Who is Derek Deso Wiki, Biography, Wife, Age, Ethnicity, Family, Height, & More Latest Updates 2022

Who is Derek Deso? Wiki, Biography, Wife, Age, Ethnicity, Family, Height, & More Latest Updates 2024

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Who is Derek Deso? Wiki, Biography, Wife, Age, Ethnicity, Family, Height, & More Latest Updates 2024

Are Sophia and Derek Deso still together?How much is Derek Deso worth?Is Derek Deso married?Does Derek Deso have a kid?What is Derek Deso’s background? Wiki, biography, wife, age, ethnicity, family, height, affairs, and more are all available online.


Derek Deso is a musician and songwriter from Los Angeles, California. Derek Deso is a member of the band Derek Deso.

Deso (born April 27, 1987, age 34) is a well-known American YouTuber, social media influencer, prankster, content creator, and entrepreneur who hails from the city of Los Angeles in the state of California, United States. Derek is well-known throughout the country for his fantastic and amusing prank challenge films posted on YouTube, which have garnered millions of views.

According to the sources, he has three YouTube channels, namely DerekDesoDaily, DerekDeso, and TheBoogShow, where he posts daily videos. On his TheBoogShow YouTube account, he primarily posts prank films. His prank and humorous vlogging videos received a great deal of attention from his fans.

He amassed a large number of fans on his social media accounts as well as his YouTube channels. According to his official Facebook account, he has more than 8.8 million followers as of August 2021.

He primarily plays practical jokes on his wife and pals. His YouTube videos have received hundreds of thousands of views. Our goal with this article is to give you the most up-to-date information about Derek Deso’s wiki page, including his wife’s name and age, as well as his biography, birthday, profession, net worth, family, and career.

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Derek Deso, a well-known YouTube personality, was born to his parents on Monday, April 27, 1987, in Los Angeles, California, United States of America. ‘He was born into a Christian home,’ he says. Deso’s age is calculated based on his birth date, which is 35 years old.

Every year on April 27th, he celebrates his birthday by cutting a cake. Deso has been a wicked trickster since he was a toddler. As reported by the media, he graduated from Bellflower High School after completing his studies. Following that, he began to devote more time to his online YouTube profession.

Derek rose to prominence in a short amount of time as a result of his ability and content. He is currently one of the most well-known Youtube stars and social media influencers on the internet. On his social media accounts, he has millions of fans that follow him.

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Full Real Name Derek Deso.
Age (as of 2022) 35 years old.
Profession Youtuber, Content Creator, Social Media Influencer, and Entrepreneur.
Date of Birth April 27, 1987 (Monday).
Place of Birth Los Angeles, California, United States.
Education Graduate.
Alma mater Bellflower High School.
Derek Deso Net worth $8-10 million USD (approx.).
Height (approx.) In Feet Inches: 6′ 4″.

In Meters: 1.93 m.

In Centimetres: 193 cm.

Weight (approx.) In Kilograms: 80 kg.

In Pounds: 176.37 lbs.

Eye Color Hazel.
Hair Color Brown.
Nationality American.
Ethnicity White.
Religion Christian.
Zodiac Sign Taurus.
Contact Info Email: derekdesobusiness@yahoo.com


Derek and his siblings were raised by their single mother, according to media accounts. Derek and his brothers are now adults. Deso’s biological father is not known to anyone, and there is no reliable information about him. He, on the other hand, does not expose the identity of his mother to the public.

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As reported by the media, Derek has two brothers, Ryan Deso and Steven Deso, who live in the same household as him. Derek’s brothers have also seen him on several of Derek’s videos.

He grew up in Los Angeles, where he spent most of his time playing with his siblings. He enjoys spending quality time with his family members. According to the information available, Derek is of white caucasian ethnicity. Derek was born under the zodiac sign of Taurus.

Derek Deso Wife

When it comes to his personal life, Derek Deso presently resides in Los Angeles with his wife and stepson, according to his biography. According to the sources, Derek has been in a relationship with Sophia Turner since the beginning of 2019.

Deso and Sophia got married on September 12, 2020, after dating for a year after dating for a year. The ceremony took place in Los Angeles. Additionally, he posted images from his wedding on his own Facebook page.

According to the source, Turner is the mother of a son named ‘Quincy’ from a previous relationship. Derek is quite close to his stepson, and the two of them have a strong father-son relationship. Additionally, his wife and child have made appearances in his YouTube videos. Allow me to inform you that Sophia is also a YouTuber and a fashion fanatic, as well.

Derek and Sophia started dating in early 2019, and they got married on 12th September 2020

Derek was previously in a relationship with Lycette Cornejo, with whom he had a child. Prior to their breakup at the end of 2018, Derek and Lycette were frequent collaborators on projects. After a difficult breakup, they attempted to reconcile but were unable to do so successfully.

Derek and Sophia Turner have been dating since the beginning of this year. After a few months of dating, they decided to get married on September 12, 2020, which is the 12th of September in the year 2020. The pair kept their wedding date a closely guarded secret for several months until announcing it in the first week of July 2020.

Despite the fact that Sophia and Derek enjoy a healthy relationship, the content on their YouTube channel would lead you to believe otherwise. The pair pulls practical jokes on each other, which may put their relationship in jeopardy. Sophia recently informed Derek that she was expecting a child with another man, but it turned out to be a joke to him.

Derek replied by confessing to Sophia that he had cheated on her with another woman. Sophia was completely unaware that it was a joke, and she even decided to cancel the wedding. Derek waited until the end of the film before telling Sophia that he’d made up the tale about cheating on her with another man.

Sophia and Derek exchanged vows in a small ceremony attended by only their closest friends and family members. On Sophia and Derek’s Instagram accounts, you can see a number of photographs from their wedding. In response to a recent Instagram snapshot of the couple, Sophia added the following caption to the photo:

The man who will develop with you, appreciate you, and extol your virtues in front of his friends and family is out there somewhere. While twerking with your best pals, there is a man who will do anything to make you smile, and there is a man who will do anything for you if you want him to. There’s a man who will grow with you, who will work with you, and who wants to see you as stable as possible in every aspect. “I’m living proof.”

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Deso and Sophia will consider adoption if their next attempt to get a baby fails

Late in the month of December 2021, Derek and Sophia’s endeavor to conceive a child appeared to be successful. It appeared as though their five-year quest for a successful pregnancy had come to an end. At the beginning of 2022, the couple suffered the tragic loss of their child.

Derek’s YouTube channel posted a video on Facebook in which the couple shared their shock at the news (Derek primarily posts on Facebook). They expressed their dissatisfaction with the failure of their most recent attempt and stated their resolve to try one more time.

“It’s possible that this will not happen to us in the future,” the pair remarked. “I think part of what made this so difficult was the fact that we’d been trying for so long.” We just happened to be among the 20 percent of women who experience a miscarriage. It occurred once, and if it happens again, I’m going to conclude that God simply does not want us to have children together.”

Derek and Sophia have announced that they will continue to create material as they investigate their options, which may include adoption.

Sophia stated a week later that the miscarriage had an emotional impact on her because her body continued to produce pregnancy hormones despite the loss of the pregnancy. She also stated that she and Derek would attempt to become pregnant again as soon as possible.

she stated, adding, “I’m still feeling really numb.” “Derek and I are definitely going to try again in the next few weeks,” said the couple’s father. My doctor has given me the go-ahead to attempt it, and they have informed us that the likelihood of this happening again is quite remote. Unfortunately, this is something that happens to 20% of women.”

Who is Derek Deso Wiki, Biography, Wife, Age, Ethnicity, Family, Height, & More Latest Updates 2022
Who is Derek Deso Wiki, Biography, Wife, Age, Ethnicity, Family, Height, & More Latest Updates 2022

The couple’s Valentine’s Day celebrations were unaffected by the dreadful news they received. Derek lavished gifts to Sophia, including teddy bears and bouquets of flowers. Following the delivery of one thousand roses to Sophia’s car, Derek explained his motivation: “I wanted to surprise you because I love you.”

Derek refers to Sophia’s son from a previous relationship as his son

When Sophia and Derek began dating, she already had a son from a prior relationship with Derek. Quincy, Derek and Sophia’s kid, and Derek are very close, and they have a strong father-son bond.

Derek recently took a vacation from posting in order to travel to Washington, D.C., to pick up Q and return him to his family in Canada. The pair appeared to be genuinely pleased about the thought of having Q in their home.

Sophia is a beauty enthusiast and an aspiring content creator

Turner describes herself as a ‘Lash Tech, Hair Stylist, and Salon Owner’ on her company’s Facebook profile page. She creates eyelashes and promotes her items on social media platforms such as Instagram.

Sophia has lately launched a YouTube channel with the same name. Despite the fact that she has multiple videos on her YouTube account, she is not as consistent as her fiancé when it comes to social media.

Derek was arrested during a Black Lives Matter protest in Los Angeles

Derek is one of several YouTubers who have taken advantage of their platform to spread the Black Lives Matter movement’s message. He has taken part in protests in Los Angeles, and he has been asking his supporters to promote love throughout the world.

Derek and some of his fellow protestors were arrested during one of the demonstrations for remaining outdoors after curfew had expired. Derek posted a video on YouTube shortly after being released, in which he expressed his dissatisfaction with the police system. He stated, “I’m not going to lie, I’m not going to lie.”

“It’s strange how it works because while we’re handing out masks and encouraging people to express love rather than hate, we end up in jail. “It’s kind of amusing.”

Social Media Profile

  1. Instagram: @derekdeso
  2. Facebook: @derekdeso
  3. Twitter: @DerekDeso
  4. Youtube: @DerekDesoDaily
  5. Youtube: @DerekDeso
  6. Youtube: @TheBoogShow

Facts About Derek Deso

  • In addition to pranks, he regularly uploads online gaming videos to his YouTube channel.
  • He also does internet live streaming, which you can see here.
  • Derek Deso has also worked with a number of well-known rappers, including Snoop Dogg, Ty Dolla Sign, and 50 Cent.
  • He also supports the Black Lives Matter movement and other demonstrations.
  • In September 2020, he released a post warning his supporters to be on the lookout for his fictitious profiles on the internet.
  • He also requested his followers to report any such incidents.
  • Derek Deso is a lifelong tattoo enthusiast who has a large number of tattoos on his body.
  • He is a big fan of wearing side hats.
  • Derek enjoys spending time at the beach with his family.
  • In July 2021, he traveled to the Walt Disney World Resort with his wife and children. Deso also expressed gratitude to his supporters for the 8 million followers he has on Facebook.
  • ABOUT THE DESO FAMILY: On Facebook, we’ve reached 8 million likes!!! We are incredibly grateful to each and every one of you, and we consider ourselves extremely fortunate to have received so much love and support! Thank you very much! “Derek and Sophia,” says the narrator.

FAQ about Derek Deso


Q.1 Who is Derek Deso, and what is his background?


Ans. Deso is a YouTuber, prankster, content creator, and social media influencer based in the United States, based in Los Angeles, California.


Q.2 What is Derek Deso’s net worth in dollars?


Ans. YouTuber Derek’s net worth is expected to be between $8 million and $10 million US dollars in 2021.


3. how did Derek Deso make his money?


As previously said, Ans. Deso derives the vast majority of his fortune from his Youtuber channel, sponsorships, advertisement earnings, and company.


Q. 4 Who is Derek Deso’s girlfriend, and what is her name?


Ans. Deso had previously been involved with a fellow YouTuber by the name of ‘Lycette Cornejo.’


Q. 5 What is the name of Derek Deso’s wife?


Ans. At the time of writing, Derek is a married man whose wife goes by the name of Sophia Turner.


Q. 6 What country does Derek Deso hail from?


Ans. The United States of America


Q. 7 What year did Derek Deso tie the knot?


On the 12th of September, 2020, to be exact.


Q. 8 When does Derek Deso celebrate his birthday?


Answered on April 27, 1987 (Monday).


Q. 9 Where does Derek Deso currently reside?


The answer is that Derek is currently residing in his home in the city of Los Angeles, California.


Q. 10 How can I get in touch with Derek Deso?


Ans. You can reach out to YouTuber Deso via the email address ‘derekdesobusiness@yahoo.com.’ He can also be reached on Twitter.


Q. 11 What is the age of YouTuber Derek Deso?


The answer is 34 years.


Q. 12 What is Derek Deso’s height?


According to Deso’s height and weight measurements, he stands at 6 feet 4 inches and weighs approximately 176.37 pounds.

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