Kaitlin Bennett Husband,Net Worth,Gay Rumors,Career & More Latest Updates 2022

Kaitlin Bennett Husband,Net Worth,Gay Rumors,Career & More

Kaitlin Bennett Husband,Net Worth,Gay Rumors,Career & More

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Kaitlin Bennett BIography

Kaitlin Marie Bennett (born October 15, 1995), often known as the Kent State gun girl, is a conservative social media figure and American gun rights activist.

Bennett garnered public attention in 2018 for openly carrying an AR-10 rifle after graduating from Kent State University.

She and her husband manage Liberty Hangout, a media station that used to call itself a libertarian but now calls itself a conservative.

She has written for the alt-right website InfoWars.

Since at least 2016, Liberty Hangout has distanced itself from libertarians and libertarian ideals.

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Kaitlin Bennett Media attention

Bennett was the president of the Turning Point USA branch at Kent State, but she resigned in October 2017 after a protest against campus safe spaces backfired.

Bennett posed for a graduation photo in front of the university sign in 2018 while holding an AR-10 long pistol. She claimed that as a Kent State student, she should have been authorized to open-carry for self-defense, citing the 1970 Kent State shootings, in which Ohio National Guardsmen opened fire on defenseless students protesting the United States’ bombing of Cambodia.

Bennett later that year organized an open-carry rally at Kent State. The university issued a statement saying that a cease and desist order had been issued against Bennett for advertising the event since he had not attempted to register it with the university.

Bennett became an InfoWars correspondent after her initial protest at Kent State.

She was barred from attending a Bernie Sanders campaign rally because of her association with InfoWars.

In November, she returned to Kent State to moderate a conversation about gun rights. Because social media users mostly connected Bennett with her gun rights activism, many media outlets referred to her as “Gun Girl.”

Clips from her 2019 interviews with University of Kentucky students leaked online in January 2020. Originally broadcast by Liberty Hangout under the title “College Students Have No Morals,” the films show Bennett questioning the students about transgender bathroom resources.

The clips rapidly went viral on social media, with fans amused by the contrast between Bennett’s and the interviewees’ reactions to the subject. During the interviews, one kid leveraged the online spotlight to gather money for charity.

Kaitlin Bennett traveled to Ohio University in February 2020 to ask trivia questions for President’s Day, but she was met with an abnormally huge throng of college students who opposed her. She was pelted with drinks and other objects, including toilet paper.

Chants of “where’s your diaper?” and “crap your pants?” were heard in response to an unverified rumor that she defecated in her pants while at a Kent State fraternity party. Bennett was similarly mocked when he visited the University of Central Florida in October.

Bennett’s Liberty Hangout outlet was chastised on Twitter for tweets advocating antisemitism, Holocaust denial, monarchy, and disfranchisement.

On January 30, 2016, the Liberty Hangout Twitter account sent out a tweet asking the public to vote on the following question: “Asking out of curiosity.

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“Do you believe the Holocaust occurred as it has been told?” has two alternatives for Twitter users to choose from: “Yes” or “Not quite.” In response, a Twitter user asked, “What do you think??” to which the Liberty Hangout Twitter account replied, “It doesn’t seem plausible that 6 million people were slain.” Snopes reached out to Liberty Hangout for a comment but received no response before the post was removed.

Kaitlin Bennett Personal life

Bennett received his bachelor’s degree in biology from Kent State University in Kent, Ohio, in May 2018.

In 2019, Bennett married Justin Moldow, the creator of Liberty Hangout.

In March 2020, they will marry in a Catholic ceremony.

She announced on Twitter in December 2021 that she was expecting their first child.

Kaitlin Bennett Husband

Kaitlin Bennett can’t seem to get a break. The first rumor was that she had a potty-training accident at a college party. She is now facing allegations that her marriage is a sham. That’s correct, now that the Kent State “Gun Girl” has graduated, she’s a bride with an AR-15. But who would agree to marry this divisive political lightning rod? Find out everything you need to know about Kaitlin Bennett’s husband, Justin Moldow, including a delicious conspiracy theory that’s circulating around him.

Kaitlin Bennett is married to Justin Moldow, her Liberty Hangout partner.

Moldow has a BS in marketing from Manhattan College, according to their website. He was the president of the school’s Entrepreneurship Club and the founder of the Young Americans for Liberty student group.

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Moldow was raised Catholic, and his religious beliefs may be seen in writings such as “How God Used Kobe Bryant to Bring the World Closer to Christ.”

When Did Justin Moldow And Kaitlin Bennett Get Married?

Bennett confirmed her engagement to Moldow in February 2019. Some of the reactions she received were less than complimentary. “It must sting to see the people you despise being happier than you,” she tweeted in response to the snide remarks. “I’m unable to relate.”

The pair married in April 2020, but they wedded again a year later under more flexible Covid-19 protocols.

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“Our wedding ceremony in Florida was canceled by the government a year ago,” Bennett tweeted. “We arranged a 10-person ceremony with immediate relatives to at least get married in a church, but we had to postpone our celebration by a year.” Our day finally arrived this week, and it was beautiful!”

“We were finally able to celebrate our holy nuptials with friends and family last night,” Moldow wrote in his own tweet. “This was not a day we were going to let pass us by, and it was definitely worth the wait!”

Kaitlin Bennett Husband,Net Worth,Gay Rumors,Career & More Latest Updates 2022
Kaitlin Bennett Husband,Net Worth,Gay Rumors,Career & More Latest Updates 2022

The Internet Has Speculated About Justin Moldow’s Sexuality

Internet commentators suspected that Bennett and Moldow’s marriage was already on the unstable ground shortly after they exchanged vows.

Then there was the accusation that Moldow was DMing another lady. It was uploaded on Twitter and then removed, but the image may still be found using search engines.

Then there was the unsubstantiated accusation that Moldow had once undergone conversion therapy to treat his homosexuality.

Moldow, unfortunately, hasn’t felt secure enough to dismiss claims that he’s gay.

The rumor mill hasn’t stopped whirling despite his best attempts. Sloan, a tea-spilling vlogger, presented an armchair psychologist’s perspective on Moldow in April 2020.

“I’m not trying to expose anyone… “I’m just calling out what I see,” the host explained. “Are you sure you’re against us, or are you just trying to distract yourself?” I absolutely perceive him as one of those insecure out gay people who use their religion or political ideals to explain their behavior…”

Who Is Justin Moldow, Kaitlin Bennett’s Husband?

Profile Summary of Justin Moldow

  • Name: Justin Moldow
  • Date of birth: N/A
  • Place of birth: N/A
  • Ethnicity: Italian, Spanish and Jewish
  • Nationality: America
  • Father: N/A
  • Mother: N/A
  • Siblings: N/A
  • Educational institutions attended: Manhattan College, New York
  • Spouse: Kaitlin Bennett
  • Children: None

Justin Moldow Ethnicities

It’s difficult to get details on Justin Moldow’s childhood. His birth date and place of birth are unknown. His parents’ and any siblings’ names are likewise unknown. However, we do know that Justin Moldow is of American descent and of Jewish, Italian, and Spanish ancestry. He was also raised in the Roman Catholic faith, according to what is known.

We can also estimate Justin Moldow’s age to be around 27 or 28 years old based on when he attended college. Moldow graduated from Manhattan College in New York with a marketing degree. He was a superb honors student who was also socially active in school. He was also politically involved, and he launched the Young Jeffersonians political commentary website.

The Liberty Hangout is another organization that Justin Moldow created in college. The group takes a conservative stance on many of America’s hot-button issues, and one example was Pope Francis’ visit to Mexico in 2016.

The pope chose to highlight the hardship of immigrants during that tour by stopping at the Mexican-American border. Several Manhattan College organizations, including Campus Ministry/Social Action (CMSA) and Catholic Relief Services (CRS), contributed to this visit by creating a faux border with chain link and displaying various humanitarian signs.

Moldow and his group, on the other hand, took the opposite stand, erecting a Donald Trump cutout with a speech bubble bearing the slogan ‘build the wall.’ This was plainly an allusion to the former president’s strong immigration position, but Moldow indicated that he was not a Trump supporter and was pleased that the cutout had stirred conversation.


Justin Moldow may not have achieved the sort of celebrity and renown that his wife has, but he has done well for himself (thanks to the graduation gun-carrying stunt). Nonetheless, you can be confident that he is an equally fervent supporter of right-wing ideologies. He demonstrated this by establishing Liberty Hangout while still in school.

Moldow has transformed the organization into a full-fledged media entity since graduating from high school. In its own words, Liberty Hangout sees itself as a libertarian media organization that aims to provide readers with meaningful insights into current events while also promoting Austrian economics and property rights.

A variety of articles and video interviews on a variety of topics are posted on a regular basis by the media source, which has more than half a million followers to its YouTube channel alone. However, they have been the subject of controversy, with accusations ranging from homophobia to anti-Semitism leveled against them. Their Twitter accounts, for example, purportedly posted a poll in 2016 in which they questioned individuals if they believed that the Holocaust occurred as claimed.

Eventually, they erased it, but some attentive internet observers saved screenshots of the process. After then, Moldow and his colleagues were questioned about it, but they refused to accept or reject the allegations.

If the charges are genuine, it comes as a bit of a surprise, given that Justin Moldow’s ancestors are of Jewish descent. However, as has been pointed out in several places, Holocaust denial is one of the defining characteristics of white supremacist ideology.

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