Maid Sama Season 2

Maid Sama Season 2: Everything You Need To Know Latest Updates 2022

Maid Sama Season 2: Everything You Need To Know Latest Updates 2022


Maid Sama Season 2 does not need an introduction. If you do not know let me tell you Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama when translated, means – “The Class President is a Maid”.

In the event that you can’t help thinking about what it implies, let me make it understood. Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama when deciphered, implies – “The Class President is a Maid”.

It acquired fans all around the globe for its faultless portrayal of romance and drama

Comedy has been so unpretentious in this, that the watchers couldn’t avoid chuckling. Another justification for why it acquired ubiquity was authenticity.

Maid Sama depicted the sentiment among Misaki and Usui as a characteristic piece of the plot.

They were the main characters and the component of dramatization had a back foot in the plot.

The “Lady in trouble” and her mysterious life guaranteed that the watchers were stuck to the screens.

It was one of the uncommon occurrences were an anime season contained in excess of 24 episodes.

Its first season was aired in April and September 2010. The story mainly focuses on how Misaki tries to live two opposite lives.


Maid Sama Season 1


The characters of Maid Sama were not some out-of-the-world amazing characters. They were created such that made they seem genuine, normal, and engaging.

The really two characters are – Ayuzawa Misaki and Usui Takumi. Their lives, story, and connection are what’s fundamentally going on with the anime.

Misaki, however a senior, is another participant in the Seiki High School. The striking thing about this establishment is that it was a young men’s just school previously.

It as of late opened up for young ladies as well. Being an extremely genuine and savvy understudy, Misaki gets chosen as the leader of the understudy chamber.

She knew about every one of the traps of the school. Not set in stone mentality roused her to find ways to teach the school.

Very few knew her life outside school. However she was a VIP inside, her life outside was extremely brutal.

Her dad deserted the family long back. This put that weighty obligation on the shoulders of Misaki and her mom.

After her mom became ill, she had to battle for her family. This is the point at which she joined the Maid Latte bistro for work.

She stayed quiet about her outside life, at school. She fears that she might lose her strong air assuming anybody looks into her hard life.

Be that as it may, things take an intense transform when she finds Usui Takumi, at the bistro.

Usui is a well-known person who is likewise at a similar school. He perceives the school president in a house cleaner uniform at the bistro.

However she fears that he might spill the beans, he doesn’t.

Her mysterious remaining parts between them as he doesn’t articulate a word about it to anybody outside.

Usui is an all-rounder at school and this additionally draws in Misaki. Before long, they fall head over heels and they admit their sentiments to one another.

This is the place where Season 1 finishes.

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Maid Sama Season 2


Tragically, there is no authority declaration and delivery date for Maid Sama season 2.

Likewise, it was not rejected that season 2 won’t occur.

This is the place where the great part is. The creation house – J. C. Staff Studio has not kept the idea from getting a Season 2.

However there are a few mumbles that there will be no Season 2 as there has been sufficient deferral, it’s inappropriate to accept so.

Perhaps the odds are less, however nothing. There have been numerous well-known anime seasons that were delivered after a long deferral.

What spurred the makers in those cases were the steady interest and well-known source material.

For this situation, the two of them are fulfilled.

We will depend on our own examination by thinking about the source material, prevalence, deals, and so on to make a few significant ends.

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Maid Sama Season 2
Maid Sama Season 2

Information For Maid Sama Season 2


Most anime is a way for the makers to promote their source material. Yet, when an anime is delivered, the typical pattern saw an ascent in Manga deals.

This is on the grounds that the watchers, who know about the anime, become anxious to know what’s straightaway.

There is a sum of 18 volumes (85 parts) of house cleaner sama and the last volume was distributed in 2013. Things being what they are, manga is finished anyway we want to see what number of these volumes does the anime cover?

Anime covers till volume 8 section 34. Indeed, there are side stories in part 19 that aren’t enlivened.

Along these lines for next season, we have beyond what source material on which anime can be created. Additionally, season 2 can be the finale of the anime.

Here is a rundown of the multitude of episodes of Maid Sama Season 1.

They ran all over 2010 and the exceptional episode turned out in 2011. This was to enhance the plot and its set of experiences.

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Episode Date
Misa is a Maid Sama! April 1, 2010
Maid-Sama at the School Festival April 8, 2010
What Color is Misaki? Natural Color? April 15, 2010
Net Idol Aoi April 22, 2010
First Time Minding the Shop April 29, 2010
Men & the Ayuzawa Cram School May 6, 2010
President of Miyabigaoka May 13, 2010
Misaki Goes to Miyabigaoka May 20, 2010
Maid-Sama Does Momotaro May 27, 2010
Sakura’s Indie-Label Love June 3, 2010
The Secret of Takumi Usui Approaches! June 10, 2010
Maid Sama & the Sports Festival June 17, 2010
Idiots & Juveniles & Heroes &… June 24, 2010
“Soutane Kano of Class 1-7” July 1, 2010
B. Rabbit at the Open Campus July 8, 2010
Maid Latte at the Beach House July 15, 2010
Usui Becomes the Enemy July 22, 2010
Maid Sama is a Footman July 29, 2010
Footman Through a Change of Pairs Aug 5, 2010
“The Vice President is a Prince? Aug 12, 2010
Usui’s Rival?! Hinata Shintani Aug 19, 2010
Tag at the Forest School Aug 26, 2010
Maid Latte & a Whole Bunch of Sweets Sept 2, 2010
Lovey-Dovey Through Latte Magic ♥ Sept 9, 2010
Hinata & Misaki & Usui Sept 16, 2010
Too Cruel Ayuzawa & Usui the Idiot! Sept 23, 2010
It’s an Omake (New Special Episode) May 11, 2011


Details Of Maid Sama Season 2


An anime is famous when many individuals talk about it. The entire thought behind the moving component of online media is to show it.

When something is discussed for quite a while, it concretes prevalence. Web-based media sites like Twitter give a fair knowledge of this.

So do google look through which are natural. We should investigate them individually.

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Twitter Activity


On Twitter, there are many fans devoted to preparing for season 2. Numerous among them are continually requesting from the makers to think about season 2.

Be that as it may, no reaction from makers is out yet, so we are passed on to contemplate whether they are occupied with accomplishing more significant undertakings.


Google Trends


Here is a chart showing the google patterns for “House cleaner Sama Season 2”. The pursuit was picked from late 2020 till the start of 2021.

Yet, from that point onward, it fell directly to zero level pointing there may have been bits of gossip connected with the following season.

We ought not to lose trust as it’s normal in the anime medium to postpone impending seasons.

Google searches can be viewed as one of the main measurements for prevalence as it straightforwardly shows the number of individuals is scanning month to month for the following season.

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Maid Sama Season 2 Everything You Need To Know Latest Updates 2022
Maid Sama Season 2 Everything You Need To Know Latest Updates 2022

Universally around 18K individuals look for the expression “House cleaner Sama Season 2” every month.

The US has the most inquiries with an astounding 15K each month.

Looks are very low considering no game no life season 2 have over 100K, troll slayer over 50K thus, contrasted with them it’s low and it ought to improve.


Season 2 Expected Plot


Season 1 finished with Usui and Misaki opening their hearts and letting each other know their sentiments.

Misaki on one hand was pulling in disarray with her sentiments while Usui feared dismissal.

Servant Sama Season 2 will proceed from where Season 1 halted.

In the event that you allude to the manga funnies which came out after Episode 26, you’d find out about what will occur in Season 2.

There has been a sum of 85 principal episodes and in excess of 10 side stories

This implies that Season 2 if at all it comes, can not cover all the source materials.

A portion of the occasions which may likely show up in Season 2 is likewise in the Manga.

They incorporate school decisions, open-air setting up camp, a contention with Usui, and backsliding with more love.

Like the past season, season 2 will likewise contain a blend of every one of these.


Need of Maid-Sama Season 2?


There can be more than one component that impacts the eventual fate of an anime next season.

This can be either the benefits from it or the source material. However, if it’s not too much trouble, realize that there are a lot of different variables also – request, being a fan, and so on

Maid Sama Season 1 showed a steady clash inside one of the fundamental characters. Misaki fights the difficulties in her day-to-day existence while acting courageously.

Usui ends up seeing an alternate face of Misaki and is amazed. Misaki was not hesitant to act naturally before him.

However, she expected that he might get the news out with regards to her quality at the bistro, as a house cleaner.

Once more, we should not think she dreaded her servant occupation would disparage her. She expected that she needed to clarify everything behind why she did that work.

Misaki was no normal young lady who was scarcely known. She was a delegate of understudies and a famous face.

When she understands that Usui is dependable, she becomes dependent upon him. Be that as it may, she additionally had exceptionally disturbed associations with men in her day-to-day existence previously.

From her dad to others she met. Season 2 of this anime would zero in on her contentions inside herself.

Will she be certain and sure to be with Usui? How might she affirm that he won’t double-cross her?

Will Usui comprehend her circumstances and back her? There are many inquiries in the fans’ psyches.

So a Season 2 is an absolute necessity for this.

Online Reactions For Maid Sama Season 2


The online reaction these days can be viewed as a vital component for the following period of any anime.

Along these lines, how about we investigate them from the other famous sites.




This Quora post uncovers the explanation for why there was no Season 2 for Maid Sama.

Maid Sama Season 2 Everything You Need To Know Latest Updates 2022
Maid Sama Season 2 Everything You Need To Know Latest Updates 2022

Obviously, the makers of the Anime halted after the deals of the further episodes of manga went low.

Indeed, the deals were terrible as we will see later in this article. They simply figured out how to get back the initial investment deals.

However, it’s inappropriate to say there was a misfortune – the profit from speculation and exertion was exceptionally low.




This Reddit discussion gives a superior image of the situation. There are a couple of focuses here.

One – the completion of the source material. Two – helpless deals for the ensuing volumes and three-time delay.


Forbes Article


A 2019 Forbes article by Lauren Orsini called it probably the best anime of 2010.


Reviews And Rating Score For Maid Sama Season 2


There are a few film and anime sites that rate and audit anime series. This is to give you a superior plan to comprehend the accomplishment of Maid Sama.

How about we investigate IMDb’s evaluations for Maid Sama. The largest number of votes went to rating it 10/10 while the second-most elevated went to 8/10.

The following largest number of votes went to rate it 9/10. The quantity of decisions in favor of the anime rating is under 5, were negligible.

Yet, this had affected the general evaluations and for this reason, the middle rating tumbled to 8/10.

Here are the appraisals from every single famous site:


Websites Ratings
IMDb 8/10
Myanimelist 8.05/10
Anidb 7.15/10
Crunchyroll 5/5


Sales And Profit Details For Maid Sama Season 2


Deals and Profit assume a fundamental part in choosing the continuations. This is on the grounds that they are what intrigues the makers to work.

Assuming fan reliability is something that will persuade them, they doubtlessly will have a continuation.

Generally, the net revenues on an anime episode are less contrasted with the Manga. Anime series are more similar to a promoting model for a great deal of other stuff.

They incorporate the source material, DVD/Disk deals, and Merchandise. How about we investigate them independently, underneath:


Manga Sales


There was an aggregate of 18 episodes for the Manga. Just 4 or 5 of them got broadcast as an anime in Season 1.

This leaves sufficient material for Season 2. What’s more, it additionally supported the deals for the Manga.

From a gauge seen on, there has been an offer of in excess of 15,000 duplicates.

This can be part of the way credited to the promotion made by the Anime.


DVD/Blu Ray Sales


DVD/Blu-Ray circles add to around 15 – 20% of the income for an anime series.

This might sound unproductive and furthermore made numerous animes a disappointment. Be that as it may, assuming you investigate the aim behind anime, it becomes more straightforward to see it in the setting.

Gauges show that they rounded up around 88.7 million Yen during the underlying delivery. This is near 8 million US dollars.

However the edge was less, it was beneficial and the makers can see that it has accomplished respectable work.


Stock Sales


For Maid Sama, it was this element that acquired a truckload of cash. The safe approximation stakes it at 60 – 70%.

Anime series can advance a lot of items making it a roaring industry. A portion of the items which were sold as products were:

  • Sweatshirts
  • Hoodies
  • Pins
  • Badges
  • Digital Prints
  • Phone covers etc

They should do deals even today, as fans hang tight for Season 2.

The normal expense of an item is 10$ which makes it exceptionally modest. This model would target to a greater degree a mass deal with little edges.

Etsy stores actually show a great deal of stock accessible for these items. Reward: they all accompany a decent audit projection.


Success Of Maid Sama Season 1


However there is no particular data about the creation cost, there are a few norms for it.

These midpoints are industry guidelines. It would cost around 120 – 140 million Yen to make and communicate a 30-minute long episode.

This is around 12 million US dollars. If it’s not too much trouble, remember that the episodes of Maid Sama Season 1 were around 24 minutes in length.

They had 26 episodes and one extraordinary episode. This would make it cost around 324 million US Dollars.

The primary wellspring of income would not be through the anime. So its achievement relies upon the all-out assortments made under the brand.

In the wake of examining the manga, product, and DVD/Blu-beam benefit, you can call it a fair achievement.


The cast of Maid Sama Season 2


Here is a portion of the characters who will leave an imprint in the following Season:


Misaki Ayuzawa


Misaki is a heroine who is another participant in the High School. This secondary school was opened up for young ladies, as of late.

She has stressed relations with her dad and different men. She’s a young lady who scorned men, to put it short.

This caused her to despise and abhor their quality. She takes up the gig of a Maid at a bistro to help herself.

For a long time, it was her mom who raised her. When her mom became ill, she took up the monetary obligation on her shoulders.

She is capable at Aikido and shows a solid picture of herself. After she wins the Presidential political decision, she winds up in a predicament.

Usui, a schoolmate, runs into her at the bistro. He is stunned however comprehends her circumstances and furthermore vows to keep quiet.

Misaki goes gaga for him and enlightens him concerning it, toward the finish of Season 1.


Usui Takumi


Takumi Usui is a tall youth who is OK at essentially everything. That is the thing that makes him famous at his school.

Despite his capacity, he never takes a genuine interest in anything. He likes to be a spectator.

After he runs into her outside the Maid Cafe, he falls head over heels for her.

Misaki every now and again disregards or endures his feelings towards her as an incitement. She even looks at him as a ” distorted space outsider”.

In any case, he stays unaffected by this and keeps on pursuing her. He even offers her a great deal of supportive direction.

This is generally the way in which she can deal with the men of the school, decisively. Eventually, he gets her appreciation and is the main male to do as such.

He stays quiet about his past. The main thing which is uncovered is that he has senior kin.


Satsuki Hyoudou


Satsuki is the chief of the bistro where Misaki worked. She’s a moderately aged lady whose uniform is somewhat not the same as different servants at the bistro.

This is to recognize her different job. However she is a tyrant, she cares for Misaki.

At whatever point Misaki gets discouraged, she would perk her up. She additionally has a delicate corner to every one of her representatives who are dedicated.

She permitted Misaki to avoid “Younger Sibling’s Day” when she couldn’t.


Aoi Hyoudou


Aoi is Satsuki’s nephew. Being a snare, he’s a drag queen and a style originator. He is ladylike and has comparative interests.

He faces steady affronts and objections from his dad. This prompted his inelegant exit from the home.

Aoi assumes an essential part in the connection between Usui and Misaki. He is an incessant object of menaces and reprobates.

They assault him for his various ways.


Hinata Shintani


He’s Misaki’s cherished companion who really liked her. In any case, he wedded Suzana Ayuzawa, later.

He’s social, gullible, and lively. Hinata was still up in the air to wedding Misaki and never detested or got jealous of Usui.

He is somebody who’s extremely famous among his companions and hauls a blameless air around him.

However, simultaneously, he perseveres and can be self-assured.


Other Decisive Factors For Maid Sama Season 2


All the above factors which we talked about cover nearly everything.

Still, a couple of variables like the consummation of the past season, discussions, and trailers can give essential pieces of information.


Ending of Season 1


The closure of Season 1 is the greatest trigger for Season 2. It was not something that finished in all its entirety.

The story creators guaranteed that there was a touch of secret and tension. Usui and Misaki were from two distinct foundations.

A lot of their character characteristics were complete opposites. The closure showed their admission. While Usui was enduring, Misaki gave indications of delay.

Misaki might have seemed somewhat moldable yet her injuries were new. She never had a solid relationship with any man in her life.

Actually what her men were was not something positive. The remainder of the story is regarding the way that she faces the inward conflict.




Since there has been no authority declaration, there is no trailer for Season 2.

When an authority update and affirmation come, we will tell you.




Servant Sama pulled in a few negative audits in light of some generalizing.

The sexual orientation jobs were under analysis (for sexism) and a few arrangements were called Shoujo.

A few commentators even investigated the formats and the person depicted. They viewed it as over-chatty.

Takumi, a person, was pointless as per a few commentators. This is on the grounds that they felt that the person didn’t do very remarkable support of the plot.

Additionally, she was known as a modest plot stunt (which alludes to a person that is applicable at just one point and might have been kept away from).




Maid Sama is a lighthearted comedy series that was made to make the watchers laugh. It acquired appreciation and acknowledgment from an enormous crowd.

However it was not the one that would cause super giggling, it was entertaining to the point of being called amusing.

The place of fascination was the authenticity in the grouping of occasions.

Had they focussed on making the film into an ideal world of affection, it would have gone unrecognized.

It’s difficult to cause the crowd to burn-through 26 episodes of unadulterated Rom-Com. Let not the absence of true declarations stress you.

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