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Lee Jae Wook Will work in Upcoming K Drama Royal Loader Alongside  Hong Su Zu and Lee Jun Young

Lee Jae Wook Will work in Upcoming K Drama Royal Loader Alongside  Hong Su Zu and Lee Jun Young

The news organization Star News announced on the 27th of October that the upcoming drama “Royal Loader” will have Lee Jae Wook, Hong Su Zu, and UKISS Lee Jun Young starring as the three main stars of the show.

There has been no decision made as of yet because the three actors are still contemplating the casting offer at the moment.

The film “Royal Loader” has a budget of 20 billion won, which is around $14 million, and production is scheduled to begin in 2023. The quest for dominance among the multinational families will serve as the story’s central conflict. People who were born with a dirt spoon and people who were born with a gold spoon will engage in a ferocious conflict.

There is currently no formal information available regarding the remaining cast members that will round out the drama.

It has been confirmed that “Royal Loader” will debut on Disney+, although there has also been talking about the show making its debut on a broadcast channel.

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This will be Lee Jae Wook’s first future drama project for the year 2023 if he accepts the role that has been offered to him. The actor chose to concentrate on “Alchemy of Souls” for the year 2022, and he will also play the lead role in the upcoming second half of “Alchemy of Souls,” which will make its debut in December of this year.

Meanwhile, it’s possible that Hong Su Zu will be making her debut in a leading role with this performance. Her first appearance in front of the camera was as a guest star in the drama series “Lovestruck in the City” from the year 2020. In addition, she made an appearance alongside Sung Yoo Bin, Kim Young Woong, Kim Hyun Mok, Shin Joo Hyup, and Kim Yi Kyung in the drama special titled “Drama Special Season 12: Be; Twin.”

The Korean drama “May I Help You” features Lee Jun Young and Girls’ Day Lee Hye Ri as co-stars at the moment. The upcoming drama “Na Rae, Kicking Out” will also include him in the lead role. The idol actor will also be appearing in a number of future films, including “Brave Citizen,” “The Wilderness,” and “More Painful Than Sadness,” amongst others.

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