Where is Mary Austin now Freddie Mercury’s ex girlfriend lives a secretive life in Freddie’s London mansion Latest updates 2022

Where is Mary Austin now? Freddie Mercury’s ex girlfriend lives a secretive life in Freddie’s London mansion Latest updates 2022

Where is Mary Austin now? Freddie Mercury’s ex girlfriend lives a secretive life in Freddie’s London mansion Latest updates 2022

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When Freddie Mercury and Mary Austin first met, he was 24 years old and she was 19 years old. In those early days, neither could have envisioned what the future would hold for them, both as a couple and individually as friends who shared a great affection for one another. A fictionalized version of their real-life relationship is shown in the film Bohemian Rhapsody, which stars Rami Malek as Mercury and Lucy Boynton as Austin.

“All my lovers have asked me why they can’t replace Mary, but it’s simply impossible,” Mercury once remarked of Austin’s inability to replace Mary. “Mary is the only friend I have, and I don’t want to have any other friends.” She was my common-law wife, in my opinion. “It felt like a marriage to me.”

After a long courtship, he proposed to her and when he died, he left her half of his rumored $75 million estates, which included the 28-room London mansion in which he died and where Austin continues to reside to this day.

Austin now lives a tranquil life away from the limelight that she was frequently exposed to while she was a member of Mercury’s inner circle. The pair lived together on and off for the better part of two decades, during which time Mercury’s celebrity grew and Queen climbed to become one of the most beloved rock bands of the twentieth century.

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And, as a result of the success of Bohemian Rhapsody, Austin is expected to inherit more than $50 million, as she now owns 75% of the estate of Queen. Mercury and Austin first met in 1969, a year before Mercury would go on to join the band that would become Queen with bandmates Brian May, Roger Taylor, and later John Deacon, which would become Queen.

Mercury’s real name is Farrokh Bulsara, and he was born on the Tanzanian island of Zanzibar in 1946. He and his parents moved to England in the 1960s. Austin was born in 1951 to a working-class family in South London’s Battersea district to destitute parents.

A wallpaper trimmer by trade, her father was employed by a small company, while her mother worked as a domestic. Her father and mother were also deaf.

Austin first came into contact with Mercury while working at the trendy London clothes retailer Biba. Mercury had recently graduated from art school and was working in a garment stall in the neighboring Kensington neighborhood when Austin met him.

Austin was first wary of Mercury, who could come across as a bit of a jerk at times, but the two became fast friends and eventually became a partner, living in a tight flat together as he pursued his music career.

“He was unlike anyone I’d ever met before,” Austin said in an interview with OK! Magazine in 2000. ‘He was quite confident, and I have never been confident about myself.’ We developed as a team. “I liked him, and things progressed from there.”

“She appeared to be grounded,” says Mark Blake, author of Is This the Real Life? : The Untold Story of Freddie Mercury and Queen. “She appeared to be grounded,” adds Mark Blake. “It appears as they came together rather rapidly. They’d only known each other for a few months when, all of a sudden, they were living in the same apartment.”

Mercury’s marriage proposal was unexpected

The couple later upgraded to a larger apartment on Holland Road in London, and in 1973, the same year Queen’s eponymous debut album was released, Mercury proposed to her. “When I was 23 years old, he surprised me with a large box on Christmas Day. There was another box inside, and then another, and so on and so forth.

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It reminded me of one of his amusing games. When I finally opened the last small package, I discovered a stunning jade ring,” Austin revealed to the Daily Mail back in 2013. Austin was perplexed as to what was going on and inquired of Mercury as to which hand she should place the object. He replied to her on the left and asked her to be his wife. “I was taken aback. It was just so different from what I was expecting. ‘Yes,’ I said in hushed tones. “I’ll do my best.”

“Sheer Heart Attack” (1974) and “A Night At The Opera” (1975), the latter of which included the Mercury-penned ballad “Love Of My Life,” which was reputedly composed for Austin, helped to raise the band’s prominence in the following years. As the band’s reputation increased, so did Mercury’s personal fortune. His wild mane of hair, toothy grin, extravagant clothes, and camp performances, in addition to his exhilarating, almost four-octave spanning singing voice, drew crowds to see the band perform.

At home, things were not going as well as they should have. Six years into their relationship, the subject of marriage was no longer brought up, and Austin became concerned that something was amiss. She made the decision to speak with Mercury about the situation.

He asked what was wrong and I replied, ‘I feel like a noose around your neck,'” I recalled. OK! magazine quoted her as saying, “I believe it is time for me to leave.” Mercury stated that there was nothing wrong. When the relationship cooled down after that, Austin recalls it happening at a period when the band was experiencing amazing success.

Austin became certain that Mercury was having an extramarital affair because he was returning home later and later each night. Nonetheless, in 1976, he chose to open up to her about his developing sexual impulses, having already established himself as a worldwide sensation. “I’ll never forget that feeling,” Austin said in an interview with the Daily Mail.

As a result of my youthful naiveté, it took me a long to come to terms with the reality. After that, he felt relieved that he had finally admitted to me that he was bisexual. Despite the fact that I recall replying to him at the time, ‘No, Freddie, I don’t believe you are bisexual,’ I was wrong. ‘I believe you are homosexual.'”

After the revelation, their intimate connection came to an end, and Austin relocated to a neighboring apartment that had been acquired for her by Mercury’s music publishing company. Despite this, she remained a part of the band’s extended network of friends. “She accompanied them on their journey. As biographer Blake points out, “there are images of them together backstage at concerts into the late 1970s, by which time they were no longer in a relationship.” To put it another way, he was in every way a gay man.

Being able to reconcile the fact that they had lived together as a couple and that she had believed at one point that they would be married, and then having to reconcile the reality that he had been sleeping with other men, is an interesting part of their journey. And they continued to be such excellent friends for a very long time afterward.

She remained a member of the band’s entourage because she was a member of his entourage, which was understandable. “She was the most significant member in the group,” says the narrator.

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Austin was by Mercury’s side until his death

Austin would observe Mercury go on to live a life of lavish excess, a rock god’s existence fuelled by substance addiction and random sexual escapades, which he would later reveal to be a fabrication. Austin was determined to forge her own way. The couple has two boys, Richard (whom Mercury was godfather to) and Jamie (who was born shortly after Mercury’s death), whom she has with painter Piers Cameron. Despite the fact that she never married Cameron, she was married for five years to businessman Nick Holford, who she divorced.

Austin, who purportedly worked for Mercury’s management organization, was a consistent presence in his life in the years leading up to his death, according to reports. Mercury was diagnosed with HIV in 1987, but there was no therapy available at the time, and he died of AIDS-related complications on November 24, 1991, four years after being diagnosed. Austin was by his side the entire time.

“When Dad grew unwell, he made sure she was close by,” Blake explains. We were pleased to see that she had been well provided for through the estate.” She received the house as well as a portion of the publishing company. She received a large portion of his estate in the same way as his wife would have received it. Mary was undoubtedly terrific at keeping him in his proper perspective. She’d been there before the money, before the celebrity, and she’d been there till the very end. ”

Austin laments the loss of someone she considered to be her “forever love” as a result of his death. “When he died, I felt like we’d had a marriage,” she said in an interview with OK! In sickness and in health, we’d endured it all for better or worse; for richer or for poorer; in good times and bad. The only way you could have let go of Freddie was for him to die – and even that would have been a challenge.”

Austin agreed with Mercury’s decision to keep the nature of his sickness a secret until a few days before his death, and he backed Mercury’s decision. He also requested that she gather his ashes and scatter them in a secret spot that would never be divulged.

She followed through on her commitment by waiting two years after his death to quietly remove them from the house he died in, which is now her home, with many of the same furnishings Mercury had chosen for it.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Austin said that he didn’t want someone trying to track him down, as has happened to certain prominent people in the past. “Fans can be extremely obsessive about their favorite athletes. He desired that it be kept a secret, and he would succeed in his goal.”

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Where is Mary Austin now Freddie Mercury’s ex girlfriend lives a secretive life in Freddie’s London mansion Latest updates 2022
Where is Mary Austin now Freddie Mercury’s ex girlfriend lives a secretive life in Freddie’s London mansion Latest updates 2022

Mary still lives a secretive life in Freddie’s One Garden Lodge mansion

Mary Austin will spend her 70th birthday in March 2021 in One Garden Lodge, the estate that Freddie Mercury left her after he passed away. When Freddie’s friends found out that he had given the mansion to Mary Austin, they couldn’t believe their ears.

He believed that the house would be passed down to him because he was Mercury’s business partner at the time of his death. Mary urged Jim, Freddie’s ex-boyfriend Joe Fanelli, and Freddie’s personal assistant Peter Freestone to leave the premises three months following Freddie’s death.

They had somewhere to go because Freddie had left each of them a substantial sum of money (each of them received 500,000 pounds). Mary expressed her dissatisfaction with the eviction of Peter, Joe, and Jim, saying:

“Some of the fans even informed me that I was just the housekeeper,” says the singer. That was painful. My knowledge is that numerous of Freddie’s gay acquaintances were startled that Freddie had left such a large sum of money to me. People have expressed their dissatisfaction with their decision to remain at home. It was as if people were resentful of me for possessing what he had left me.”

Mary received not just Freddie’s residence, but also his riches and half of his future earnings from the Queen. Mary had attempted to persuade him to turn the London property into a memorial site where fans could pay their respects, but Freddie insisted on keeping it for herself.

The article claims that Freddie told his wife, “If things had turned out differently, you would have been my wife and this would have been yours anyhow.” Mary lived in Freddie’s mansion with her two sons, Richard and James, for the most of their lives.

It appears from the few interviews she has done away from the house that she hasn’t changed anything about Freddie’s decorations. It was in 2017 that she came into conflict with Freddie’s fans when she ordered that all of the graffiti on the mansion’s outside wall be erased and replaced with a sign warning that defacing the wall was punishable by law.

A segment of Freddie’s admirers believes that Mary is little more than a groundskeeper for the estate. Freddie’s will, on the other hand, states that the property is hers to do with as she pleases after his death. For the time being, she is content to live a tranquil life with her cats on the estate. Given that Freddie desired for the property to be used as a family home, it seems unlikely that Mary will transform it into a museum.

Mary and Mercury were headed for marriage before Mercury revealed that he was bisexual

Six years into Mary and Freddie’s marriage, she began to have suspicions that he was having an affair with another woman. Even though Freddie changed after Mary threatened to leave, he did not confess to Mary that he was bisexual for a long time after that.

“I’ll never forget that feeling,” Austin said in an interview with The Daily Mail. No, Freddie, I don’t believe you are bisexual at this point in time,” I recall telling him at the time.” “I have a feeling you’re gay.” The couple’s engagement and the intimate relationship came to an end as a result of Freddie’s admission.

However, it had no effect on their relationship. She continued to travel with Mercury and the band on their tours. For a long time after that, they were such good friends,” biographer Mark Blake said in an interview with Biography. “She remained as a member of the band’s entourage because she was a member of his entourage,” says the singer. “She was the most significant member in the group,” says the narrator.

Mary would go on to marry Piers Cameron, but when Freddie died, she expressed her grief by saying that she felt as if she had lost a member of her family. “Apart from my sons, he was everything to me,” Mary recalled of her husband. “He was unlike anyone else I’d ever met before.” Mercury has previously stated that he considers Mary to be his wife, stating:

“All of my partners have inquired as to why they are unable to replace Mary, but it is simply impossible. Mary is the only friend I have, and I don’t want to have any other friends. She was my common-law wife, in my opinion. “It felt like a marriage to me.”

Freddie honored his vow to Mary that he would love her till the day he died. According to Mary, “We’d done it whether it was for the better or for the worse, whether we were rich or poor, in sickness or health.”

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