How Much Is BLACKPINK Rosé Networth Now

How Much Is BLACKPINK Rosé Networth in 2024?

How Much Is BLACKPINK Rosé Networth in 2024?

In the glittering world of K-pop, BLACKPINK’s Rosé shines as one of its brightest stars. With her mesmerizing vocals, captivating stage presence, and undeniable charisma, Rosé has captured the hearts of millions worldwide. Beyond her musical talents, Rosé has ventured into the realms of fashion, luxury endorsements, and solo endeavors, solidifying her status as a multi-faceted entertainer. As fans eagerly await the latest updates on her career, one question remains prevalent: How much is BLACKPINK Rosé worth in 2024? Let’s delve into the details of Rosé’s net worth and explore the factors contributing to her financial success.

BLACKPINK Rosé Profile:

Full Name Park Chaeyoung (박채영)
Stage Name Rosé (로제)
Date of Birth February 11, 1997
Place of Birth Auckland, New Zealand
Nationality South Korean
Height Approximately 168 cm (5’6″)
Weight Not publicly disclosed
Blood Type B
Position Main Vocalist
Debut August 8, 2016 (with BLACKPINK)
Solo Debut March 12, 2021 (with “R” single album)
Agency YG Entertainment


BLACKPINK’s Rosé, whose full name is Park Chaeyoung, is a South Korean singer, songwriter, and member of the internationally acclaimed K-pop girl group BLACKPINK. She was born on February 11, 1997, in Auckland, New Zealand, and later moved to Melbourne, Australia, where she grew up.

Rosé joined YG Entertainment after successfully passing an audition in 2012. In 2016, she debuted as one of the four members of BLACKPINK, alongside Jisoo, Jennie, and Lisa. Since their debut, BLACKPINK has risen to global stardom, becoming one of the most popular and influential girl groups in the world.


Rosé is known for her powerful vocals, charismatic stage presence, and versatile musicality. She has contributed to BLACKPINK’s success with hit songs like “DDU-DU DDU-DU,” “Kill This Love,” and “How You Like That.” In 2021, Rosé made her highly anticipated solo debut with the single album “R,” which received widespread acclaim and commercial success.

BLACKPINK Rosé Instagram & Other Social Networks

BLACKPINK’s Rosé maintains a strong presence on various social media platforms, allowing fans to stay updated on her latest endeavors and personal moments. Here’s where you can find her:


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  • Instagram: As mentioned earlier, Rosé’s Instagram handle is @roses_are_rosie. With over 77.3 million followers, her profile is a hub of stunning photos and videos, offering a glimpse into her life as a K-pop star and fashion icon.
  • Twitter: While Rosé doesn’t have an individual Twitter account, fans can stay connected with her through BLACKPINK’s official Twitter account, @BLACKPINK. The group regularly shares updates and announcements about their music, performances, and other activities.
  • YouTube: Rosé’s official YouTube channel allows fans to enjoy her music videos, behind-the-scenes footage, and other exclusive content. Whether it’s her solo releases or collaborations with BLACKPINK, fans can immerse themselves in Rosé’s captivating performances and creative projects.
  • Weibo: For fans in China, Rosé maintains a presence on Weibo, a popular social media platform. Her official account shares updates and interactions with Chinese fans, allowing them to connect with her in their native language.
  • V Live: Rosé occasionally interacts with fans through live broadcasts on V Live, a platform popular among K-pop artists. During these sessions, she shares updates, answers fan questions, and provides insights into her life and career.

Through these social media channels, Rosé stays connected with her fans around the world, sharing glimpses of her life, music, and personality while fostering a strong sense of community among her dedicated followers.

How Much Is BLACKPINK Rosé Networth in 2024?

As of 2024, BLACKPINK’s Rosé’s net worth is estimated to be around USD 22 million. This increase in her net worth reflects her continued success in the music industry, both as a member of BLACKPINK and as a solo artist, as well as her lucrative brand endorsements and other business ventures. Rosé’s growing wealth is a testament to her talent, hard work, and widespread popularity among fans worldwide.

How Much Is BLACKPINK Rosé Networth
How Much Is BLACKPINK Rosé Networth

BLACKPINK Rosé Fashion Endorsments

BLACKPINK’s members, including Rosé, have secured lucrative luxury endorsements that contribute significantly to their net worths. Rosé, in particular, has landed prestigious deals with renowned luxury brands, enhancing her status as a fashion icon. Here’s more about her luxury endorsements:

  • Tiffany & Co.: Rosé is a prominent face of Tiffany & Co., one of the world’s most iconic luxury jewelry brands. As an ambassador for Tiffany & Co., Rosé has been featured in high-profile campaigns and events, showcasing the brand’s exquisite jewelry collections. Her association with Tiffany & Co. highlights her elegance and sophistication, aligning perfectly with the brand’s image of timeless luxury.
  • Yves Saint Laurent (YSL): Rosé’s partnership with Yves Saint Laurent further solidifies her status as a fashion icon. As a global brand ambassador for YSL, she has represented the brand in various campaigns and events, showcasing its chic and modern aesthetic. Rosé’s collaboration with YSL Beauty has also garnered attention, showcasing her versatility and influence in the beauty industry.
  • Other Luxury Endorsements: In addition to Tiffany & Co. and YSL, Rosé has also worked with other luxury brands, contributing to her affluent lifestyle. While specific details about these endorsements may vary, they typically involve Rosé representing the brand in marketing campaigns, events, and social media promotions. These partnerships not only elevate Rosé’s brand but also highlight her influence in the world of luxury fashion and beauty.

Overall, Rosé’s luxury endorsements reflect her status as a prominent figure in the fashion industry and contribute significantly to her net worth and overall success. Her partnerships with prestigious brands underscore her influence and appeal, both locally and internationally, making her a sought-after ambassador for luxury fashion and lifestyle brands.

BLACKPINK Rosé Networth
BLACKPINK Rosé Networth

Expensive Things Owned By BLACKPINK Rosé

BLACKPINK’s Rosé, known for her impeccable style and taste, owns a variety of luxurious items that reflect her affluent lifestyle. Here are some expensive things owned by Rosé:

  • Luxury Abode: Rosé resides in a lavish apartment located in Yongsan, one of Seoul’s most affluent neighborhoods. Her penthouse apartment offers stunning skyline views of the capital city and is reported to have cost anywhere between USD 6-9 million. The interior of her apartment is adorned with stylish furnishings and reflects her sophisticated taste in decor.
  • Fashionable Wardrobe: As a fashion icon, Rosé’s wardrobe is filled with designer clothing and accessories from top luxury brands like Yves Saint Laurent, Tiffany & Co., Chanel, and more. She is often seen wearing couture pieces and high-end fashion items that showcase her trendy style.
  • Luxury Automobiles: Rosé is an automobile enthusiast and owns a fleet of stylish cars, including a Mercedes Benz S-Class, Range Rover Vogue, Cadillac Escalade, Mercedes-Benz V Class, and Chrysler 300 S. These luxury vehicles boast cutting-edge technology, premium comfort features, and superior performance.
  • Designer Handbags: Rosé’s collection of designer handbags includes coveted pieces from luxury brands like Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel, and more. Some of her favorite YSL handbags include the Le Maillon satchel, Kaia crossbody bag, and Niki shoulder bag, among others. These designer handbags are known for their exquisite craftsmanship and iconic designs.
  • High-End Jewelry: As an ambassador for Tiffany & Co., Rosé has access to a stunning array of luxury jewelry pieces. She is often seen wearing elegant necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings from Tiffany & Co.’s collections, adding a touch of glamour to her red carpet looks and everyday outfits.
Expensive Things Owned By BLACKPINK Rosé
Expensive Things Owned By BLACKPINK Rosé

Overall, Rosé’s possessions reflect her status as a successful and affluent celebrity, with a penchant for luxury and style. From her luxurious abode and designer wardrobe to her collection of high-end cars and jewelry, Rosé enjoys the finer things in life and isn’t shy about showcasing her opulent lifestyle.


BLACKPINK’s Rosé, born Park Chaeyoung, comes from a family with South Korean heritage. Born on February 11, 1997, in Auckland, New Zealand, Rosé is the eldest daughter in her family. Her parents, whose professions are not extensively known, have been a source of support and encouragement throughout her career in the music industry. Rosé also has a younger sister named Alice Park, who shares her love for music and has been featured in Rosé’s social media posts. Despite the physical distance between them, Rosé maintains a close bond with her family, often expressing gratitude for their unwavering support. While her family prefers to keep a low profile, their influence on Rosé’s life and career is evident, shaping her into the grounded and talented artist admired by fans worldwide.

BLACKPINK Rosé Early Life and Career

Born on February 11, 1997, in Auckland, New Zealand, Rosé, originally named Park Chaeyoung, emerged as a beacon of talent and determination in the world of K-pop. Raised in a multicultural environment, Rosé’s childhood was marked by her deep-rooted passion for music. Her journey began with her family’s move to Melbourne, Australia, where her love for singing flourished.

Encouraged by her parents, Rosé pursued her musical aspirations with unwavering dedication. She participated in various talent competitions and performances, showcasing her exceptional vocal abilities from a young age. Her innate talent caught the attention of industry professionals, leading her to audition for YG Entertainment, one of South Korea’s most prominent entertainment agencies.

How Much Is BLACKPINK Rosé Networth Now
How Much Is BLACKPINK Rosé Networth Now

Rosé’s audition proved successful, catapulting her into the world of K-pop and setting the stage for her remarkable career. In 2016, she debuted as a member of BLACKPINK, alongside Jisoo, Jennie, and Lisa. The group’s dynamic performances and chart-topping hits quickly propelled them to international fame, solidifying their status as one of the most influential girl groups in the world.

As part of BLACKPINK, Rosé contributed to the group’s unprecedented success, captivating audiences with her soulful vocals and magnetic stage presence. Their breakout singles like “Whistle,” “DDU-DU DDU-DU,” and “Kill This Love” became global phenomena, earning them legions of devoted fans worldwide.

Beyond her work with BLACKPINK, Rosé embarked on solo endeavors, showcasing her versatility and artistry as a solo artist. In 2021, she made her highly anticipated solo debut with the single album “R,” which received widespread acclaim and topped charts internationally. Her solo career continues to flourish, with fans eagerly anticipating her future releases and solo projects.

In addition to her music career, Rosé has ventured into the world of fashion and endorsements, becoming the face of prestigious brands like Yves Saint Laurent and Tiffany & Co. Her influence extends beyond the realm of music, as she continues to inspire fans with her passion, talent, and relentless pursuit of excellence.

From her humble beginnings in New Zealand to her current status as a global icon, Rosé’s early life and career exemplify the transformative power of music and the pursuit of one’s dreams. As she continues to evolve as an artist and inspire audiences around the world, Rosé remains a shining example of resilience, talent, and the boundless possibilities that await those who dare to dream.

BLACKPINK Rosé net worth 2024:

As of 2024, BLACKPINK’s Rosé has an estimated net worth of approximately $22 million. Her wealth has steadily increased over the years due to her successful music career, solo activities, brand endorsements, and investments in luxury assets.

How much is Rosé from BLACKPINK worth?:

Rosé from BLACKPINK is worth an estimated $22 million as of 2024. Her net worth encompasses earnings from her music career, solo endeavors, brand endorsements, and other lucrative ventures.

Rosé net worth Celebrity Net Worth:

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Rosé’s net worth is estimated to be around $22 million in 2024. This figure takes into account her earnings from BLACKPINK’s group activities, as well as her solo ventures and brand endorsements.

Rosé’s wealth:

Rosé has amassed significant wealth throughout her career as a member of BLACKPINK. With a net worth of $22 million in 2024, her wealth is attributed to her success in the music industry, solo projects, brand endorsements, and investments in luxury assets.

What is Rosé’s net worth compared to other BLACKPINK members?:

Among the BLACKPINK members, Rosé’s net worth of $22 million in 2024 places her among the top earners within the group. While each member has achieved financial success, Rosé’s wealth is comparable to that of her bandmates, reflecting her contributions to the group’s success and her endeavors.

Rosé’s earnings from solo activities:

Rosé has earned a significant amount from her solo activities, including her solo debut album “R” and subsequent solo projects. These endeavors have contributed to her overall net worth and have showcased her talent and versatility as a solo artist.

Rosé’s income from brand endorsements:

Rosé earns a substantial income from brand endorsements, with partnerships with luxury brands like Yves Saint Laurent and Tiffany & Co. These endorsements not only add to her net worth but also solidify her status as a fashion icon and influencer in the industry.

How much money does Rosé make from Instagram?:

Rosé’s Instagram account, with millions of followers, is a lucrative platform for her to earn money through sponsored posts and brand partnerships. While the exact amount she earns from Instagram is not publicly disclosed, it is likely a significant source of income for her.

Rosé’s luxury assets:

Rosé’s net worth includes ownership of various luxury assets, such as high-end real estate properties, luxury vehicles, designer clothing, and jewelry. These assets not only reflect her affluent lifestyle but also serve as investments in her financial portfolio.

Details of Rosé’s financial success:

Rosé’s financial success is attributed to her accomplishments in the music industry, lucrative brand endorsements, smart investments, and strategic career decisions. Her ability to leverage her fame and talent has led to a substantial increase in her net worth over the years.

Rosé’s net worth growth over the years:

Over the years, Rosé’s net worth has experienced significant growth, mirroring her rise to fame and success as a member of BLACKPINK. Her net worth has steadily increased through her music career milestones, solo endeavors, and brand partnerships.

Rosé’s salary per BLACKPINK performance:

The exact salary per BLACKPINK performance for Rosé is not publicly disclosed. However, as one of the members of one of the most successful K-pop groups globally, she likely earns a substantial income from performances, tours, and other group activities.

Rosé’s net worth in comparison to other K-pop idols:

Compared to other K-pop idols, Rosé’s net worth of $22 million places her among the top earners in the industry. Her financial success reflects her popularity, talent, and business acumen in various endeavors.

Rosé’s investments and business ventures:

In addition to her music career and brand endorsements, Rosé may have investments in various business ventures. While specific details about her investments are not publicly disclosed, it is common for celebrities like Rosé to diversify their income through investments in businesses and real estate.

Estimation of Rosé’s total assets:

Rosé’s total assets include her net worth of $22 million, along with the value of her luxury assets, investments, and other financial holdings. While the exact estimation of her total assets may vary, it is clear that Rosé has accumulated substantial wealth throughout her career.


In conclusion, BLACKPINK’s Rosé stands as a testament to the heights one can achieve through talent, hard work, and determination. With a net worth of $22 million in 2024, Rosé’s journey from a young girl with dreams to a global superstar is nothing short of inspirational. As she continues to dazzle audiences with her music, fashion endeavors, and brand partnerships, Rosé’s star only continues to rise. Her success serves as a beacon of hope for aspiring artists everywhere, proving that with passion and perseverance, anything is possible in the world of entertainment.

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