Who is Milo Manheim Girlfriend Look at His Dating History

Who is Milo Manheim Girlfriend? Look at His Dating History

Who is Milo Manheim Girlfriend? Look at His Dating History

In contrast to his burgeoning career, the personal affairs of this actor seldom find their way into the public eye.

Within the bustling corridors of Hollywood, a myriad of artists grace the stage. While some revel in the spotlight, showcasing their fame and relationships, others prefer to remain discreet. This inclination is particularly prevalent among younger artists, who often strive to maintain a sense of privacy.

Today, we turn our attention to one of Hollywood’s most promising rising stars. With each role, his career ascends steadily, and we eagerly anticipate its continued growth.

Did Holiday Kriegel and Milo Manheim have a thing before?

Milo Manheim gained recognition following his role in Disney’s “Zombies” TV series and movies. His performance in the production helped establish him as one of Hollywood’s most promising up-and-coming actors.

Despite this burgeoning fame, there have been instances suggesting that Milo also welcomes media attention. In 2018, reports emerged speculating about a potential romantic relationship between Milo Manheim and Holiday Kriegel. This speculation arose after Milo shared some moments featuring Holiday Kriegel on his social media. However, the photo in question was later deleted, with some dismissing it as inconclusive evidence due to its blurry nature.

Further fueling the speculation, both Holiday and Milo attended the premiere of “Incredibles 2” together that year. Following this, they seemed to maintain a close friendship, with neither confirming nor denying the rumors surrounding their relationship.


Although Milo stated he was single and open to finding a partner, neither he nor Holiday addressed the rumors directly.

Milo Manheim and Witney Carson

After parting ways with Holiday Kriegel, Milo set out to find a new compatible partner. The Los Angeles-native actor shared his preferences with the media, expressing a desire for someone who could bring laughter into his life at any moment. Emphasizing the importance of enjoying life, he explained that a partner who could evoke laughter in various situations would be ideal.

Milo once again caught the attention of paparazzi when rumors circulated about his relationship with Witney Carson. Speculations heightened when Milo and Witney attended Season 27 of “Dancing with the Stars” together in 2018. However, Milo swiftly dispelled the rumors, clarifying that he and Witney were simply good friends. Despite this, Witney attempted to play matchmaker for Milo, suggesting Maddie Ziegler as a potential partner. Unfortunately, nothing substantial developed between Maddie and Milo.

It’s worth noting that Witney has been happily married to Carson McAllister since 2016, making any rumors linking her to Milo entirely false.

Who is Milo Manheim Girlfriend Look at His Dating History
Who is Milo Manheim Girlfriend Look at His Dating History

Meg Donnelly the best partner for Milo Manheim

Milo certainly seems to have luck on his side. With his impressive acting talent and Hollywood success, coupled with the support of many admirers, he’s in a fortunate position. Among those who’ve stood by him steadfastly is Witney Carson, who remained a loyal friend to Milo despite her unsuccessful attempts to play matchmaker between him and Maddie.

After Witney gracefully stepped back from her matchmaking efforts, Milo eventually found love with someone who shared his profession. Enter Meg Donnelly, a woman who entered Milo’s life as a colleague on the set of the “Zombie” series, which debuted in 2018. Fans couldn’t help but notice the undeniable chemistry between them, with occasional flirtatious moments captured during filming.

However, fans’ hopes were dashed when Milo publicly clarified that he and Meg were not romantically involved. He explained that their strong rapport led people to speculate about their relationship status, but he assured everyone that their connection was purely professional. He emphasized that he’s mindful of boundaries, both self-imposed and enforced by those around him.

Milo Manheim and Alexis Ren

In 2018, Milo faced romantic challenges as his attempts to connect with three different girls didn’t yield the desired outcome. However, with the turn of the year, Milo found himself with another opportunity for love.

Milo openly admitted to harboring feelings for Alexis Ren, his partner on the 28th season of “Dancing with the Stars.” His public declaration seemed to resonate with Alexis, as fans spotted the pair attending the 2019 Coachella Music Festival together. Their social media activity further fueled speculation, as they shared photos suggesting they were a couple.

Unfortunately, their love story proved to be short-lived, and they parted ways sooner than anticipated. The details of their breakup remain undisclosed, but shortly after ending things with Milo, Alexis begins dating Noah Centineo.

In contrast, Milo emphasized that he viewed Alexis as a sister figure and described their relationship as friendly.

Milo Manheim and Peyton Elizabeth Lee

As we conclude this article, Milo’s romantic journey has been a challenging one thus far. However, there seems to be a glimmer of hope as something potentially special unfolds for him with his colleague Peyton Elizabeth Lee.

Speculation arose among fans when Peyton posted a photo with Milo, with Milo seemingly embracing her from behind, suggesting a closer bond than mere coworkers. This speculation intensified with the revelation that Milo and Peyton would be starring together in the films “Doogie Kamealoha” and “Prom Pact,” both slated for release in 2023.

While fans eagerly await confirmation of their relationship, neither Milo nor Peyton has addressed the speculation publicly.

We can only hope that this marks the beginning of a fulfilling journey for Milo Manheim and Peyton Elizabeth Lee.


Milo Manheim is a talented American actor best known for his roles in various Disney productions. Born on March 6, 2001, in Los Angeles, California, Milo is the son of actress Camryn Manheim. He began his acting career at a young age and gained widespread recognition for his portrayal of Zed in Disney’s “Zombies” franchise, including the TV series and movies.

Milo’s passion for performing arts extends beyond acting, as he has also showcased his skills in dancing. He competed on the 27th season of “Dancing with the Stars,” where he finished as the runner-up alongside his partner Witney Carson.

With his charismatic presence and undeniable talent, Milo has quickly become one of Hollywood’s rising stars. His ability to bring characters to life on screen has earned him a dedicated fan base and numerous accolades. As he continues to pursue his acting career, Milo Manheim remains a promising and exciting figure in the entertainment industry.


In exploring Milo Manheim’s dating history, it’s evident that the young actor has navigated a tumultuous journey in the realm of romance. From rumored relationships to fleeting flings, Milo’s love life has been the subject of much speculation and intrigue.

Initially linked with several individuals, including Holiday Kriegel, Witney Carson, and Alexis Ren, Milo’s public persona seemed entwined with a series of potential romantic interests. However, each rumored relationship ultimately fizzled out, leaving fans and the media to ponder the intricacies of Milo’s personal life.

Despite the fleeting nature of these connections, one recent partnership has captured attention—his dynamic with Peyton Elizabeth Lee. Speculation surrounding their relationship has been fueled by social media posts and their upcoming collaborations in film projects. Yet, neither Milo nor Peyton has confirmed or denied the rumors, leaving their status open to interpretation.

As we reflect on Milo Manheim’s romantic journey, it becomes apparent that while his path to finding love may have been fraught with challenges and uncertainties, there remains hope for a meaningful connection in the future. Until then, fans can only speculate and await further developments in Milo’s romantic endeavors.

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