Outer Banks Season 3

Outer Banks Season 3 Release Date & Other Updates 2022 

Outer Banks Season 3 Release Date & Other Updates 2022


Since its introduction in April 2020, Outer Banks has surprised the world and made all of us need to be named an authority “Pogue.” The Netflix unique series started spilling toward the start of the pandemic and immediately turned into an on-screen escape for fans. Be that as it may, after the consummation of Season 2, which brought stunning bluff holders and new dearest characters, Outer Banks fans have been left pondering “Along these lines, when are we getting Season 3?” Here’s what we know up until this point.

What’s going on with Outer Banks seasons 1 & 2?


From time to time, Netflix discharges an extraordinary show that in all actuality does outstandingly well. We marathon watched Squid Games (on the off chance that you haven’t, quite understanding this and do that promptly), we fell head over heels for the characters of Stranger Things, and presently we’re needing an undertaking-filled life on the swamp-like cast of Outer Banks.

The show set in the beautiful Outer Banks of North Carolina and Charleston, South Carolina, follows a gathering of companions named “Pogues” as they leave on a genuine expedition after the principal character, John B, enrolls his companions to go along with him to observe the very incredible fortune that made his dad disappear. We’re talking a great many dollars in gold! Obviously, with a fortune like that running wild, the Pogues aren’t the only ones after the gold and need to evade a few perilous circumstances en route.

Outer Banks Season 2


Alright, we will require Outer Banks season three quickly (Netflix, we trust you’re tuning in).

Between that enormous uncover encompassing John B’s father and the fairly self-contradicting end for the Pogues, we’ve been left with loads of inquiries that main another clump of episodes will actually want to give replies to.

New off the back of that season two finale cliffhanger and looking forward to Outer Banks season three, and every one of the potential outcomes it could hold, here’s the beginning and end we know up until this point.

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Outer Banks Season 2 Release Date


Christmas came early when Netflix declared on December 8 that Outer Banks was returning for a third season. The show’s cast and team took to web-based media to impart the intriguing news to fans:

The cast took the occasion to pause dramatically holding up three fingers after the declaration dropped with the subtitle “✌️+☝️? box s3. precisely”.

The show’s web-based media group even gave us these quite relatable images as we persistently anticipate the following season:

Uplifting news, Pogues! Season three of Outer Banks was affirmed in December 2021… presently it’s simply a cat-and-mouse game to see when it’ll show up on our screens.

In a video presented on Twitter, the cast of the show showed up, cheering, to say: “As far as possible from Poguelandia, season three baby!”

Furthermore, with any karma, it’s not the final appearance ever to be made by the show by the same token.

Show boss Jonas Pate recently talked about imagining Outer Banks going through to seasons four or five, but regardless of whether the arranged story gets told is at last down to Netflix giving it the go-ahead by and by.

There was a stand-by of a little more than a year between the initial two seasons, with the first debuting in April 2020 and the follow-up just barely delivering toward the finish of July 2021.

Season three is yet to begin shooting, so we believe with any karma to expect it in the mid-year of 2022.

Outer Banks Season 2 Cast Name


With season three now on the cards, we can anticipate that all the principal groups should be returning for more. This incorporates:

  • Chase Stokes (John B)
  • Madelyn Cline (Sarah)
  • Madison Bailey (Kiara)
  • Jonathan Daviss (Pope)
  • Rudy Pankow (JJ)

All things considered, Drew Starkey (Rafe), Charles Esten (Ward), Austin North (Topper), and a new member of the Pogues Carlacia Grant (Cleo) would likewise go along with them again as well.

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Outer Banks Season 3
Outer Banks Season 3

Outer Banks season 3 plot: How could the season 2 ending affect what happens next?


Most would agree that Outer Banks’ season two finale was a bit of a stunner.

All through the series, Sarah and John B had been proceeding with their mission for the fortune, rejoining with the remainder of the Pogues in Charlotte. The group figured out how to avoid Ward, Rafe, and newbie Carla (the danger of homicide is never far away from this parcel!)

The Pogues had lost their recently obtained gold cross to – that’s right, you got it – Sarah’s family, the Camerons, during a sensational altercation on freight transport. Barely getting away from death (once more), the pack escaped (in a real sense) just to wind up in a remote location.

The season attracted a closeness with Carla while heading to meet with John B’s father(!), whom many had thought to be dead – but obviously, he undoubtedly isn’t! He pledged to help track down the Shroud of Turin (the mystical recuperating fabric that was intended to have been concealed in the gold cross) but, consequently, she should help John B and his companions.

We’d anticipate that this chase should keep on working out in the third season, would it be advisable for us to get one, with fans puzzling over whether or not John B will at any point get that gathering with his obviously breathing dad.

Pate told Entertainment Weekly: “John B’s relationship with his father is an enormous subject. Having his father back around and in the long run, they will get back together and John B needs to accommodate his admired rendition of his dead father with the truth of his alive father.”

Author Shannon Burke added: “It will be instrumental and maybe the spine [of season three] basically.”

It seems like crowds might be in for that unique second all things considered, in any event, if showrunner Josh Pate gets everything he might want. In a meeting with EW, he affirmed that “John B’s relationship with his father is a gigantic subject [to shape season three]”.

“Having his father back around and in the end, they will get back together and John B needs to accommodate his glorified form of his dead father with the truth of his alive father,” Pate added. “It provides us with a great deal of topical dad child stuff to work with.”

Essayist Shannon Burke added: “It will be instrumental and maybe the spine [of season three] basically. It’s obviously an enormous disclosure that will control a tremendous piece of the third season.”

Entertainer Chase Stokes, who plays John B, has focused on looking forward to what this disclosure might mean for his personality going ahead.

Let TV Line know that he’s “expecting to keep on recounting the story for a couple more seasons”, he considered: “It wasn’t similar to the [Big John] was cleared away by a cataclysmic event or regardless. It was his decision to go out and leave his child, and how do treats resemble it? How does it seem as though when a child encounters a parent who’s left and decides to place him in these conditions and has no clue about what has occurred meanwhile?”

In spite of the entirety of this extremely encouraging jabber, as indicated by TV Line, the Outer Banks showrunners don’t have an “end-all strategy” for the third season – regardless of whether they have a few thoughts of the topics that they would hope to investigate further.

This sounds like business as expected as far as the methodology towards the show. Indeed, when they were outlining season two, Big John’s return wasn’t even essentially an assurance.

“We realized we had that card,” Jonas Pate told TV Line. “We didn’t realize that we would play it without a doubt, but around the 6th or seventh episode, when we were composing this year, we began to acknowledge maybe we could do that.”

In a meeting with Entertainment Weekly, Pate said: “It was dependably a thought waiting around, and specifically, it sets up some stuff we need to investigate in the third season.”

“The principal season we shot various endings, because we weren’t 100% certain, and we had a few adults on this season too that we wound up not utilizing,” Pate added. “Now and again you simply don’t know until you set it up and that is most certainly part of our cycle, experimentation.”

The subsequent portion left the Pogues – complete with newcomer Cleo – stuck on that abandoned island with very little in the method of food. Fans will be wanting to see exactly how – or then again if – they figure out how to get away.

As per show bosses, the posse positively won’t surrender that effectively on their adventures to reveal the merchandise.

During a similar EW talk, Pate additionally uncovered that “the expedition will extend, and the folklore around the expedition will develop and get further”.

He likewise described the behind-the-scenes group as being “pretty started up” about how everything is “going to extend” in season three.

We truly do likewise realize that sentiment is on the cards, especially while the Pogues are abandoned together on the island of Poguelandia. Show bosses have prodded that fans delivering JJ and Kiara might be especially cheerful next season, with Pate clarifying that they were “quickly open” to the thought.

“It appears to be an intriguing plan to investigate but we sort of left it for season three,” he said.

With respect to John B and Sarah?

Entertainer Madelyn Cline told Entertainment Tonight (through Newsweek) that “it’d be truly fun in season three” to get to see them “start to genuinely get to know one another undeniably”.

“They’re hitched,” she added, “but they in reality sort of don’t have the foggiest idea about a ton about one another.”

Chase Stokes has likewise implied that John B might have been a bit hurried in his choice to get hitched, which we assume may have repercussions for a third season.

“I think John B sticks to a ton of individuals around him. He’s certainly somewhat more mutually dependent than he gets a kick out of the chance to give himself credit for,” Stokes told TV Line. “Furthermore currently Sarah’s a help in his life. Also very much like any incredible accomplice, you need to keep that individual around, and society tells us, ‘Hello, there’s a little glossy thing that you put on somebody’s finger. You go to a town hall, and that is the way you set it.’

“At the point when you’re youthful and in affection, and you’re so up to speed at the time, it appears to be legit. Also for him, he hasn’t had consistency… His father’s been away for some time, thus for him to have something that feels stable in his life – absolutely. He certainly becomes extremely unbalanced a tad, but you know, for a through youngster’s that much injury, it comes from the perfect locations. Maybe it’s off-base time, right thought.”

Rookie Carlacia Grant (who plays Cleo) has let ELLE know that she expects one more sentiment in the future as well, just as additional advancement for her personality.

“I’m really keen on seeing the subject of Cleo and Pope occur, assuming it occurs,” she told the publication.

“Also I couldn’t want anything more than to see a greater amount of Cleo’s backstory. I, for one, truly need to see a greater amount of her, a greater amount of where she came from. Also, I need her to be all the more bad-ass, certainly more bad-ass.”

We’d absolutely be energetic about that.

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Outer Banks Season 3 Trailer


Sadly, we are excessively ahead of schedule for any sort of trailer.

But to get more information you have us bookmarked, we guarantee to refresh you when we know more.

Blessings will rain down on patient people, folks! Particularly with regards to Outer Banks.

When in all actuality does Season 3 of OBX emerge on Netflix?


We don’t know yet. The principal period of the show was delivered in April 2020, with the second debuting the previous summer in July 2021. Since it takes around a year to film and prepare the season for Netflix – Season 1 was reported in April 2019, and the show was reestablished for Season 2 in July 2020 – we’d anticipate a late 2022 delivery. But who can say for sure! It could debut prior since Outer Banks unquestionably has all the more a summery vibe. Remain tuned for additional reports on Outer Banks Season 3.

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