IU Is a Role Model for a Young Rising Singer 'Seogi'

IU Is a Role Model for a Young Rising Singer ‘Seogi’

IU Is a Role Model for a Young Rising Singer ‘Seogi’


Clerk of Healing Singer-Songwriter releases Mom Dad and presents a warm sensibility to music fans.

Singer Seogi is releasing a newly single Mom, Dad’ on various music sites at 6 pm today (7th). It is a comeback in about 4 months since the single ‘That Time’ released in January.

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The secretary’s questions and answers about the release of the new song Mom Dad are revealed.

IU Is a Role Model for a Young Rising Singer 'Seogi'
IU Is a Role Model for a Young Rising Singer ‘Seogi’

What is the meaning of the stage name Secretary’?


It means I will always stand in front of the public with music anytime, anywhere!’

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You won the grand prize at the 14th Kyunghyang Practical Music Concours, but why did you think you were able to receive the award?


It seems that the mindset that I wanted to see it comfortably and come without regrets rather than the greed of the award led to better results. Thanks to that attitude, I was able to sing while feeling the song I prepared, and it seems that the judges listened to my feelings expressed in the song.

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Who is your role model? The reason is that?


The IU seniors. Not only singing, but also writing and composing, acting, acting, and producing, do you not do all of the production yourself? I want to be an artist who can show me in various activities like IU seniors.


How did you first start playing music?

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I have loved listening to music and singing since I was young, but I was very timid than I am now, and I could never hear my songs to others. Because I was much more worried that it might be good to hear but strange to others. Then I went to a karaoke room with my friends, but I kept asking for a song and I was forced to sing a song. But everyone was very surprised. He said I really like your voice’ and ‘Please call me more’. After that, I thought I had to find my confidence and play music properly.


How do you want to be perceived by the public? What are your own modifiers in mind?

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I want to become an artist who makes the world a little warmer through my music. The purpose of my singing is to give people hope. I sincerely want to sing a song that can bring warm comfort. If you listen to my songs and change your life to a better one, I would be really happy. When it comes to modifiers, I will try to become a warm artist clerk’ and trust me.


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