Who Is Red Velvet Irene Boyfriend Irene Dating History & Ideal Type 2023

Who Is Red Velvet Irene Boyfriend? Irene Dating History & Ideal Type

Who Is Red Velvet Irene Boyfriend? Irene Dating History & Ideal Type

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Irene is a well-known South Korean singer who was born on March 29, 1991, in the city of Daegu. She is a member of the popular girl group Red Velvet, which is also from South Korea, and she serves as the group’s leader. Irene is not just a model but also a host on television and an actor. She was born Bae Joo-hyun. She is a big fan of the party scene, and she has recently been thrust into the public eye as a result of rumours that she is dating not one but two famous men.


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Red Velvet is comprised of five young women, each of whom has a unique personality in addition to being stunning, talented, and accomplished. There is no question that people are drawn to them due to their beauty and personalities. However, it is precisely these characteristics that cause people to speculate about the members of Red Velvet’s personal lives and whether or not they have ever been in a serious relationship. Read this article to learn more about the dating lives and romantic connections of the members of Red Velvet. Keep an eye out!

Irene Boyfriend

Irene’s celebrity status as a singer, actress, and TV host puts her in contact with men from a diverse range of fields, subcultures, and countries; as a result, her personal life is subject to widespread curiosity. However, it was never going to happen because Irene’s romantic life has always been shrouded in secrecy.

At the beginning of this year, it was widely believed that Irene was perhaps dating two famous people at the same time. The internet was rife with rumours that she was romantically involved with EXO’s Sehun and Simon Dominic, and many of these rumours were spread on the internet.

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Who Is Red Velvet Irene Boyfriend Irene Dating History & Ideal Type 2023

Park Bogum

It was also claimed that she was dating Park Bo Gum, and in light of the claims, Irene stepped out and dispelled the speculation about the relationship between the two of them.

During a radio interview, she acknowledged that she had emotions for another actor named Park Bo Gum, but that they were not dating at the time and that she is not in a relationship at this time.

“He made my heart flutter when he addressed me by my true name, (Bae Joo Hyun),” she said. “My pulse raced when he called me by my real name.”

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Who Is Red Velvet Irene Boyfriend Irene Dating History & Ideal Type 2023

On the other hand, she mentioned that the perfect man for her is friendly. She also shared that the person she finds most attractive is kind and who isn’t difficult to get along with.


As co-hosts for KBS Gayo Daejun, Jin from BTS, Irene from Red Velvet, and Chanyeol from EXO all contributed their talents. Fans of both BTS and Red Velvet speculate that Jin may have had a secret infatuation with Irene, which would explain his peculiar behaviour. Because of how awkward he was with Irene, even Chanyeol couldn’t help but burst out laughing at him.

Dating History

Irene is an incredible star, but she tries very hard to keep the cameras out of her personal life. In contrast to the love lives of other celebrities, virtually little is known about hers. Since she has been a public figure, she has never revealed her previous partner or said whether or not she has ever been in a romantic relationship; therefore, many of the rumours about her are pure guesswork.

Irene has not yet confirmed that she is dating anybody following the release of her debut album. There have been speculations circulating that she is dating a few well-known celebrities, but none of those reports appears to be accurate. Irene was seen at a karaoke with a male who seemed to be pretty close to her before she became a trainee at SM Entertainment. This was before she had joined the training programme at the entertainment company. People assumed that Irene was with her high school lover since she was wearing her high school uniform and he recognised her. Irene revealed that she had dated while she was in high school before beginning her training in the entertainment industry, but there has been no proof concerning this old photo that has been posted.

It was believed that the ‘original visual’ of SM Entertainment dated certain superstars and fellow idols in the company, such as Suho from EXO, Chanyeol from EXO, and Park Bo-gum. Other names were also mentioned. Chanyeol complimented her on how beautiful she was. The notion that the two of them may be involved in a relationship was brought about by his compliment.

The notion that Suho and Irene were dating attracted a lot of attention and put them both in the limelight. In addition, the rumour received a lot of good replies and support from people. Even the name “SURENE” for the ship was created by a user (standing for Suho x Irene). In 2015, when Suho gave Irene an L-holder as a gift, rumours began to circulate that the two were dating. In addition, Irene appeared to be at ease in the presence of Suho as they participated in activities at SM Entertainment events, such as walking and snacking while chatting with Suho, as well as eating ramen together. There has not been any concrete proof that suggests Suho and Irene had ever dated or that they are anything more than just good friends showing up to this point.

People spoke about Park Bo-gum and Irene after they participated in an activity together, which led to the spread of a relationship rumour involving the two of them. On the other hand, Irene rejected the problem by stating that she had never heard of her and Park Bo-gum being rumoured to be dating. She did this when appearing on Radio Star.

Irene’s Husband and Marriage

Irene has stated in the past that she anticipates getting married at some point in the future, however, she is not currently married and does not have a husband.

Who do you think would make the ideal partner for Irene, either as a boyfriend or as a potential future husband?

Red Velvet’s Irene Ideal Type

When Irene was questioned about her ideal type, she responded by saying that she is interested in a gentleman and that she would rather select a partner based on their personality than their looks. In addition to this, Irene tends to appreciate a man based on his heart. In addition to this, she mentioned that the person she ends up with should be someone she can be herself around and who is a good match for her. Irene said that if he had a lot of things in common with her, then she could be around him.

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