Kanye West Dad Ray: Everything To Know About The Rapper’s Father & Their Relationship Now

Kanye West Dad Ray: Everything To Know About The Rapper’s Father & Their Relationship Now

Kanye West Dad Ray: Everything To Know About The Rapper’s Father & Their Relationship Now

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Kanye West is quoted as saying that his achievement made his father proud “for the first time in 45 years.” Learn more about Kanye West’s father, Ray West, by reading this article.

Kanye West is concentrating his efforts on being a father to his four children, but who was the parent Ye himself had? Although Ye has spent the better part of the last decade commemorating the life of his late mother, Donda West, his father may be less well known. That individual’s name is Ray West, and he was brought back into the public eye on October 6, 2022, when Kanye posted a message on his Instagram account about him in the wake of the “White Lives Matter” controversy that ensued after Kanye’s fashion show, during which Ye and models wore outfits bearing that slogan.

Kanye West posted an Instagram photo that showed a chat between him and his father with the phrase, “FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 45 YEARS I MADE MY SUPER EDUCATED FORMER BLACK PANTHER FATHER PROUD.” The post featured an exchange between Kanye and his father. In the post, Ray makes light of Kanye’s contentious fashion presentation and laughs about it. Ye inquired to his father, “I thought that was such a hilarious response. What was it about it that you liked?” His father gave him a response that said, “That a Black Man was stating the obvious.”

Ye also showed his right-wing supporters some love by insulting himself with the term “NPC” (as in, “There’s an NPC attempting to pick on me. What should I do?”). The term “Nonplayer character,” which originates from the world of video games, is the MAGA crowd’s method of denigrating liberals. It is a way of saying that liberals are like sheep who are easily manipulated and simply do what they are told to do.

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Here is all you need to know about Kanye West’s father, Ray West, as the world is set to be reintroduced to him.

Ray West

Ray West is a man who has experienced a great deal of life. He began his career as a photojournalist for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, where he took pictures of many prominent people, including Maya Angelou, Ronald Reagan, and Ralph David Abernathy, a civil rights fighter. Along the way, he also worked as a paparazzo, a marriage counselor, and as the proprietor of a store, among other occupations.

In addition to this, he has spent his entire life working tirelessly to advance the cause of social justice. In the 1960s and 1970s, he became a member of the Black Panther party, which was the beginning of his journey into activism. When he began his job as a photojournalist, he temporarily set aside that facet of his life; however, when he established his own charitable organization, he circled back around to it. In the Dominican Republic, he established a nonprofit organization called Good Water. During an interview with BBC, Kanye West revealed the extent to which his father had a generous heart when he stated that his father had moved into a homeless shelter “not because he was homeless, but because he wanted to help the ex-drug addicts, he wanted to get that close.” Kanye made this revelation about his father. Ray moved back to the UK first after receiving a cancer diagnosis in 2018, but he has now relocated back to the US.

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Ray West’s relationship with son Kanye

Kanye West was brought into the world on June 8, 1977, shortly after his father Ray had wed Kanye’s mother Donda. After being married for three years, the couple decided to divorce, and three years after that, the family split up when Donda moved to Chicago with Kanye. Kanye West spent the summers of his childhood in Atlanta with his father. Despite the fact that Kanye was mostly raised by his mother and was quite close to her, Kanye always stated that his father helped take care of them despite their financial struggles.

When Donda West, who was 58 years old, suddenly away in 2007 as a result of complications from a botched cosmetic procedure, Kanye was utterly heartbroken. Although it is common knowledge that Kanye has paid tribute to his mother on not one but two of his albums, this does not imply that he does not value his father. In point of fact, Ye made a reference to his father’s tenacity and perseverance throughout the years in the song “Father Stretch My Hands.”

After the death of Kanye’s mother, Kanye and his father were much closer than they had been in the past. Kanye made an effort to reconnect with his father, particularly after the latter conquered his battle with cancer and spent some time in the United States. Ray even participated in the making of Kanye’s music video for “Follow God.” They became close during the filming process, and at the end of the music video, Kanye explains, “It took me 42 years to learn that my dad was my best friend.” [Kanye’s] lyrics are featured in the song “All of the Lights.”

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