Machine Gun Kelly Tattoos 55 & their meanings 2022

Machine Gun Kelly Tattoos 55 & their meanings 2022

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Machine Gun Kelly Tattoos 55 & their meanings 2022

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Richard Colson Baker, better known by his stage name Machine Gun Kelly (often abbreviated as MGK), is a rapper and actor from the United States. MGK, much like every other famous rapper, has a variety of tattoos covering his body. These tattoos range from the image of a marijuana plant to the location of an accident that was drawn on his body. MGK’s first studio album was titled “Lace-up,” and it was published in 2012.

The album debuted at number four on the US Billboard 200 chart after its first week of release. MGK was so pleased with the album’s success that he got the name of the album tattooed twice on his body. His daily ritual of consuming pot, which brings him an incredible amount of joy, is openly acknowledged by the weed tattoo that covers his entire body. When he was younger, he too was picked on and bullied by other children. He is covered from head to toe in various tattoos. Let’s scroll down to find out the specifics, shall we?

At the age of fourteen, I made my first tattoo appointment. Throughout the years…actually, last year in Humboldt County, when someone gave us a free bag of weed, and I woke up the next morning, and I was like, ‘Holy shit, I gave myself a tattoo yesterday,’ I’ve given myself a few tattoos here and there, but last year was the first time I ever gave myself a tattoo. What a knucklehead.’ It was the most punk rock thing I could possibly do to myself at any point in my life. When I look at the tattoos that I have on my body now, I feel a sense of regret because getting tattoos has become so mainstream in today’s culture.

This was stated by MGK in an interview in the year 2013.

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1. A tattoo depicting the route number “71 North”

NORTH 71 is written in ink on his right bicep, which is part of the insignia that he is wearing. It is a representation of the number of the street where he resided when he was a child.

This brings back memories of how, if I am homesick, I can just hop on the 71 North bus and I’ll be back there in no time.

2. a tattoo with the area code “216 East”

In addition to the 71 NORTH tattoo that he has on his arm, he also has the area code for Cleveland, which is 216 EAST, tattooed just underneath it. He attributes his transformation into the ideal man that he is now to the influence that Cleveland had on his life. The entirety of the ink is applied inside of the star design, which is comprised of red, black, and yellow hues.

“The numerals represent two different area codes; Denver and Cleveland. Those are the two cities that had a significant role in my maturation into a man. When I was between the ages of 9 and 14, I lived in Denver. Those formative years in my life were the turning point at which I began to pay attention to the wider world. My very first interactions with law enforcement took place in Denver.

3. ‘Double Decker Bus’

Tattoo MGK’s right rib cage features a double-decker bus inked in red, and the color red is used for the ink. In addition, there is a spiderweb located to the left of it.

The bus serves as a symbolic image of the double-decker vehicle that crashed into MGK in Manchester. It was seven in the morning when he began his search for some pot, and when he saw a guy on the opposite side of the road, he reasoned that the other guy might be in possession of some weed. MGK proceeded to cross the street without giving it a second thought and was consequently struck by a bus. He believed that he had committed some sort of offense, so he attempted to flee the scene of the crime. In addition, there is a spider web and an inked spider located next to the bus. The picture of the spider web illustrates how the bus’s windshield was shattered into pieces like a spider web. In the tattoo, he is represented by the stick figure that is getting run over by the bus. He stated the following in an interview with GQ:

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Having just arrived in Manchester the day before, I was making my way across the street on the 11th of May, 2013. I was going to ask around to see if anyone had any marijuana. I commit the one error that every guy from a different country does, which is to cross the street while looking in the incorrect direction. I was struck rather hard by this double-decker bus. The blow initially landed in the middle of my face. When I came to, everyone was yelling, and that’s all I can remember. I get up, my jeans are shredded. Everything has holes in it. I go to the emergency room, but they can’t find anything wrong with me. They performed three MRIs, a CAT scan, and a tonne of other tests. The entire pane of glass in the double-decker bus’s window was smashed. They said things to the effect of, “There’s no way you got hit like that and there’s not even any internal bleeding,” etc. However, I had no problems.


5. “Fuck fame;

it’s responsible for the deaths of all of my favorite entertainers.” Tattoo

On the right side of his lower abdominal area is a phrase that reads, “Fuck Fame; it murdered all my favorite Entertainers.” This quote is tattooed onto his body. This lyric can be found on Anderson Paak’s album The Season/ Carry Me, which is where the quote was originally sourced from.

6. a tattoo that says “City Boy”

MGK has always maintained that the numbers tattooed on his body are the area codes of the cities in which he lived when he was younger. He has also always talked about how close he has been always to the towns where he has been brought up because these places have contributed a lot to his success. MGK’s hometowns have always been very important to him. As a result, he regarded himself as a complete and utter City Boy.

7. ‘557’ Tattoo

The number “557” is tattooed on the right side of his stomach, close to his right hip.

“Is that the bus number? “No, that’s a hotel room where I had a very wild time,” the other person responded.

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8. A tattoo that reads “The Temptation of Saint Anthony”

Machine Gun Kelly’s entire back is covered with a masterpiece tattoo that is based on one of Salvador Dali’s most well-known works of art.

The meaning of the tattoo is to represent those individuals who are contrite for their wrongdoings. It shows temptation that appears to Saint Anthony successively in the form of a horse that represents strength, whereas the elephant that follows it, carrying on its back the golden cup of lust in which a nude woman is standing precariously balanced on the fragile pedestal, a figure which is the symbol of erotic nature. It also shows Saint Anthony’s struggle to resist the temptations that appear to him.

“He thinks that the tattoo symbolizes a lot to me since I have led a dark life and I want to get right with myself,” he said.

9. “MGK” Tattoo

There is a large tattoo on his back that consists of the initials of his name, which are referred to as “MGK,” which stands for Machine Gun Kelly.

10. ‘Cannabis’ Tattoo

On the inside of MGK’s right knee is a tattoo of a cannabis plant. He has frequently referenced it in connection with the origin of his music, demonstrating the significance of its role in both his professional and career fronts.

What can I say? I have a deep affection for trees. When I first began, I was maybe 11 or 12 years old. I am a heavy smoker who lights up multiple times a day. Before I came inside, I went outside and had a cigarette. I don’t believe there is anything I could use. My family and my devoted supporters are the only things I require.

11. “And into the woods, I go,” it says on my tattoo, “to lose my mind and find my soul.”

MGK’s right knee bears a tattoo of a statement that reads, “Into the forest, I go to lose my mind and find my soul.” This quote is located underneath the cannabis tattoo that he has.

John Muir, an American naturalist, and environmental philosopher is the author of the aforementioned quote. It is the emblem of those who appreciate the natural world. The remark emphasizes on a person’s love of nature and how he or she appears to seek tranquility, which they find in natural settings such as woods, forests, open jungles, and other natural sights.

12. A Vertical Word That Reads ‘PRISONER’

Below His Right Knee There is a Word That Reads ‘PRISONER’ Inked Vertically Below His Right Knee

13. ACE of hearts tattoo

MGK’s left wrist features the ACE of hearts design as a tattoo.

14. ‘East 303’

Tattoo 303 is the area code for Denver, which is the capital city of the state of Colorado in the United States of America, which is where he spent his childhood.

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15. a tattoo that says “Fuck Off”

Machine Gun Kelly’s “Fuck Off” tattoo is located on the left wrist of his left hand.

MGK asserts that he leads a busy life, and the meaning behind his tattoo is that it is a symbol of the individuals that want to bother him when he is worn out and does not want to bother talking to anyone. He refers to it as his 3:30 in the morning tattoo.

Machine Gun Kelly Tattoos 55 & their meanings 2022
Machine Gun Kelly Tattoos 55 & their meanings 2022

16. A tattoo depicting girls on both sides of his chest

There are two women that have tattoos on the inner side of their respective underarms.

“It says ‘Lace the f— up’ and then has my MGK logo in the middle,” he explains, referring to the female who has the phrase “Lace the” written on the left side of her chest and the phrase “f— up” written on the right side. Then, in the bottom right-hand corner of that, you’ll find my signature. It’s gnarly as f—, and she always has a wonderful time whenever she comes [to the shows] because of how much she enjoys it. Because she is from the deep south, you can always count on her to be quite enthusiastic. She ensures that everyone has a good time. It’s really wonderful seeing the tattoos online and then meeting the people who have them in person you know.”

But then there are people who come into your life such as fans and friends such as girls, and they change that. Now, many of the most gorgeous persons I’ve encountered in my life have been female. She was one of my managers back when we first started the company. I was able to crash on the couch that belonged to her mother. When I was in a bind and didn’t have anything to go to a show while her brother was serving in Afghanistan, she lent me some of her brother’s clothes. She continues to exert her control over me. I continue to sleep on her couch even now.”

17. Banksy Tattoo

On the left side of his lower belly, there is a tattoo of the street artist Banksy. The words “KEEP YOUR COINS I WANT CHANGE” are written on a board that is shown in front of a picture of a man who is seated and has the board in front of him. Banksy, also known as Mr. Brainwash, is a political activist, graffiti artist, and creator of humorous street art. He is depicted in the tattoo as a male.

That is a piece by Banksy, and I believe that the play on words is just brilliant. This is a concept that isn’t always understood by people. I am unable to say.”

18. A Tattoo of Anarchy

MGK has a tattoo of a sign for anarchy located smack dab in the middle of his tummy.

The inked letter A is contained within the Anarchy sign, which also contains the letter O. The letters A and O stand for anarchy and order, respectively; therefore, anarchy for order. This ink is MGK’s portrayal of how he feels about living his life according to his own rules, which is why he got it to symbolize social reforms. He believes in living his life by his own rules.

“And in a nutshell, they believed that I was going to go it alone. It’s strange because when I did it, it was on the same Halloween, and the only people dressing up as My Chemical Romance characters were fans. The guardian angel was placed on my breast, and each of them had an ‘A’ placed on their stomachs. I recently became an anarchist because I believe it makes a very strong statement about the need for social change. There are no rules, you f—ing idiot. There is no set protocol. You have no right to instruct me on how to lead my life. This is what makes me who I am, and I’m not ashamed to show it.

“The amusing aspect of the anarchy [a tattoo] is that it was the only one that was a topic of discussion between the crew. I was one of the only people in the group with a tattoo, so I told them, “Yo, I’m going to get this.” I’m simply going to give it my all and see where it takes me. And everyone was like, ‘No dude! No f—ing way, man. You’ve already got a bad reputation in the business world, and now you plan to plaster it all over your body. You can forget about getting any corporate sponsors to work with you now.

19. ‘XXX’ Tattoo

On the lower portion of his abdomen is a tattoo that looks like three Xs strung together.

“It should serve as a reminder to young women about the dangers that lie ahead. Something unpleasant is about to take place.”

20. A Tattoo of an Eye of Big Brother

According to MGK, the big brother’s eye tattoo that is located on his left bicep is an homage to the novel “1984,” which was written by George Orwell and was published in the United Kingdom.

“That was meant to be a tribute to the novel ‘1984’. The concept behind it is that Big Brother is watching you, and all of these individuals protesting against it can be seen down here. People can be seen here with bats and various other weapons. In addition, I stand with the people. Please refrain from reaching into any of my pockets. When I was 19 years old, I bought this.”

21. A Tattoo of a Black Heart

On the inner aspect of his left arm is a tattoo that looks like a heart with a dark outline and a black tint. MGK refers to it as a heart made of stone. In addition, this tattoo is a representation of how difficult the music industry is, as well as how it brittles people and makes them stony-faced. He stated the following in an interview with GQ:

You actually learn to toughen up and not let people into your inner circle after working in this industry for a significant number of years.

“Almost Famous” (number 22) He has a tattoo with the phrase “Almost Famous” on his lower belly.

In other words, MGK got this tattoo prior to the year 2010. He stated the following in an interview in the year 2010,

The tattoo that reads “Almost Famous” on my lower stomach is currently my favorite tattoo because it reminds me to keep my sense of humor in spite of the success that I’ve had in my work. I do this every morning when I wake up. And I’ll never forget how much of a pain it was to come SO CLOSE to being famous, haha.”


MGK has the words tattooed on the inner left arm of his left arm. Oscar Wilde is credited for having said these words.

24. ‘Est. 1990’ Tattoo

On his upper breast is a tattoo that reads, “Est. 1990,” which refers to the year that MGK entered the world. This indicates that the tattoo represents MGK’s birth year (22 April 1990).

25. ‘Guardian Angel’ Tattoo

When MGK was 16 or 17 years old and had just begun to believe in God, he got a tattoo of a guardian angel in the middle of his stomach. Due to the fact that he was known to be a defiant child, he made the decision to design his own male guardian angel template for the tattoo. His guardian angel is depicted wearing pants as opposed to the typical depiction of a female guardian angel, who is depicted wearing a robe. Once, in the course of an interview, he stated:

I don’t believe that my guardian angel is a beautiful woman dressed in a robe who serenades me as she descends from the heavens in a graceful manner. Because of this, I have my guardian angel dressed in fucking jeans, a wifebeater, and Chucks. He’s simply chilling, and he’s just like me. He is coming to subdue me in some way.

After some time had passed, Machine Gun Kelly had this tattoo updated.

26. “PUNK COUPLE” Tattoo He has a tattoo that reads “PUNK COUPLE” on his right leg.

In the course of an interview, he was quoted as saying,

When I was really high in Humboldt County, I carried out these depraved acts. It looks like the fucking symbol from Radiohead.

27. Rest in Peace (Tattoo) B Arnold

MGK has a small tattoo of his grandma on the wrist of his right hand. The tattoo is for her. The inscription “R.I.P. B Arnold” can be found in the ink. After his grandmother passed away, he had it done as a memorial to her in honor of her life. This is the very first tattoo that MGK has ever gotten, and it’s a dope one at that. During an interview, he was quoted as saying

The following is dedicated to my grandma, who passed away on Valentine’s Day. She was a riot to be around. That she was the most accepting of people is something I will never forget about her. I don’t know how she managed to give birth to my dad given that he was such a jerk, but she did, and I’m sorry, Dad, but you should know that I loved her more.

28. a tattoo that says “Mayhem”

Inked all the way around his right wrist is the phrase “Mayhem,” which appears on his right-hand wrist.

I am such a fan of the Red Hot Chili Peppers that I have several tattoos of the band on my body. Since I have a tattoo of Tommy Lee’s ‘Mayhem’ on my wrist, it should come as no surprise that I am a major Mötley Crüe fan.

29. a tattoo that says “City Boy”

A tattoo of the words “City Boy” may be found directly above the ink with the music lyrics.

30. RHCP Tattoo

“At the time when I was going through my problem with drugs and reading Scar Tissue by Anthony Kiedis, I decided to get the RHCP tattoo. The reason I did so was because of the band. Because no one in my immediate environment supported my decision to enter rehabilitation, I did not end up going. They gave me words of encouragement such as, “You can get through this on your own.” The tale that Anthony Kiedis told helped me a great deal, and it was essential in my decision to give up on the whole business. To put it another way, it played a role in it. Although it is obvious that reading that book did not prevent it from happening, the impact it made on me was significant enough that I wanted to have it tattooed on my body. Therefore, I ultimately decided to put the Chili Peppers stuff on there. To tell you the truth, I believe that my favorite band is Led Zeppelin. That has a significant impact on the way that we strive to live while we are out on the road. You just listen to all of their crazy stories, and then you look at it, and you’re just like, “Man if we go tomorrow, I don’t want to say that we didn’t take advantage of every second of this experience.” [Case in point] Because we both turned twenty-two this year. We are in the wrong place at the wrong time. We hail from Cleveland, in the state of Ohio. My entire group of friends is stoners who have never been away from their parents’ homes.

31. ‘Heroes become remembered.

Legends never die’ TattooLike MGK, MGK sports a shoulder blade tattoo on his upper back. The inscription on the tattoo can be deciphered as follows: “Heroes get remembered, Legends never f–ing die.”

“They said that in ‘The Sandlot.'” I believe that [the quote] should serve as the objective. My entire life, I’ve had the aspiration to achieve legendary or iconic status. When death is so prevalent in your life, there are times when you can’t help but be afraid that it will eventually catch up with you. However, when you reach a point when you are content with who you are, you start to say to yourself, “When I die, I’m going to leave something on this earth.” So it just reminds me that ‘Heroes get remembered. Legends never f—ing die.’ This activity took place three years ago.


The words “LOCALS ONLY” are written in ink on MGK’s stomach where it can be seen.

“When it says ‘Locals Only,’ it signifies that we only sleep with people who are committed mothers. If you’re from where I’m from, and that doesn’t necessarily have to mean literally, it just so happens that the folks I roll with are Cleveland-type sh—, but it’s not about regional life at all. If, on the other hand, you come from the same mental and demographic background as I do, we’ll get along just fine. If you’re the type of young person that brushes aside all of those negatives and just sees the benefits in them, then I’m on your side.

33. ‘Blooming Rose’ Tattoo

He has a tattoo of a flower in full bloom located on the lower right-hand side of his back.

After the release of his record titled “Bloom,” he went ahead and got this tattoo. Meaning: The tattoo starts at his hips and goes all the way up to the right side of his ribcage on the right side of his stomach.

“First, I got the rosebud over here, and then I got the rose in bloom over here,” the speaker says.

34. ‘KISS THE SKY’ Tattoo

On the inner aspect of MGK’s left inner arm, the words “KISS THE SKY” are written in permanent marker. During an interview, he was quoted as saying

I have another bloom tattoo that I got at the same time that I did [the rose]. There’s a song on the album called “Kiss the Sky,” and so I put that right there on the inside of my elbow.”

35. Jessica Rabbit Tattoo

The image of Jessica Rabbit is tattooed on the inside of MGK’s right bicep. The words “SUNSET RATPACK” are written in ink on the top of the backpack.

MGK adds that he got this tattoo because Jessica Rabbit was his fantasy woman and that she was the leading heroine in the animated version of the movie “Who Framed Roger Rabbit,” which was released in 1988. During an interview, he was quoted as saying

She is very much like the woman I imagine in my head, my ideal woman. Because I’m still over heels with the fox from Robin Hood, I’m not really qualified to pass judgment.

36. A Cut on the Chest

Under the left side of his chest, there is a cut that has been tattooed in a bright red color.

MGK is quoted as saying, “Somebody tore my heart out.”

37. Getting a Tattoo of a Friend’s Art Piece

In reference to this tattoo, he mentioned in an interview that he had a piece of artwork from a buddy tattooed on his body. It is on the inner side of his left arm, closer to the elbow.

38. Several Ink Markings on the Left Arm

On his left arm are a few very little tattoos, such as a bottle and a fly the size of a pinhead.

39. Tattoo depicting a boy walking on the road.

On the inner side of his right forearm, there is a highly vivid ink that depicts a road, a footpath, and also a boy who is seen moving toward his front on the road while carrying a bag on his back. Additionally, there is a road and a footpath on the outer side of his left forearm. The road comes to an abrupt end at a point where there is a tall object and the word “BOOMER” written in large letters above it.

40. Red Die Tattoo

On the inside of his left forearm are two red dice that have been tattooed.

41. Danger Sign Tattoo

On the inside of MGK’s left wrist is a warning sign that is tattooed in the shape of a cross with a skull superimposed on top of it.

42. a tattoo that says “Rose and Palm Tree”

Under MGK’s right knee, there is a tattoo that depicts a palm tree and a rose that is in full bloom.

43. ‘Lace Up’ Tattoo

Lace Up’ tattooed on the right wrist of his dominant hand.

According to MGK, the meaning behind this tattoo is that it serves as a source of motivation for him. During an interview, he was quoted as saying

On two separate locations on my body, I get it tattooed. It essentially merely indicates that you are able to successfully complete any task that you set for yourself. You are willing to engage in any endeavour.”

44. The tattoo that reads “The man sitting on the base of the Cut Tree”

“I feel very much like the character that was in ‘The Giving Tree.’ Excuse me, but I have the impression that I am the true giving tree. People expect a lot from me, but you give them everything they could possibly desire. After that, they discover that you have already provided them with everything, yet they continue to want additional items. Because you feel down in the dumps, I decided to tattoo that on my body. I have the impression that I have given other people my limbs, but they will still come back. I’m always going to be the generous tree. It happened not too long ago. I started experiencing feelings of some type.”

45. a tattoo of the band’s name, “Red Hot Chili Peppers”

On his left elbow is a tattoo of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers logo.

It may be deduced from this that MGK is a huge “Red Hot Chilli Peppers” fan. They are a rock band from the United States that was formed in Los Angeles in 1983. During an interview, he was quoted as saying:

I was going through my problem with drugs at the time I got the RHCP tattoo, and I was reading Scar Tissue by Anthony Kiedis at the time. I didn’t wind up going to rehab because nobody in my immediate environment supported the idea of going to rehab, so I ended up getting the tattoo. They were encouraging in the sense that they said things like, “Get through it on your own.” The tale that Anthony Kiedis told helped me a great deal, and it was essential in my decision to give up with the whole business. To put it another way, it played a role in it. Although it is obvious that reading that book did not prevent it from happening, the impact it made on me was significant enough that I wanted to have it tattooed on my body. Therefore, I concluded that it would be best to put the Chili Peppers items up there.

46. a tattoo of a star with seven points

On MGK’s right elbow is a tattoo that consists of a double-shaded seven-point star with the letter ‘E’ printed on each of the star’s ends. The tattoo is tattooed. People often get star tattoos as a sign to remind them that they are being guided through life.

47. ‘Hotel Diablo’ Tattoo

A tattoo that reads “Hotel Diablo” can be found on the top of the back of MGK’s head. This tattoo was inspired by the title of MGK’s studio album, which he also had done.

48. Tattoo located on the inside of the left wrist

49. Casie Tattoo

Under his left nipple, there is an etched name that reads “Casie.” Casie is the name of the father’s daughter.

50.The number 50 is tattooed on his left leg.

51. a tattoo on his left leg that reads “THE MARATHON CONTINUES”

Nipsey Hussle, a rapper from the United States, released a mixtape under the moniker “THE MARATHON CONTINUES.”

52. a tattoo that says “Tickets to My Downfall”

53.He had a tattoo on his neck that read “Tickets To My Downfall.”

This tattoo’s significance lies in the fact that it is a reference to the title of his fifth studio album, which was published in September of 2020. This tattoo was done on him in January of the year 2020.

54.Tattoo located on the inside of his right forearm located close to his right wrist

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