Korean Dating Rules & Age Difference Rule: What You Must Know

Korean Dating Rules & Age Difference Rule: What You Must Know In 2021

Korean Dating Rules & Age Difference Rule: What You Must Know

Korean Dating Rules & Age Difference Rule are given below.

Korea is the most famous and attractive country because of its culture. Whether you are planning to go on a date or you are already in Korea. You will experience a great and affectionate culture. There will be much fun and heartwarming welcome in South Korea.

If you are planning to visit Korea here are some tips from us for you to go on a date in South Korea. We are going to tell you some etiquettes of Dating if you are interested in South Korean Dating.

Korean Dating Rules & Age Difference Rule: What You Must Know
Korean Dating Rules & Age Difference Rule: What You Must Know

Is Virginity Important in Korea?

Korean Dating Rules & Age Difference Rule are given below.

South Korean guys are also like other country’s boys. They prefer young, smart, and slim girls to fat and married women.

What do Korean Boys Find Attractive?

Korean Dating Rules & Age Difference Rule are given below.

Korean Boys are like other country’s boys. They want their partner should be beautiful. They find Fair color and Slim look.

Dating And Marriage in South Korea

Korean Dating Rules & Age Difference Rule are given below.

Korean Dating Rules & Age Difference Rule: What You Must Know In 2021 is given below.

It is a bit different in Dating and Marriage. You can date anyone you find a bit attractive. But for the marriage, you have to find a responsible partner. Korean Boys prefer smart women for their Marriage.

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What are the Korean Dating Rules?

Korean Dating Rules & Age Difference Rule are given below.

Blind Date culture is most famous in South Korea. Dating is a great experience to enjoy friendship and heartwarming culture. Through dating, you will get to see friendship and Korean culture through your partner. If your partner is Korean you can easily settle and understand South Korea. You can enjoy a beautiful time in South Korea if you go on a date.

If you are interested in dating cute guys and boys of South Korea. Here are some tips for you before you go on a date. These tips will surely provide you benefits.

So read these tips, and happily enjoy your date.

Dating in Korea: Where can Find Single Partner?

Before you worry about the etiquettes of the date you should find a partner for the date. In South Korea, unlike other countries, people don’t date strangers if they do not find your look much attractive. In South Korea, people go on a blind date. So if you want to go on a blind date you should make more friends. In Korea, people go on their friend’s suggestion date.

In order to go on date, you should communicate more with people and make friends. This way you can enjoy the culture of South Korea.

PDA: Three Days Rule

What Is PDA Rule?

Is PDA Rule Effective In Korea?

In South Korea, probably you are already familiar with the “three days rule” or the rule in which you should not approach someone immediately, or if you are newly interested in someone you should not reach him via mobile or text. Because in South Korea mostly people always stick to their Smartphones. These rules are not applied to South Korea. In Korea, if you don’t reach someone immediately via phone he might think that you’re not interested.

So in Korea, you should forget this rule immediately.

And also if you don’t use your phone much or don’t reply immediately it will be more likely a chance that you are rejecting them.

So keep your phone always up text immediately and don’t be afraid to show affection to your partner. Your partner will be thankful to you for this.

Who will Pay The Bill?

So finally you’ve made a Korean friend and you are talking to your crush on the phone. You should always be fast and ask your crush immediately. imagine that you have already set your date at a restaurant. If you want a nighttime date you always go to a restaurant for dinner after that you stop by some shop for Ice Cream and a nighttime walk.

On a date, you are always concerned about the date budget and who will pay the date bill.

For date budgets, it always depends on your crush personality.

So who pays the Date bill. In typical types of men, they always choose the Menu and offer to pay the bill. But modern women feel comfortable paying some date bills.

So this is not 100% sure about who pays the bill.

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In Korean Dating: Relationship Announcement

Is Kissing Allowed in South Korea?

Korean Date Vs American Date?

Mostly in Western Country Kissing in Public is not a big deal But in South Korea, a passionate kiss in Public is considered Inappropriate and Tacky.

The next and most important thing is whether to show your relation publicly or not. This is the most important step because if your crush doesn’t feel comfortable it may cause a breakup between you and your crush. Generally, in Korean, you would not find Kisses common. They usually like to do this kind of stuff in private. In South Korea, passionate kisses are inappropriate in public. So rather than do the kisses in public you should hold arms or go hand to hand with your partner. This would feel comfortable to you and your partner. If you don’t hold your crush’s hand he could imagine that you are not much passionate.

This is considered as reliable for both partners to talk overnight. This could make a much smoother date.

In Korean Dating: What Language Should I Use?

In South Korea, people start to learn English from a very young age. However, normal people could not speak much English but they can understand a little much English. But most people could not speak or understand English at a normal level. So while on your date you should speak a little much Korean language with your partner to feel your crush comfortable.


You should always learn atopic to speak with your partner on a date. Through talk, you can only find about nature and about the interest of your partner.in any way you should try that your crush would not feel bored.  In Korea, if you don’t know anything Korean K-pop culture is the best topic to start a conversation and make your partner feel comfortable.

In Korean Dating: What Should be the Age Difference?

Korean dating Age Difference

Is Age Gap Important in South Korea?

The age gap is very important in Korea. The age gap is always important in all kinds of relationships.

In dating about 1-4 years difference is normally acceptable. And if a boy is older than a girl it is also culturally acceptable. And 1-6 years age is considered much but can also be acceptable. But more than 9 years age difference people find it uncomfortable and called taboo. Korea is very sensitive about the age difference and look. People of the same age dating are called Dong Gap = the same age. But if you are truly in love with someone then age is just a number.

The only thing matters are if you find your partner comfortable or not.

You’re Ready For Korean Date

Now you’re ready to go on a date. Best of luck with your date. We hope that our tips could help you to get close to your crush. These tips are enough for you to pass the primary stages of your Date.

Whether you are going on a couple of dates or a long-lasting relationship with your crush these tips will help you. We have told you the basic Korean cultural dates tips.

What advice did you find beneficial? Or whether you have some kind of different experience on your date with your crush? Please share it in the comments box.

We hope this article will help you to build relationships. Best of luck with your relationship.

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