Who Is Jonathan Bailey Partner? All About the ‘Bridgerton’ Star’s Love Life

Who Is Jonathan Bailey Partner? All About the ‘Bridgerton’ Star’s Love Life

Who Is Jonathan Bailey Partner? All About the ‘Bridgerton’ Star’s Love Life

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In the first season of Bridgerton, everyone was talking about the Duke of Hastings, but by the time the show got to its second installment, everyone was talking about Anthony Bridgerton and his magnificent sideburns. The second season of “The Bridgertons” was devoured in its whole by millions of viewers. This season focuses on the 9th Viscount Bridgerton, portrayed by Jonathan Bailey, and his love triangle with two sisters. But at this point, everyone is curious to know: Is the actor captured in real life? If such is the case, then who is Bailey’s co-conspirator?

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We performed some investigating in the style of Lady Whistledown and uncovered some information regarding the celebrity’s love life. Continue reading for more information about the woman who is dating Jonathan Bailey.

Jonathan Bailey Partner

It would appear that Bailley is not openly involved with anyone at this time based on his Instagram page. However, this should not come as a shock to anyone because the actor typically steers clear of talking about his personal relationships. Despite this, Bailey has not been shy about discussing his sexuality or the challenges he faces when playing a straight character despite being a gay actor. In addition, he may have dropped a hint that he is seeing someone new while he was being interviewed not too long ago.

Dating History

Unfortunately, Bailey has not been forthcoming with information regarding his past relationships. While talking to GQ about his personal life, the actor confessed to why he initially suppressed his sexuality when he was trying to get into the Hollywood industry. GQ is a men’s lifestyle magazine. He recalled having overheard a comment made to another actor, which went something like this: “[There are] two things we don’t want to know: if you’re gay or if you’re an alcoholic.”

According to what Bailey had to say, all it takes is for one of those people in that position of power to say something for it to have an effect. Therefore, it’s not surprising that I had that thinking. Obviously, I was under the impression that being heterosexual was a prerequisite for contentment.

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He said, “I got to the point where I thought, ‘F**k this,’ and I’m not going to lie to you. If I had to choose between getting a part and holding my boyfriend’s hand in public or being able to put my own face image on Tinder without being very nervous about it, I’d pick holding his hand any day.

Is He Dating James Elllis?

During the course of the interview, you could have picked up on the fact that Bailey made a passing reference to a “partner.” It’s possible that he wasn’t using the term in its literal sense, but it’s important to bring up the fact that the Bridgerton star was in attendance at the Olivier Awards in 2019 with James Ellis. And in the year 2021, the two were seen eating dinner together in Notting Hill, which led to even more suspicions that they were dating.

Despite this, none of them has admitted that they are in a romantic relationship, suggesting that the two are more likely just good friends.

Did Bailey Date Pippa Bennett-warner?

Again, Bailey has not publicly mentioned his past relationships, but he and the British actress Bennett-Warner have been seen attending multiple events together, and the most recent pictures of them were taken in November of 2018. Fans have been eager to classify the two as a relationship, which should not come as a surprise. However, because neither of them has denied that they are involved in a love connection, we will treat those rumors with a healthy dose of skepticism.

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