinko:

He was born on 19 December 1975 in Japan. Soji is a Japanese actor.

Soji Arai films List:

1.Pachinko as Mozasu

2.Cobra Kai  as Jirou Tanaka

3.Dead of Night  as Victor Saito

4.Ark Exitus as Coyote

5.Legacies as Kurutta

6.S.W.A.T.  as Kaito

7.SHE JANG as Roy

8.Aki asRonin

9.The Pilot Fish’s Tale as Prince

10.Perfect Purple as Jin Lee

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