Is BTS Gay- Are BTS Members Bisexual Everything to Know About BTS Sexuality 2021

Is BTS Gay- Are BTS Members Bisexual? Everything to Know About BTS Sexuality

Is BTS Gay, Are BTS Members Bisexual, Is BTS Jimin gay, What Is BTS Members BIsexuality. People around the world are curious about these questions.

South Korean famous Boy Band group BTS always remains trendy worldwide. As their popularity rises they also get criticized for their feminine style. From their fashion to singing and dance moves they are always considered unique. Their songs and videos give many people hope and relaxation. BTS Boy group has a total of seven members Jin, Jimin, RM, V, Suga, J-hope, and Jungkook.  These members have a very close relationship with each other and sometimes these movements make people believe that BTS is gay.

Is BTS Gay?

Recently BTS has shown its 2020 collection of memories. Their 2020 memory collection becomes a huge controversy over social media. Instantly on Twitter, many people took the gay moments of BTS from their 2020 memories collection. But as always ARMY is always there to stand for BTS.

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In BTS 2020 memories all BTS members Jin, Jimin, J-hope, Jungkook, Suga, V, and RM could be seen getting close with each other making intimate scenes with each other. In one of the videos, we can see Jimin and V kissing Namjoon on his forehead. While in another video Jimin and Jungkook were almost kissing each other. Many people take these videos on Twitter and make this trend on Twitter. However, ARMY gets disappointed by the fact that some people call BTS Gay.

Is BTS Member Bisexual?

Is BTS Gay- Are BTS Members Bisexual Everything to Know About BTS Sexuality 2021
Is BTS Gay- Are BTS Members Bisexual Everything to Know About BTS Sexuality 2021

“BTS Gay” becomes a trend on Twitter after that ARMY acme to defense BTS.

Some of them wrote that BTS is famous for its music, singing, and skills. Another person wrote: “accuse? it’s not a crime excuse me, we living in 2021 learn smtg igand bts gay u can’t do shit abt it”

“Why do you accuse them of being gay, that they are just friends and nothing more”?

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if BTS is gay, so what, we will support them till the end .bcz gay is not bad impression in our society, we are the who one make gay is bad impression and we look at them and think like they have their own identity to tell authors, its racism”.

What is BTS Members Sexuality?

Here is everything you should know about BTS member sexuality:

Is BTS RM Gay or Bisexual?

Namjoon obviously straight, he never showed any kind of interest in guys also he is not as touchy as the other members are, and other little things like that expensive girl cringy song and the way he reacted to Namjoon kiss and other stuff. So BTS Namjoon is not gay.

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Is BTS Jin Gay or Bisexual?

Jin is straight too, he said before that he wants to get a girlfriend and he like girls wearing bikinis. he also never showed any homosexual behavior before so in conclusion he’s straight

 Is BTS Yoongi Gay or Bisexual?


In an Interview, Yoonhi said in An interview that he is not attracted to men so I’m gonna say he’s straight too. Also, the rumor about him being bisexual is not true the magazine officially stated that it was a mistranslation.

Is BTS J-hope Gay or Bisexual?


J Hope likes girls to remember after that elevator prank when that hot girl was super close to him he stat blushing immediately and said after the prank ended that he can’t help it because he’s a man, Hobi is so touchy with members especially the maknae line  its because he sees them as his little brothers

Is BTS Jimin Gay or Bisexsual?


Jimin is maybe bisexual, because of his vibes. he’s interested in girls judging from his reaction to some sexy female performances like Normani, Hwasa, Rihana, Nicki Minaj. But on the other hand in their debut years, Jimin was trying so hard to look as muscular as he can, he said after few years that it was just pretending and he’s glad he is being himself now, which leads to thinking maybe he was in denial or some self-discovery phase.

Is BTS V Gay or Bisexsual?


Kim Taehyung is straight, he said that he wants to have 5 kids in the future with his wife, and the way he reacted after his kiss with j hope was like he was about to die. He also gives that hetero vibe, yes he is touchy and stuff but I think it’s just his personality in conclusion I think he’s straight

Is Jungkook Gay or Bisexsual?


Jungkook is most likely straight. He Is too shy around girls that he thinks they’re pretty, also he is so manly he said himself that he feels better when fans see him as a manly man instead of a cute maknae. He also has a cute crush on IU.


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