What is IU & Lee Jong Suk Relationship How Their Relationship Started

What is IU & Lee Jong Suk Relationship? How Their Relationship Started

What is IU & Lee Jong Suk Relationship? How Their Relationship Started

What is IU & Lee Jong Suk Relationship? How Their Relationship Started. Enemies or friends? What relationship do singer/actress IU and actor Lee Jong Suk have?

What relationship does IU & Lee Jong Suk Have?

IU and lee jong suk are very close friends but maybe more than that but it’s still unclear. Well, they were not like this at first, IU & Lee Jong Suk didn’t like each other at the first.

Lee Jong Suk and IU Didn’t Talk to each other at First?

On June 4, Lee Jong Suk appeared as a guest on the SBS chat show “Hwashin.” He discussed the idea that he and IU weren’t speaking to one another in the waiting area when they were serving as the emcees for “Inkigayo,” according to which they were at odds.

There’s a report that you and IU didn’t speak to each other in the “Inkigayo” waiting area, said MC Bong Tae Gyu in his opening statement. Since many young people watch “Inkigayo,” Lee Jong Suk remarked, “things are really one-dimensional when it comes to costumes, cosmetics, or the things we say. However, I detested having to do those awkward movements and don silly costumes.

“But IU suggested that we had to be different from other music programs and that we should dress up in costumes,” Lee Jong Suk continued. She had suggestions, including dressing as Peter Pan figures. We donned many various costumes, including those of Leon, Peter Pan, and snowmen. I was a little irritated.

He acknowledged, “There were times when I didn’t like IU because she’s cute and lovable and the “Nation’s Little Sister,” but everyone liked her.”

But even so, I was very sad when it was all over, he said. I stayed in touch with IU after I retired as an MC. We developed a close relationship because we shared the things that bothered us. She is now among my few close buddies.

Actress Lee Bo Young also dispelled certain myths, such as the one that said she became enraged while filming for a CF when she was compared to Kim Tae Hee.

Who is Lee Jong Suk’s Favorite Singer?

One of those songs was written by none other than the stunningly vocal IU, or actor Lee Jong Suk.

Lee Jong Suk mentioned that the two songs he’s been listening to often had “excellent lyrics” that were both “lyrical” and personal to him.

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What is IU & Lee Jong Suk Relationship How Their Relationship Started
What is IU & Lee Jong Suk Relationship How Their Relationship Started

Lee Jong Suk admitted that his current favorites were so heartfelt that they almost made him cry. He also enjoyed songs that were ideal for being “sentimental.” And when I listen to them, I feel like crying, the speaker continued.

These songs were “Forever And Ever” by the Korean rock group Jaurim and the beautiful “Winter Sleep” by IU.

Actors and stars alike are fans of IU because of her great songs and vocals.

IU Attend Lee Jong Suk’s brother’s Wedding

The wedding of Lee Jong Suk’s younger brother was held on October 2 in the presence of a noteworthy figure. The male screen god’s entrance at this wedding attracted a lot of attention since, although donning a tight mask, he was nonetheless incredibly attractive and amazing. Lee Jong Suk looks “acceptable” in all photos, even those that were snapped quickly.

The “national little sister,” IU, was actually the wedding’s hot character. Here, the well-known female singer sang a song in honor of the newlyweds. Lee Jong Suk kindly sent IU to the door once the wedding was over. It turns out that Lee Jong Suk and IU first worked together as MCs on Inkigayo in 2012–2013 and have remained good friends ever since. That is why IU attended the wedding of Lee Jong Suk’s younger brother.

Due to his typical tall physique, Lee Jong Suk still stands out in the wedding photo taken with an ordinary camera.

… and a male god’s attractive face, despite his tight mask.

On his brother’s special day, the male god of the film is joyfully celebrating with his family. The media focused on these pictures right away.
It’s important to note that IU, a female artist, attended the wedding and sang to the couple. These past few days saw a lot of discussion about this moment on social media. Many people are intrigued by the connection between IU and Lee Jong Suk.
The “national little sister” still made it to Lee Jong Suk’s brother’s wedding despite her hectic schedule because IU and Lee Jong Suk have been good friends for a long time.
Lee Jong Suk even gently sent IU home after the wedding.

Lee Jong Suk Even Attend IU’s Concert

Just like other k-pop idols and celebrities Lee Jong Suk also proves that he is one of IU’s Biggest fans. He also attends IU’s Golden Hours Concert in 2022.

IU & Lee Jong Suk Drama

IU and Lee Jong Suk were first encountered in 2012-2013 as they hosted a show together. After IU’s appearance at lee jong suk brother’s wedding. Fans are excited to see them together in a drama.


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