Top HR Software for HR Managers in 2022

Top HR Software for HR Managers in 2023

Top HR Software for HR Managers in 2023

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Using the appropriate technology, HR processes, such as the hiring procedure, the onboarding of new employees, and scheduling, as well as compliance and benefits, may function like clockwork. Without it, everything in the software industry is a bother and an unneeded source of labor for everyone involved.

What should you do if an employee requests information regarding their benefits, vacation days, or pay stubs, or if they want to look at a previous pay stub?

It all comes down to the automation feature of human resource management systems, whose competitive advantage is making workforce management relatively easy by existing in a core HR software platform that helps a wide range of manual tasks, administrative tasks, and daily HR tasks, such as document management. This is the key factor that determines whether or not human resource management systems are successful.

Cloud-based software is now an essential component of virtually every industry since it streamlines the HR workflows not just for the human resources department but also for the human resources managers who oversee that department.

These tools are helpful even when used on their own;

decrease the likelihood of any bottlenecks occurring in the workflows,

improve your work’s effectiveness,

enhance the performance of the workforce,

and improve the experience of the employees.

If you are interested in joining the millions of other businesses that make use of Human Resources software but are unsure which options to go with, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. Stay with us and we’ll show you how to select the best HR software for managers of HR departments!

First, however, let’s take a look at what human resource management software is and what it accomplishes.

What is an HR Management Software?

A digital solution that manages and optimizes daily human resources-related tasks, as well as the overall human resources-related goals of a given organisation, is known as human resource software, human resources management system (HRMS), or human resources information system (HRIS). Other names for this type of software include human resources information system (HRIS) and human resources management system (HRMS).

Types of HR Software

There are numerous kinds of HR software that help businesses and organisations accomplish a variety of objectives. The examples shown below are representative of some of them.

  1. Applicant Tracking System (ATS): An applicant tracking system, often known as an ATS, is HR software that streamlines the hiring process for an organisation. In most cases, it is responsible for managing duties including maintaining applicant data, publishing job opportunities to different job boards, and filtering applications to look for prospective matches to vacant positions.
  2. Performance Management: A performance management platform is designed for human resource experts, managers, and employees to evaluate employee skills, create performance goals, and measure their progress toward meeting those goals.
  3. Onboarding: The process of acclimating newly hired employees to a company can be streamlined and tracked with the help of tools designed specifically for that purpose. It often consists of electronic signatures, tracking for employee training, employee questionnaires, and other automated tasks to ensure that the HR staff provides an effective onboarding experience to new workers.
  4. Human Resource Information System (also known as HRIS) Multiple Human Resources Information System (HRS) services, including as recruiting and tracking applicants, administering payroll and benefits, storing employee data, maintaining regulatory and legal requirements, and many others, are all provided by an HRIS.

It’s possible for a human resources information system (HRIS) to be a standalone piece of software that can be combined with other HR-related programmes, or it could serve as the primary database for an HR software suite that does it all.

5.Employee Engagement: A Platform That Helps Improve Individual and Team Engagement With the Workplace Feedback, mentoring, analytics, and setting daily work priorities are some of the most effective ways to increase employee engagement.

Benefits of an HR Software

One of the most significant advantages offered by solutions for human resource management is a reduction in the amount of time spent on routine administrative activities that have little to no influence on the business. In this manner, human resources departments are able to devote more of their attention to other long-term strategic duties.

Other important advantages of using HR software include the following:

Processes that are more simplified, errors that are less likely to occur, continuous feedback that is constructive, analytics that are improved and more accurate.

A more effective and efficient organisation of all personnel records and documentation,

Ensuring that companies continue to comply with federal rules and making improvements to succession planning are two areas that need attention.

Major Human Resource Management Software Features

We need to get one thing out of the way: there is no human resources software that is universally applicable. There is a wide range of difficulty in the human resources departments of various organisations and industries.

When it comes to payroll and benefits, some businesses are looking for something solid and steady, while others are searching for a reliable system that will allow them to attract, hire, track, and onboard thousands of new employees each month.

However, there are certain basic elements that should be present in an ideal HR software. Being aware of these features may help you select the human resources software that is most suited to your company’s needs. Think on the current state of your company and evaluate what you require and hope to achieve with your HR software.

The following is a list of the most important characteristics that should be looked for while searching for the most effective human resources software that will have a beneficial effect on your workflow:

Administration of Payroll and Benefits

Payroll and benefits management capabilities are typically included in HR software systems. They make it possible for you to directly manage payroll through the platform.

Note that because HR and payroll are frequently interwoven, most HR managers look for a solution that covers both of these components in a single package.

If you already have a payroll solution that meets your needs and you are satisfied with it, then we recommend that you look into HR software that is compatible with your payroll system and can interface with it. If your employees and your HR team could access everything from a single platform, it would be more convenient for everyone involved.


Automating mundane, time-consuming processes in order to maximise productivity is one of the primary benefits offered by HR software.

Look into several software options that can automate and get rid of the need for manual work. For instance, several HR software can automate the recording of time off, taxes, and many more. In the long run, not only will you save a lot of money, but you will also save a lot of time.

Size of the Company (Small, Medium, or Entrepreneur)

Consideration of the size of your company is yet another component that can be of use to you as you search for the HR software that will work best for your enterprise.

The number of employees and the size of the organisation both have an impact on HR requirements. For instance, a small corporation with 15 employees is not going to have the same exact requirements for human resources (HR) as an operation with 2,000 employees.

It’s possible that larger firms have more intricate HR demands and hence want more capabilities from their HR software. On the other hand, small organisations frequently do not require all of the functions that are provided by some of the more complex human resource management packages.

Mobile Access

This one is easy to understand: the best human resource management software comes with a free mobile application.

On the employee side, this app can be used to access the self-service features that have been discussed at length previously. Additionally, it may be useful from an administrative point of view.

Because of the availability of a mobile app for HR software, certain duties can now be performed away from a traditional workplace setting. Tasks can be seen, managed, tracked, and completed in real time by HR managers from any location they want.


In today’s society, having an employee self-service portal is an absolute must.

It gives the employees of the company access to vital information without requiring them to contact the HR department by phone, email, text, or in person. On the employee side as well as the administration side, it is an incredible time saver.

Last but not least, check to see if the HR software you select is in line with your objectives and up to the obstacles you encounter.

Now that we have everything out of the way, let’s look at each HRIS individually to see which one is the greatest fit for your requirements.

11 Best HR Software for HR Managers (with Reviews)

1. – all-in-one HR software

Because it is an open platform, makes it much simpler for HR managers to design bespoke solutions to meet the requirements of their teams. As a result, numerous managers of human resources departments have complimented this ultimate software on its user-friendly interface, user-friendly system, and engagement key HR operations.

Using pre-made templates, you may keep track of the applicants that are being recruited and the new employees that are being hired. In addition, you can easily manage all of your workflows by integrating with Gmail and more than fifty other programs.

This human resource management software satisfies all of the essential feature requirements, including the following ones:

Onboarding of new employees, 360-degree feedback with features, and more

Management of performance and payroll and employees, as well as management of the workforce,

portal for customers to self-serve,

Monitoring of applicants,

Data visualization featuring a diverse range of charts to select from

Management of recruiting, benefits, and time off, as well as remuneration and

The management of employee schedules throughout the entirety of the employee lifecycle,

integrations with a number of different payroll applications, which allow you to automate the processing of payroll runs. 4.6 out of 5 stars on Capterra (out of 2607 reviews)

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2. Freshteam by Freshworks – Competent HR Software Solution

Freshteam, which is produced by the well-known software business Freshworks, is a piece of software that functions as an intelligent all-in-one solution for HR teams.

Using Freshteam, you will be able to ensure that all of your HR processes, from hiring to onboarding, time tracking, employee data, and the day-to-day workflows of the HR team, are current with the standards that are expected to be in effect in 2022.

freshteam HR software freshteam is a human resources management platform that assists your HR team with features such as;

In order to elevate the performance of your team to the next level, you need an applicant tracking system, onboarding and offboarding processes, an employee information system, paid time off, a mobile app, and accurate HR reports.

4.3 out of 5 stars on Freshteam Capterra (out of 154 reviews)

3. Retable – Best for Boosting Employee Performance

The data management tool known as Retable not only alleviates the burdens of ineffective tasks for HR teams but also for all other departments. It gives you the ability to handle all of your HR procedures, both internal and external, as a team from a single platform, and it provides you with HR-specific spreadsheet templates.

Your data management and HR procedures will be more organized and methodical thanks to Retable’s smart and easy-to-use spreadsheets and the customized forms incorporated into the spreadsheets. This will spare you from having to deal with tedious and complicated spreadsheets.

Your HR team can benefit from Retable’s many capabilities, including the following:

Management of projects and tasks, management of the recruiting cycle, and management of

HR template spreadsheets that may be adapted to your needs,

Authorization of users and administration of roles,

Chat and notifications are included right into the app, workflows based on Trigger Actions,

data and project management in real-time, as well as connectivity to the various data points contained within Retable’s spreadsheets.

With the user-friendly and code-free interface as well as the data management tools that Retable provides, you can quickly and easily create spreadsheets that are tailored to meet any requirements.

Capterra Rating of 4.5 for Acceptable (out of 13 reviews)

4. QuickBooks Time – Best for Employee Time Tracking

QuickBooks Time is human resources software that may be used to schedule employees and track their hours worked. It includes payroll management and a self-service portal as standard features.

Using QuickBooks, employees are able to simply keep track of their time in real-time from any location. Since it also provides HR application software, employees are able to track their time on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets in addition to desktop computers.

QuickBooks gives employees the ability to check themselves in using the time clock. One of the most important elements that should be included in practically every HR management software is a self-service option. In the following sections of this essay, we will elaborate further on the primary approaches to human resource management solutions.

4.7 out of 5 stars on Capterra for QuickBooks Time (out of 5650 reviews)

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5. ADP Workforce Now – Best for Optimizing Daily HR Tasks

A variety of solutions pertaining to the management of human resources are made available by ADP Workforce Now. These solutions include payroll, benefits, talent management, time management, compliance, analytics, and benchmarking.

Through the use of APIs and the ADP Marketplace, this HR platform also has the ability to interact with other business and HR apps.

In addition to these HR capabilities, what else does ADP provide?

ADP Capterra Rating: 4.4 Out of 5 Stars Self-service portal, Onboarding, Applicant monitoring, 360-degree feedback, Compensation and Recruitment Management (out of 6064 reviews)

6. Gusto – Best HR Software for Small Businesses

Gusto is an online piece of HR software that aids in the seamless operation of procedures related to HR administration in small enterprises. It satisfies the requirements of small enterprises without any difficulty because it possesses the essential HR functions that place the satisfaction of workers at the top of the list of priorities despite its limited scope.

It provides features such as the following:

Management of compensation, employee onboarding, a self-service portal, management of benefits and vacation time, and so on.

Gusto does not offer capabilities such as 360-degree feedback, recruitment management, or application tracking, in contrast to ADP and the other platforms described above.

Gusto received a rating of 4.7 on Capterra (out of 3563 reviews)

7. Paycor – Best for Payrolls

Paycor is a human resources (HR) and payroll (payroll) solution all rolled into one. Before submitting the paycheck, you will be able to directly import employee hours and view cash requirements thanks to this feature. It provides all of the primary advantages of a digital solution that is centered on human resources, including talent management, employee experience, and benefits administration, among other advantages.

In general, Paycor provides an outstanding solution for improving payroll processing systems as well as streamlining HR operations.

4.4 out of 5 stars on Capterra for Paycor (out of 2283 reviews)

8. BambooHR – Best HRIS Software for both Small & Medium Businesses

BambooHR, another well-liked HR SaaS application, is a great money-saver for companies of any size up to a maximum of one thousand workers and is suitable for both small and large organisations.

BambooHR is a cloud-based platform that offers a wide variety of functions, including integrated payroll, an application tracking system (ATS), electronic signatures, and time-off tracking. Other notable aspects of it include the following:

Including reporting as well as analytics,

Mobile hiring app, New-hire onboarding and offboarding, Paid time off (PTO), and employee wellness programmes are some of the features.

BambooHR’s widespread adoption can be attributed to the platform’s user-friendliness. Employees are able to report in a timely manner because to its user-friendly smartphone app. BambooHR is an amazing HR software solution, and it is one that you should consider implementing if you want your HR team to organise their HR data and move away from using spreadsheets.

4.6 out of 5 stars on Capterra for BambooHR (out of 1804 reviews)

9. Namely – Best for Employee Self-Service

Namely is a human resource management system that provides the fundamental capabilities that are standard to human resources information systems in addition to a few unique capabilities that need special note. This HR platform assists firms in improving their HR procedures while simultaneously ensuring that they remain compliant.

More than 1,400 different companies put their faith in Namely. You are able to handle all of your HR procedures and policies from a single platform thanks to the seamless delivery of services such as employee onboarding, talent management, time and attendance, recruiting, analytics, and staff management, among other things.

Specifically, human resources software

Namely is considered to be among the most effective HR software because of its focus on increasing the level of employee engagement. A user-friendly portal gives the personnel access to all of the human resources information they might require.

In general, the self-service options provided by Namely are beneficial for personnel working for organisations of a medium size or larger.

The following is a list of Namely’s core HR features:

Checking off completed tasks, recording vacation time, monitoring progress toward goals, etc.

processes and approvals that are unique to the company,

Self-service options for employees and managers,

Electronic signatures, in addition to a compliance database.

Namely, the rating on Capterra is 4.2. (out of 411 reviews)

10. Workday – Best for HCM (Human Capital Management)


Workday is a well-known human resource management application that stands out from the other programmes on our list because to several unique features. The reason for this distinction is because Workday is the only system that combines finance, human resources, and planning into an one platform.

It makes it easier for you to manage and organise your HR procedures while also keeping an eye on the bottom line. This HR software is relied on and utilised by a great number of companies operating in a variety of fields, including Salesforce, Toyota, Visa, Target, and Adobe, amongst others.

software for managing human resources called Workday

You must have picked up on the fact that Workday is an extremely flexible tool by this point. It offers solutions for a variety of management tasks, including payroll, spend management, talent management, enterprise planning, and labour management.

Workday also has a rather intuitive user interface. Other features of it include the following:

Tools for monitoring the passage of time, employee directories, advanced analytics, machine learning to determine an employee’s skill set, salary and benefits administration are some of the tools that are available.

4.4 out of 5 stars on Capterra for Workday HCM (out of 905 reviews)

11. UserGuiding – Your go-to for Digital Adoption

UserGuiding began as a no-code user onboarding programme designed to facilitate the process of introducing new users to digital platforms. It enables you to construct:

Interactive instructions, in-app messages (such as tooltips), announcement modals, self-service resource centres, and even assistance with onboarding new team members are just some of the features that this platform offers.

When it comes to keeping your new hires, providing them with training and an orientation should be your top focus.

The importance of a smooth onboarding process for new workers is something that is well understood by HR managers. New hires will have an easier time acclimating to the company’s culture, its tools, and its other employees if the appropriate employee onboarding procedure is followed and UserGuiding’s interactive material is incorporated into it.

Additionally, HR online or virtual onboarding methods are the most frequent forms of training tactics, and this applies to workers who work remotely as well as those who work in the office. A properly executed virtual onboarding with interactive tutorials is able to do the following:

Maintain your workforce’s concentration and output,

Help staff acclimate to the company’s tech stack and adopt digital processes. Boost employee engagement, especially among remote workers.

UserGuiding received a rating of 4.7 on Capterra (out of 50 reviews)


To maintain a competitive advantage in the HR industry, a high-performing HR staff needs the very best HR software.

Your overall experience as an HR manager, as well as the experience of your employees, can be improved with the usage of these 11 different HR software programmes.


What Does an HR Software Do?

The use of HR software assists HR departments in the automation of manual processes, the saving of time, the organisation of personnel information, and the creation of reports that are data-driven. The use of paper documents is completely eradicated thanks to HR software.

Additionally, management and staff members within a business may find value in using software designed for managing human resources. Some offer assistance with activities such as keeping track of time, managing performance, and administering payroll.

What are the Advantages That Come With Using an HR Software?

One of the most significant advantages offered by solutions for managing human resources is a reduction in the amount of time spent on routine administrative activities that have little to no influence on the business. In this manner, human resources departments are able to devote more of their attention to other long-term strategic duties. Because of this, many firms, regardless of their size or sector, have begun to implement specialist software solutions for their human resource management needs.

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