Love Is Blind season 3 Everything we know so far Latest Updates 2022

Love Is Blind season 3: Everything we know so far Latest Updates 2022

Love Is Blind season 3: Everything we know so far Latest Updates 2022

The first season of Love Is Blind debuted on Netflix in 2020 as part of an ongoing experiment involving reality television shows. Love Is Blind and its predecessor, The Circle, attempted to mix Netflix’s marathon-drop structure with a weekly release, with episodes appearing in portions over the course of a month. This was done after the success of The Great British Baking Show changing to a weekly schedule. Due to the fact that the strategy was so successful, Love Is Blind Season 3 is already moving in this direction, with Seasons 4 and 5 to follow in its footsteps.

In a similar fashion to The Circle, Love Is Blind is a reality show in which the candidates cannot see each other and are required to evaluate the possibility of their compatibility based solely on their mental and emotional connection. On the other hand, in contrast to The Circle, Love Is Blind is a dating show, and the “no in-person contact” rule is only in effect for around one-third of the season. If you haven’t seen it, it’s like speed dating on steroids, and it involves a group of people who are confined to pods where they can’t see each other.

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After making their initial impressions, they then determine who they would like to pursue a relationship with. After determining that they are both ready to get married, the daters finally meet one another in person. After that, they are compelled to live together until the day of their wedding, when they will have the opportunity to either say “yes” to a future together or “no” to a future together.

This combination of Married at First Sight and The Bachelor may sound like an idea that is doomed to fail before it’s been tried. In spite of this, the first two seasons were successful in producing four couples, two of which are still married and appear to be content with their situation. That is an astonishingly good track record, which is undoubtedly a significant reason why the series has already been extended so many times already.

Here is all you need to know about how far along we are in Season 3.

Love Is Blind Season 3

Fans of Love Is Blind have known since 2020 that the third season of the show would be produced since Netflix renewed the show immediately following the conclusion of the first season for a total of two seasons. Fans were concerned that they would have to wait a very long time for the third installment because there was no date set for its release at the time, and given that it took Netflix two years to move from Season 1 (which was released in February 2020) to Season 2 (which arrived in February 2022), fans thought it might be a very long wait.

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However, it appears that Netflix intends to place Love Is Blind on the same biannual timetable as The Circle, Too Hot to Handle, and other reality shows that it possesses in its arsenal. A mere handful of weeks following the conclusion of Season 2, which occurred on March 4, Netflix not only revealed that Seasons 4 and 5 had been renewed but also stated that Season 3 will appear in 2022.

The announcement of Season 3 was accompanied by a very strange music video that promoted the almost unending slate of “reality romance” series that are available on Netflix.

Love Is Blind Season 3 Cast & Trailer

As is the case with all Netflix reality series, cast members, release dates, and trailers are not made public until the absolute last possible moment. This is done in part to prevent spoilers from being leaked, but it is also done because of the nature of reality television: if the cast is revealed too much in advance, it is likely that viewers will have forgotten who they are by the time the first episode airs. The decision to focus all of the marketing efforts on the show in the weeks leading up to its premiere ensures that fans will be hooked to their televisions.

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Love Is Blind Season 3 Release Dates & Schedule

Despite the fact that it has been established that Love Is Blind will return in 2022, fans are still unsure of when exactly the show will do so. On the other hand, the schedules of various other reality shows can offer a hint: The Circle has a six-month calendar that runs from April to September, whereas Too Hot to Handle has a schedule that runs from June to January. As a result, viewers of Love Is Blind should not be surprised if the show eventually moves to a cycle that runs from February to August, with Season 3 spanning the final weeks of summer.

Both seasons one and two of Love Is Blind are currently available to stream on Netflix. The third season is expected to premiere later in 2022. It is anticipated that seasons 4 and 5 would follow in 2023.

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