Jonah Hill Tattoos 19 & Their Meanings

Jonah Hill Tattoos 19 & Their Meanings

Jonah Hill Tattoos 19 & Their Meanings

Are Jonah Hill’s tattoos real?How many tattoos does Chris Evans have?What is tattooed on Jonah Hill’s chest?Why do tattoos turn green on black people?

Jonah Hill Tattoos

Jonah Hill is the stage name of Jonah Hill Feldstein, an American comedian, director, and actor who is also known simply as Jonah Hill. The fact that Jonah has always had a strong interest in writing even from a young age is something that not many people are aware of.

The comedies Superbad (2007), Knocked Up (2007), and Forgetting Sarah Marshall are just a few examples of the films he has directed in recent years. There is no mistaking Jonah’s name when it comes to screenwriting; he has contributed to the productions of 21 Jump Street, 22 Jump Street, Sausage Party, and Why Him? In 2018, he also made an appearance in the Netflix dark comedy miniseries Maniac, and he made his directorial debut with the film Mid90s, which was based on the screenplay that he had written.

Jonah’s body is covered with a variety of tattoos, which serve both to decorate him and to increase his notoriety among his followers. Let us investigate the inks and the messages they hold.

Bret Krak, who works at the Smith Street Tattoo Parlour in Brooklyn, is responsible for the majority of Jonah’s body art if not all of it. In 2019, the actor discussed him when appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

“I feel as though I spent the entirety of my 20s attempting to be what other people wanted me to be, and at that time, I had no idea who I was. And the last few years have been fantastic for me in the sense of being able to finally say, “I’m simply going to be myself.”

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1. Arm Tattoos

Jonah has a tattoo of the Bart Simpson Skull with crossbones etched on his right bicep. The tattoo is a black and grey design.

Bart Simpson is a fictional character and a member of the Simpson family who appears in the animated television series The Simpsons, which airs in the United States. The skull and crossbones that are depicted in the tattoo are those that belong to Bart Simpson.

The skull and crossbones is a symbol that consists of a human skull and two long bones that are crossed behind the skull in a diagonal pattern. The design was first used as a symbol of death in the late Middle Ages. It was most commonly used on tombstones as a reminder of the deceased. In addition to this, it can be utilised to strike terror into the hearts of others and to ward off evil.

2. Baby with Dollar Tattoo

Jonah has a tattoo of a dollar baby on his left wrist, and it’s a pretty fantastic design. The moneybag, which appears to conceal the kid’s face, is one of the elements included in the tattoo.

3. Logo on Back-BODY LOVE

Jonah has a tattoo with the words “Torso LOVE” etched inside of a circle that is located on the upper right side of his body, closer to the right shoulder. The circle also includes the hand sign for “rock on.” It makes me think of the clothing firm Body Glove, which is an interesting parallel. Jonah revealed this tattoo along with an emotive letter that revealed the challenges he experienced with his body. A quote from the message reads as follows:

“At the age of 37, I have finally come to love and accept myself. This is not a post that can be considered “good for me.” Additionally, this is not a “feel sorry for me” piece in any way, shape, or form. It is intended for use by children who do not remove their shirts before entering the pool. Have fun. You are great, awesome, and excellent in every way. All of my love to you Oh, and Daily Mail, even you are powerless to prevent that grin from spreading over my face ;).

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4. Chest Tattoo

On his breast is a tattoo of a clipper ship, and on either side of the ship are two animal faces, one on each side of the ship. There is a tattoo of a fierce-looking panther on its left side, while on the right side there is the face of a wolf.

Jonah’s breast tattoo, which was clearly visible in the images taken on the red carpet, depicts a clipper ship.

which refers to a sort of merchant sailing vessel from the middle of the 19th century that was optimised for speed.

On one side of the ship is a wolf, while on the other side is a panther that has almost completely covered his chest in ink.

5. Dagger Tattoo

He has a coloured dagger tattooed on the inside of his right forearm.

The meaning of a dagger tattoo can refer to both the admirable qualities that lie within us as well as any misfortune that may befall us in life, with death being the most tragic of these potential outcomes.

It is possible to interpret a dagger as a symbol of treachery, loss, or risk in addition to its more positive connotations of safety, self-sacrifice, and bravery.

6. Pair of Dolphins Tattoo

Jonah chose to get the tattoo on the innermost part of his left forearm. It depicts a pair of dolphins leaping to either side of the palm tree in the background.

Dolphins have long been seen as a symbol of family, community, and harmony. They are considered to be the most sociable of all living things.

Tattoos of palm trees are thought to signify immortality and the passage of time. As a direct consequence of this, there are others who refer to it as the Tree of Life. The majority of people get palm trees tattooed on their bodies to symbolise tranquilly and harmony.

Sarah Brady, Hill’s girlfriend at the time, had posted an Instagram Story in the month of December 2021 in which she mentioned Jonah as the “Wolf of Wall Street” actor when he was getting a tattoo at the world-famous Carroll Gardens shop. Jonah was there getting a tattoo. After some time had passed, Hill himself uploaded a picture of his tattoo to Instagram, which depicted two dolphins leaping to either side of a palm tree.

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7. Red Heart Tattoo

A large red heart with a white banner that reads “MOM” is tattooed on his left upper arm. Below the heart is the word “MOM.”

The most authentic approach to expressing your affection for those you care about is via your emotions. This is an expression of love that Jonah has dedicated to his mother, Sharon Lyn Chalkin. Her homeland is the United States, and she is a fashion stylist and costume designer.

Jonah Hill Tattoos 19 & Their Meanings
Jonah Hill Tattoos 19 & Their Meanings

8. Chest Tattoo-Pirate Ship with a Wolf and a Panther Face

Jonah has a tattoo that runs across his chest, but he has never gone into detail about what it means. It depicts a large pirate ship that is encircled by the faces of two different animals: the face of a wolf can be seen on the ship’s right side, and the face of a panther can be seen on the ship’s left side.

9. ‘HELLO BEANIE’ Tattoo


We are able to read the words “HELLO BEANIE” that are written across the entirety of his left outer forearm.

It is common knowledge that Jonah Feldstein got this tattoo as a gift for his sister, Beanie. In 2018, Jonah received this tattoo in commemoration of her sister’s performance in “Hello, Dolly!”, which was her first part on Broadway.

“As always, I’m copying her because she’s more calm and the leader of us two even though she’s 10 years younger,” he wrote. “As always, I’m copying her because she’s more comfortable and the leader of us two.” “My saviour and my closest companion. And now she’s going to make fun of how serious my postings are on Instagram, which is quite annoying. But it’s really bad, Beanie, because you helped me become more confident in who I am. And I’m happy AF. Whatever.”

10. A tattoo on the thigh

11. Gorilla Tattoo

A cartoon gorilla is tattooed on his right bicep, and the words “JOSH” are written underneath it.

12. Palm Tree Tattoo

Jonah has another palm tree tattooed on his left bicep. This one is smaller.

According to the assertion, it is thought to be the worldwide sign of agreeability, tranquilly, and quiet.

13. Portrait Tattoo

14. Skull Tattoo

On his left forearm is a bright tattoo of a skull, and it is one of his many tattoos.

The skull is a sign of demise, evil, and death. It is also occasionally used to remind the user of the tattoo of the difficult things he may have overcome in the past. Some people choose to have their skulls modified by having a cap, scarf, or even a bow and arrow attached to them. This is done so that the skull will no longer be associated with the negative and sinister connotations that are commonly associated with it.

15. Spider Web Tattoo

A spiderweb is tattooed on his left elbow and it covers the entire area.

Because of its long-standing association with incarceration, the spider web tattoo might be interpreted as a reflection of the individual’s potential time spent behind bars in the past. Having said that, it’s possible that not everybody will experience this.

There are however many who believe that it reflects creative ability as well as the propensity to be cunning, possessive, and defensive.

16. Roaring Tiger Tattoo

On Jonah’s left bicep is a tattoo that looks like the face of a raging tiger and is shaded in yellow.

The roaring tiger is a sign of the individual’s courage, strength, vitality, and strong will, which are necessary for the individual to accomplish everything in life that he desires.

17. A Tattoo of a Honey Bee

Honey Bee, a symbol representing commitment, perseverance, and hard work, is inked on Jonah’s left inner forearm in a design that consists of multiple ink colours.

18. A memorial tattoo on the left forearm, dedicated to my grandma

There is a tattoo of an outline of a heart with the words “Nancy Rules” on his left inner forearm. The tattoo reads: “Nancy Rules.”

This was Jonah’s first body tattoo, which he claims to have acquired in honour of his grandmother, who did not like his character in the movie The Wolf of Wall Street and had told him to get his role changed for the same reason. Meaning: Jonah claims that he got this tattoo in honour of his grandmother.

19. Pirate Tattoo

Jonah Hill’s right shoulder bears the vivid face of a pirate that he has had tattooed.

It is generally accepted that acting like a pirate is a strategy of driving away your foes and keeping yourself protected.

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