Navillera Kdrama Release Date and Cast Name

Navillera Kdrama Release Date and Cast Name (2021)

Navillera Kdrama by Song Kang Cast Summary Release Date (2021)

Navillera Kdrama Release Date and Cast Name.

Navillera Kdrama Release Date and Cast Name


Genres: Friendship, Life, Drama, Family

Language: Korean

Also Known: Nabillera, Like a Butterfly, Navillera: Like a Butterfly

Screenwriter: Lee Eun Mi

Director: Han Dong Hwa

Country: Korea

Release Date: 2021

Navillera Kdrama Release Date & Cast

Park In Hwan as Shim Deok Chul

Song Kang Lee Chae Rok

Na Moon Hee as Choi Hae Nam

Hong Seung Hee as Shim Eun Ho

Support Cast of Navillera (2021) K-Drama:

Kim Tae Hoon as Ki Seung Joo

Yoon Ji Hye as Eun So Ri

Navillera Kdrama Release Date & Plot Summary

Lee Chae-rok, played by Song Kang, is a 23-year-old ballet dancer. He demonstrates great promise, but pursuing his dream is difficult because he also works part-time jobs to support himself and suffers due to unresolved family issues. His father went bankrupt, ruining many lives, and, after serving a jail term, disappeared before Chae-rok could see him.

Chae-rok is very talented, but so distracted he does not show up at an important audition. In a recent interview, Song described the character as being “torn between his reality and dream.”

At 70, Sim Deok Chool, played by Park In-hwan, has done everything that was expected of him. Everything that is, except what he wanted to do when he was young—study dance. Now that he’s retired his days are long and empty. As his friends begin to die, he regrets the road he did not take.

When Deok-Chool was a boy he was impressed by the beauty of dance, but his father dismissed dance as something a real man would not do. Song, who studied dance for months before the drama began, does a convincing job of showing just how athletic male ballet dancers must be to leap through the air or to support the ballerinas they dance with.

Deok-chool decides life is too short to ignore his heart’s desire and asks for lessons. Although he initially faces rejection, Chae-rok is assigned to be his teacher. They have a lot to teach each other and some of it will resonate beyond the dance studio. Navillera is more than a visually appealing drama for viewers who like ballet. It’s a sweet funny story about the value of human connection.

It’s also the third drama Song that appeared this year, having battled monsters in the horror drama Sweet Home and suffered from love in the second season of Love Alarm. Park, who made his debut in 1990, has appeared in more than two dozen films, including most recently King Maker and Exit.

He appeared in more than three dozen dramas, including most recently Brilliant Heritage, Liver or Die, and Mad Dog. Navillera Kdrama Release Date is confirmed.

Navillera Drama Base:

The tvN drama is based on webcomic Nabillera, written by Hun and illustrated by Ji-Min. Navillera Kdrama Release Date is confirmed by the network.

Navillera Kdrama Release Date

Navillera Kdrama Release Date by song Kang is confirmed on 29 March 2021.

Song Kang:

Song Kang is a South Korean actor under Namoo Actors. He studied at Konkuk University, in the department of film arts. He appeared in the short drama, ‘Hello Spring’, where he had the main role.

At the beginning of his career in 2017, he acted in some music videos, ‘Sweet Summer Night’ by The Ade and ‘Love Story’ by Suran. he officially debuted in ‘The Liar And His Lover’, with a support role.


Song Kang Drama Series:

  • I Know But |
  • Navillera (tvN / 2021)
  • Love Alarm Season 2 |
  • Sweet Home (Netflix / 2020) –
  • When the Devil Calls Your Name |
  • Love Alarm |
  • Touch Your Heart |
  • Man Who Sets the Table |
  • The Liar and His Lover |

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