Who is Erin Burnett HusbandIs she still marriedErin Burnett Children,Net Worth Or more latest updates 2022

Who is Erin Burnett Husband?Is she still married?Erin Burnett Children,Net Worth Or more latest updates 2022

Who is Erin Burnett Husband?Is she still married?Erin Burnett Children,Net Worth Or more latest updates 2022

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Erin Burnett Biography

Erin Isabelle Burnett is an American journalist who is now the host of CNN’s Erin Burnett OutFront. She was previously a co-anchor of Squawk on the Street and the host of Street Signs for CNBC. Burnett has also made appearances on NBC’s Meet the Press, Today, MSNBC’s Morning Joe, and NBC Nightly News, as well as on The Celebrity Apprentice on occasion.

Burnett has broadcast live from the borders of Mali, Afghanistan, Rwanda, the United Arab Emirates, and Israel for Erin Burnett OutFront. She has also contributed to the show from China and Pakistan.

For her work on a number of documentaries shot outside the United States, Joe Scarborough branded Burnett “the International Superstar” while at NBC. Her films and reports were shot in Libya, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Nigeria, Russia, the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, and India, among other places.

She has spent much of her career covering the Middle East, reporting from Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Lebanon, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Turkey, and Yemen, as well as Pakistan.

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Early life and education

Burnett was born and raised in the Maryland town of Mardela Springs. She is the youngest daughter of corporate attorneys Kenneth King Burnett and Esther Margaret (née Stewart). Her ancestors are Irish and Scottish.

Prior to attending St. Andrew’s School, a private co-educational college preparatory boarding school in Middletown, Delaware, Burnett attended The Salisbury School, a private, independent elementary and middle school in Salisbury, MD, where he graduated in 1994.

In 2009, she returned to the school to give the graduating address. She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in political economy from Williams College in Williamstown, Massachusetts, where she studied political science and economics. She was a lacrosse and field hockey player in college.

Erin Burnett Career

Burnett began her career as a financial analyst in the investment banking section of Goldman Sachs, where she focused on mergers & acquisitions and corporate finance. Burnett was hired as a writer and booker for CNN’s Moneyline with Stuart Varney, Willow Bay, and Lou Dobbs while working as an investment banker analyst. She left the role to become vice president of CitiMedia, Citigroup’s digital media division. Following Citigroup, Burnett became the Stocks Editor and Anchor for Bloomberg Television.

Burnett hosted CNBC’s Street Signs and co-anchored Squawk on the Street with Mark Haines from 2005 to 2011.

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On August 5, 2009, during a conversation with her host Jim Cramer about a report about Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s plans to spend millions of dollars on aerial shooting to eradicate Australian wild camels in the desert, Burnett used the term “serial murderer.” The claimed scheme was dubbed “camelcide” by Cramer. On the following day’s episode, Burnett clarified that her remark was meant as a jest.

Burnett delivered an investigation report on the chemical behemoth Transammonia doing business in Iran on December 7, 2010. She stated that Transammonia obtained ammonia from Iran through a completely owned company in the United States.

Transammonia released a press release to congressional leaders on December 13, 2010, in response to the CNBC article, indicating that Transammonia’s Swiss company would not enter into new contracts with Iranian companies and would “as quickly as feasible” wind down its business with Iran.

The investigative report was nominated for an Emmy the following year.

Burnett departed CNBC on May 6, 2011, after more than five years at the network, and began working for CNN on October 3, 2011. She started hosting her own prime-time news show, Erin Burnett OutFront, which is filmed at CNN’s New York City facilities.

Shortly after joining CNN, Burnett presented a report titled “Seriously?” about the Occupy Wall Street protesters on October 4, 2011. FAIR, a journalism watchdog group, accused her of fabricating facts about demonstrators. Journalist Glenn Greenwald replied in a Salon post, citing bias in Burnett’s reporting as a result of her former Wall Street expertise and her partner’s Citigroup employment. “We back Erin and the OutFront crew, and we respect that there will be a range of viewpoints on any given topic,” CNN said in reaction to the criticism.

President Trump’s suggestion to employ military forces to remove protestors from Lafayette Square under the Insurrection Legislation, according to Burnett, would be “invoking an act not invoked since 1807 to deploy U.S. military personnel on American soil.” She later published a clarification, pointing out that the legislation had been used before, most recently in 1992.

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Hosted programs

  • Bloomberg on the Markets (2003–05)
  • Street Signs (2006–11)
  • Squawk on the Street (2005–11)
  • Erin Burnett OutFront (2011–present)


  • City of Money & Mystery (2008)
  • India Rising: The New Empire (2008)
  • The Russian Gamble (2008)
  • Dollars & Danger: Africa, The Final Investment Frontier (2009)
  • On Assignment: Iraq (2010)
  • Big Money in the Middle East (2010)


  • Edge of Tomorrow as CNN news anchor (herself)

Erin Burnett Personal life

On a blind date in 2003, Burnett met executive David Rubulotta. Rubulotta previously worked for Lehman Brothers as a trader. In September of 2011, they announced their engagement. On December 21, 2012, Burnett and Rubulotta married.

Burnett gave birth to a son on November 29, 2013.

She gave birth to a daughter on July 18, 2015. On August 20, 2018, the couple had their third child, a son.

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Who is Erin Burnett HusbandIs she still marriedErin Burnett Children,Net Worth Or more latest updates 2022
Who is Erin Burnett HusbandIs she still marriedErin Burnett Children,Net Worth Or more latest updates 2022

Erin Burnett Husband

David Rubulotta is the husband of ERIN Burnett, the host of CNN’s Erin Burnett OutFront.

What do we know about David, on the other hand?

If his LinkedIn profile is correct, Rubulotta is currently the Managing Director of Leveraged Credit at Citigroup. While she works in the media, he appears to have created a name for himself in the financial sector.

According to multiple accounts, Rubulotta was born in the state of Pennsylvania in 1973.

According to Biographypedia and Affair Post, he finally enrolled at Villanova University and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing and Advertising with a major in Business Management.

At Columbia University, he earned a master’s degree in business administration (MBA).

According to Business Insider, Rubulotta was formerly employed by Lehman Brothers, where he worked in trading.

He currently appears to be a Citigroup executive.

How did they meet?

According to most reports, Burnett and Rubulotta met on a blind date. According to Affair Post, they were introduced through a mutual friend, and Burnett knew from a distance that he was “the one.”

Prior to joining CNBC, Burnett served as a vice president of Citigroup/CitiMedia, according to Business Insider. Sources, on the other hand, appear to describe a blind date as their official first meeting.

When did Rubulotta and Burnett get married?

After becoming engaged in September 2011, the couple married on December 21, 2012.

Others in Burnett’s industry, according to Business Insider, were not pleased with the news. “When one Wall Streeter heard the news, he questioned, ‘Does she seem happy?’ ‘Or do I have a chance of breaking this up?’

Burnett, on the other hand, refused to be swayed by other admirers, and the two married and remain happily married to this day.

Do Rubulotta and Burnett have kids together?

Yes, the couple is blessed with children. Burnett and Rubulotta have three children together.

In 2013, they had a boy named Thomas, a daughter named Colby in 2015, and a second son named Owen in 2018.

Burnett isn’t one to post a lot of personal images of the two of them together on social media, but they appear to be happy and in good health.

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