Who is Jace Norman Girlfriend in 2024 Jace Norman Dating History

Who is Jace Norman Girlfriend in 2024? Jace Norman Dating History

Who is Jace Norman Girlfriend in 2024? Jace Norman Dating History

Jace Norman is an American actor best known for his role as Henry Hart/Kid Danger in the Nickelodeon television series “Henry Danger.” He was born on March 21, 2000, in Corrales, New Mexico, USA. Norman began his acting career in 2012 with guest appearances on shows like “Jessie” and “Deadtime Stories.” However, it was his lead role in “Henry Danger” that propelled him to fame.

“Henry Danger” aired from 2014 to 2020 and became one of Nickelodeon’s most popular shows, earning Norman widespread recognition and several award nominations. The series follows the adventures of a teenager who becomes a sidekick to a superhero while keeping his identity a secret.

Norman’s success on “Henry Danger” led to opportunities in other projects. He has appeared in films such as “Splitting Adam” and “Rufus,” both of which were produced by Nickelodeon. Additionally, he has voiced characters in animated shows like “The Adventures of Kid Danger” and “Blaze and the Monster Machines.”

Apart from acting, Norman is also involved in philanthropy. He has supported various charitable causes, including organizations focused on children’s health and environmental conservation.

With his talent and charm, Jace Norman has become a prominent figure in the entertainment industry, especially among younger audiences.

Is Jace Norman Single?

In the early days of the Nickelodeon series, fans speculated about the actor’s potential romance with his co-star Riele Downs. However, they have since quashed any rumors of a romantic relationship and maintained a close friendship, mirroring the bond between their characters Henry and Charlotte, who were often shipped by fans throughout the show.

While the actor’s current relationship status remains unclear, he briefly dated fellow Nickelodeon alum Isabela Merced. Their relationship lasted for a few months in 2016, but Jace confirmed their split in November of that year.

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“Yeah, we’re just friends,” he told Just Jared Jr. at the time. The actor also shared his approach to sharing on social media, stating, “I don’t like to let people dictate what happens.”

He further explained, “I’m open to sharing what’s going on in my life, but… if you listen to all the comments, you don’t have control. I’m not overly cautious. I just do what feels right.”

Jace Norman Girlfriend

Jace Norman, the Nickelodeon sensation for Gen-Z, rose to prominence by portraying the lead role in the hit TV series “Henry Danger.” His portrayal of Henry Hart garnered him worldwide recognition as a talented teen actor. Following the conclusion of “Henry Danger,” Norman continued his journey in the Nickelodeon universe by reprising his role as Henry Hart in the spin-off series “Danger Force,” marking his debut as a producer.

As his fame soared, fans became increasingly curious about Jace Norman’s romantic life. Given his past public relationships with fellow Nickelodeon stars, many wonder if he currently has a girlfriend.

Jace Norman and Shelby Simmons

In 2019, Jace Norman celebrated his victory at the Kids’ Choice Awards by sharing his happiness with a girlfriend. Accompanied by fellow Nickelodeon star Shelby Simmons, the pair posed together on the iconic orange carpet, marking a memorable moment for fans.

Jace further shared their joy by posting a photo of himself and Shelby, cheek-to-cheek, along with a heartfelt caption adorned with a heart emoji.

During the awards ceremony, as Jace was announced as the winner of the Favorite Male TV Star award, cameras captured him and Shelby sitting side-by-side, their hands intertwined in a show of support and affection.

However, it appears that their relationship status has changed since then. Whether they have parted ways or chosen to keep their romance private, both Jace and Shelby have ceased making public appearances together, possibly in response to backlash from Jace’s fans.

Jace Norman and Cree Cicchino Relationship

In 2018, Jace Norman and Cree Cicchino shared an on-screen romance during a crossover episode between “Game Shakers” and “Henry Danger.”

Their undeniable chemistry on-screen led fans to speculate about a potential off-screen relationship between Jace and Cree.

However, it appears that such speculations were merely fans’ fantasies. In an interview with Celeb Secrets, Cree gushed about Jace’s talent but clarified that they are simply good friends.

Did Jace Norman and Sydney Park Date?

Several months following his confirmation of the breakup with Isabela Moner, Jace Norman stirred up excitement among his fans with a flirty comment on Sydney Park’s provocative Instagram post.

In response to Sydney’s post, Jace left a comment saying, “I mean,” prompting a reply from Sydney in the form of a heart emoji.

Although Sydney later deleted the post for reasons unknown, and there hasn’t been further flirtation between them since, many fans speculated that there might have been some involvement between them, or at least a brief hook-up, following Jace’s breakup.

Truth about Jace Norman and Isabela Moner

When Nickelodeon stars Jace Norman and Isabela Moner began dating in 2016, they were quickly dubbed the young Hollywood power couple by many fans.

Their relationship began on the set of “Splitting Adam,” where they first met. They chose to make their romance public in April of that year, sharing a photo of Jace embracing Isabela from behind.

However, their relationship was short-lived. Just seven months after going public, Jace confirmed to Just Jared Jr. that they had broken up but remained friends.

Who is Jace Norman Girlfriend in 2024 Jace Norman Dating History
Who is Jace Norman Girlfriend in 2024 Jace Norman Dating History

Their story serves as a reminder that not all young romances have a happily ever after.

Jace Norman and Riele Downs’ Dating Rumors

“Henry Danger” captured the hearts of fans, who adored not only the show itself but also its talented cast. The camaraderie and strong friendship among the ensemble, particularly between the two main stars, Jace Norman and Riele Downs, were cherished by viewers.

As their characters shared a close bond on screen, fans couldn’t help but speculate about a potential real-life romance between Jace and Riele. Their convincing chemistry and affectionate scenes fueled rumors about their relationship status.

However, Jace and Riele swiftly put an end to these speculations, asserting that they were simply good friends. The rumors gradually faded away, especially after Jace publicly began dating Isabela Moner.

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