LuckyLand Slots Review And Promo Latest Updates 2022

LuckyLand Slots Review And Promo Latest Updates 2022

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The LuckyLand Slots social casino also includes a sweepstakes component for players to enter to win prizes.

After making a purchase of the Gold Coin package, LuckyLand players will be eligible to receive bonus Sweeps Coins. Once a player has participated in the sweepstakes at least once, they are eligible to exchange their sweeps coins for real prizes.

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Virtual Gaming Worlds, an Australian company that also owns ChumbaCasino and Global Poker, is the company that is responsible for operating this website. At this time, players in the United States (with the exception of Washington state) and Canada (with the exception of Quebec) can access LuckyLand Slots.

Comparing Chumba Casino and LuckyLand Slots

The promotions and social features provided by LuckyLand are a significant step above those made available by Chumba Casino.

Due to the fact that LuckyLand Slots rewards players with virtual chips for daily logins and participation in slots tournaments, players are not required to rely on real-money purchases in order to play using Gold Coins. In addition, the location plays host to its own tournaments for players of Sweeps, and it is likely that the site will add even more competitions later in the year 2020.

The value of larger quantities of gold coins purchased by players is also increased. For instance, users who sign up for the game receive 10 free Sweeps Coins and a $10 Gold Coin Package with their first purchase of $4.99 in-game currency. As a result of the fact that players can send free spins to their friends without having to spend real money or virtual chips, it is beneficial to be a part of a larger community when playing on LuckyLand.


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Sweepstakes Casino LuckyLand Slots
Bonus Code None – Use Links
No Purchase Bonus 10 Free Sweeps Coins on sign up
Purchase Bonus $10 Gold Coin Package on your first purchase of $4.99
Online Since 2019
Last Updated May 2022

How Does Luckyland Casino Work? How Do Sweepstakes work?

Gold Coins are the primary form of in-game cash that can be earned and spent in LuckyLand Slots.

Gold Coins cannot be redeemed for any other prizes, but you can get them for free as a reward for logging in every day. In addition, players have the option to spend real money to purchase additional Gold Coins. Each and every Gold Coin package includes bonus Sweeps Coins that can be traded in for a chance to win cash prizes.

LuckyLand Slots is able to provide its users with a social gaming experience that also includes the excitement of winning real-world currency thanks to this virtual currency.

The Gold Coins do not have any value attached to them, and the Sweeps Coins are simply a part of an ongoing promotion that involves sweepstakes. In the United States, promotions involving sweepstakes are not only completely legal but also quite common among businesses that do not engage in internet gambling.

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The state of Washington is the only jurisdiction that deviates from this norm.

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals issued a ruling in 2018 stating that in order for virtual chips to be considered a “thing of value,” they must be able to be acquired through the use of “real money.” This ruling was issued in 2018. LuckyLand is therefore inaccessible to people who are physically located within the state of Washington.

Software for the Luckyland Slots

The casino website for LuckyLand is entirely browser-based and runs on the HTML5 platform. Because of the way it was designed, it is compatible with a variety of computers. Recent developments include the launch of an Android app by Luckyland Slots, which will provide mobile players with an enhanced gaming experience. At this time, there is no app available for iPhone users.

Because the developers placed a greater emphasis on the site’s graphics than on its performance, players who want the site to load quickly will need a connection that is capable of a high data transfer rate.

The user interface is a bit of a mess. Even if there is a limited launch-day suite of games, getting to a preferred slot can take a few clicks due to the size of the icons. Browsing the games is simple, but due to the size of the icons, it is simple.

In addition, in order for players to access the primary lobby, they will have to navigate through several advertisements, which can be an incredibly annoying experience. On a more positive side, a menu that is positioned at the top of the screen makes it possible to access the social features, account settings, purchases, and redemptions.

Because of this, players only need to make two or three clicks to donate free spins to their friends or acquire additional Gold Coins; they do not need to navigate through a number of different submenus. This section of the layout is flawless in terms of its usability and design in every respect.

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Luckylad Slots is a mobile app and online casino.

The mobile application for the Luckyland Slots online casino is now accessible for Android users. Those who are using iOS will need to use a browser in order to access the site.

You will need to download the LuckyLandSlots.apk file straight from the Luckyland Slots website in order to use the Android app. The program is only compatible with versions of Android 6.0 and higher.

Once the LuckyLandSlots.apk download is complete on your mobile device, navigate to the notifications panel and search for the file name there. After you have found the file, you can start the installation process by clicking on the file itself.

You will be prompted with a question asking for your permission to install the application. Click the button labeled “Allow From This Source.”

You will need to search through all of your applications that are currently installed in order to find the app. The purple emblem that represents Luckyland, which depicts a casino chip in the shape of a clover, is easy to spot.

No need to worry if you play on an iOS device because the casino has HTML5 games available through their website. There is no need to download anything, and all of the games will begin loading in your browser right away.

LuckyLand is home to some exclusive slot machines.

There is no duplication of content between LuckyLand’s casino suite and Chumba’s, as each of LuckyLand’s more than 30 slot games is unique to the website. In addition to that, they have included a selection of quick win and scratcher games.

The most recent progressive jackpot they have is called Neon Valley, and it has already been won for more than 177,000 Sweeps Coins. Other games that pay out a lot of money include “Power of Ra,” which has a progressive jackpot, and “Snow Queen,” which has prizes that cascade down the screen.

Because the designers chose to stick to well-established casino themes, seasoned gamblers will find that the majority of the titles feel very familiar to them.

King of the Jungle follows in the footsteps of WMS’ Jungle Wild, and Pirates Bounty shares its subject matter with Amaya’s Blackbeard’s Gold. Mayan Gold has a lot in common with Aztec’s Treasure, which is offered by RTG. King of the Jungle follows in the footsteps of Jungle Wild, which is offered by WMS.

Thankfully, because of the excellent 3D graphics and crystal clear sound effects, none of these games give the impression of being a sloppy repetition. The gameplay is also totally top-notch, with a plethora of distinctive elements that expand on the traditional video slot concepts.

The stacked Wilds in Buffalo Rush, the enormous symbols in Dragon’s Den, and the multiple bonus rounds that you can enjoy in Fashion Frenzy and Enchanted Fairy are all included in this game. You are certain to discover at least one aspect of this game that appeals to you, regardless of the kind of game play that you prefer the most.

LuckyLand does not, to our regret, provide any video poker games or table games to its customers. We do not anticipate that they will arrive anytime soon given the company’s emphasis on slots and placing quality before quantity.

Banking at Luckyland Slots

On Luckyland, you have the option to buy Gold Coin bundles that come with a bonus amount of Sweeps Coins. Therefore, in order for players to be able to use Sweeps Coins in their games, they will need to acquire them by purchasing a Gold Coins package.

Bonus Sweeps Coins are included in each Gold Coins package that you purchase. Sweeps Coins can be exchanged for real-world currency, such as cash awards.

There is support for payments made using credit cards through WorldPay as well as direct bank transfers. New means of making payments will be made available at regular intervals by Luckyland.

In addition, monetary prizes that are redeemed will be paid straight to the player’s bank account through the use of an Electronic Funds Transfer. This procedure can take anywhere from 24 to 48 hours, depending on the circumstances.

What are the Rules for Winning Cash Prizes?

On the Sweeps Coins side of the LuckyLand Slots client, players can access nearly 40 unique slot machines in addition to virtual scratch-off instant win games.

The in-game money of these tournaments is known as Sweeps Coins. At LuckyLand Slots, Sweeps Coins serve the same purpose as credits when playing the slots and instant win games.

These games provide prizes in the form of Sweeps Coins, which can later be exchanged for cash prizes of various amounts. The following methods can be used to redeem your points: electronic bank transfers, gift cards, and Skrill eWallet.

The lowest quantity of Sweeps Coins credits that can be redeemed for prizes is 50 SC.

What makes LuckyLand Slots stand out from other online casinos and how do they compare?

Online casinos that are permitted by states typically offer real-money gambling options. The functionality of these legal casinos is similar to that of traditional land-based casinos.

Online casinos are only permitted to legally operate in jurisdictions that have legalised online gambling through the passage of legislation. The states of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Michigan, and West Virginia are all good examples of this type of state.

LuckyLand Slots is legally allowed to operate as a promotional sweepstakes site because the site does not provide real-money gaming. The games at LuckyLand Casino can be thought of as condensed versions of several sweepstakes.

LuckyLand Slots is able to conduct business lawfully in 48 of the 50 states that make up the United States of America. There are just two states in the United States that do not enable players to exchange sweeps coins for cash rewards, and those states are Washington and Idaho.

What is the main distinction between promotional sweepstakes games and play money games?

Play money games are denominated in “Gold Coins,” but they do not provide any opportunities to earn real money prizes.

“Sweeps Coins” are the in-game currency for playing promotional sweepstakes games offered by LuckyLand Slots. The Sweeps Coins games provide players with the potential to win cash prizes, while the Sweeps Coins itself serves the purpose of promoting sweepstakes credits.

The following types of games are available to play at LuckyLand Slots:

slots and instant win games.

No, there is not a rewards program.

Mobile apps are only available for Android. iOS app is not available. There is no web version available for download.

Credit cards, debit cards, Skrill, and Instant ACH are acceptable forms of payment for purchases.

Slot machines have betting limits of SC 20-25, and instant win games have betting limitations of SC 20.

Available states are all of the United States’ other states save Washington. Obtainable in the District of Columbia


What are the steps involved in making a purchase at LuckyLand Slots?

At any time, players at LuckyLand Slots have the option to purchase a variety of different Gold Coins package deals. Along with the Gold Coins play money credits, several of these bundles also provide the purchaser with bonus Sweeps Coins.


When you open the main lobby of LuckyLand Slots and select the “Buy” tab located at the top left of the screen, you will be presented with a selection of several options for purchasing Gold Coins bundles. New users of the platform can purchase these bundles for anywhere between $1.98 and $49.99, depending on their preferences.

Players will be able to use the Gold Coins they acquire from any of the packages to play the play money games offered by LuckyLand Slots. In addition, a certain number of additional Sweeps Coins are given out with the purchase of each package.

The Sweeps Coins that were given to you as a present can be utilized at LuckyLand Slots to participate in the promotional sweepstakes games.

Sweeps Coins are the platform’s equivalent of credits that can be used in the promotional sweepstakes slots and quick-win games. The credits that are earned by participation in these games are redeemable for monetary prizes.

One example of a bundle that you may buy Gold Coins in is one that costs $9.99 and contains 37,000 Gold Coins. LuckyLand Slots will provide a bonus of SC 10 to players who purchase this bundle.

At LuckyLand Slots, the Gold Coins can only be used for the games that are played with play money. The promotional sweepstakes games on the website are the only ones that can be played with Sweeps Coins.

The Games That Can Be Played At LuckyLand Slots

The vast majority of the games that can be played at LuckyLand Slots are slot machines. The vast majority of the platform’s slot machines are multiway, five-reel games, and there are around 40 of them in total.

At LuckyLand Slots, there is a respectable selection of games for those who enjoy playing slots. Games with five reels include titles such as Galactic Blast and Mardi Gras Money, as well as a variety of other games with unique and entertaining themes.

Players who are interested in playing vintage-style video games might find Revved-Up Reels to be appealing because it is a slot machine with three reels and a classic aesthetic.

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