Who Is Emily Hampshire Boyfriend in 2023 Is She Still married Married

Who Is Emily Hampshire Boyfriend in 2023? Is She Still married Married?

Who Is Emily Hampshire Boyfriend in 2023? Is She Still married Married?

Emily Hampshire is a well-known Canadian actress who is most recognized for playing Angelina in the romantic comedy film Boy Meets Girl, which was released in 1998. On the small screen, she is most recognized for her roles as Stevie Budd in the Canadian comedy series Schitt’s Creek and Jennifer Goines in the drama series 12 Monkeys, both airing on Syfy and CBC, respectively.

Emily, on the other hand, had a relationship history that was a lot less difficult than the one her on-screen character Stevie had. Stevie’s love life was very problematic.

Emily Hampshire Boyfriend

Emily Hampshire is a stunning young girl, but she has not been romantically associated with a large number of men in the past. Only two people have been mentioned in connection with her romantic life. However, as of yet, the actress has not commented on the possibility of a lover in her life.

In May 2019, she shocked her followers when she revealed that she was pansexual in an announcement that she made on Instagram. Emily is particularly protective of the privacy of her romantic relationships. Keep an eye out for further updates.

Emily Hampshire and Teddy Geiger Relationship

Emily Hampshire, like many other famous people, uses social media, particularly Instagram, to regularly share her views and activities with her followers. However, we hardly ever see the Boy Meets Girl character who is too open about her romantic life there.

Emily has had only two male partners in a love relationship during the entirety of her professional life. Nevertheless, her romantic life began to pick up again in 2018, and in August of that year, her boyfriend Teddy Geiger made the public announcement that the two of them were an item.

After her divorce from her first marriage, Emily had been unmarried for a considerable amount of time, thus her supporters found the news to be a welcome breath of fresh air. However, Teddy went through the process of transitioning from a guy to a woman. In 2017, Teddy joyfully announced his decision, which was met with Emily’s unwavering support.

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Who Is Emily Hampshire Boyfriend in 2023 Is She Still married Married

The engagement announcement was also shared on Teddy’s Instagram account, along with a picture of Emily taking a selfie and the phrase “Just me and my girlfriend.”

The couple announced their engagement in November not long after. Their supporters were confident in them despite the fact that it was thought to be a bold and quick move. This was because the two appeared to be very much in love with each other and to be avoiding any turmoil.

Another sweet caption about their engagement can be seen on Teddy’s Instagram, where he states that Emily is the one who first asked him to share his life with her forever.

She asked me if I wanted to spend the rest of our lives together, and my response was, “Infinitely yes.” I am in love with you, Emily Hampshire. Oh my goodness, it is no wonder that many believed they would be together for such a long period. They were the most adorable people ever!

The photograph of Emily sitting on the bed while holding a humongous pillow has a caption that was written by Teddy. It is clear from the photograph that she enjoys Ted’s company to the fullest extent possible, which contributes to her radiant appearance.

What Makes This Sweetest and Most Supportive Couple Split?

Regrettably, the sweetness of their time together had to come to an end. They were unable to keep their romance going for the long haul. After being engaged for seven months, Teddy and Emily called off their wedding plans. Page Six was even informed by a credible source that the couple “will not get back together.”

The couple’s last public appearance together was on March 27 at the Canadian Screen Awards, when they both looked stunning in outfits. This was their last public appearance together.

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Teddy sported a voluminous lilac outfit. While this was going on, Emily looked stunning in her gold and black dress. Even though it was the final image that both of them had taken together, there was no indication that they were going to break up in the not-too-distant future. As a result, many people were taken aback when they heard about their breakup.

But, in all honesty, what did take place between them?

It appeared as though Teddy and Emily were uncomfortable discussing their romantic relationship in front of others, much less the circumstances surrounding the end of their engagement.

On Being Comfortable in Her Sexuality

However, one month before to their breakup, Emily revealed to the public that she identified as both a lesbian and a pansexual. After coming out on Instagram, she was met with a variety of replies, some of which came from her followers and some from people in general.

She explained her pansexuality in the comment on the photo by comparing it to being drawn to the wine itself rather than the label.

Emily’s time while appearing in the television show Schitt’s Creek was one of the important turning points that helped her have a greater understanding of her sexuality and the courage to openly embrace it.

The actress stated in an interview with People that the experience had taught her that “real love,” which she defined as “pure love” and “whomever you love,” is OK.

After that, she continued by saying, “That is what Schitt did. It made all LGBTQ+ relationships more acceptable. They didn’t have a gay couple on the program having this challenging, difficult relationship; instead, they were just like any other couple, and that was what made it so fantastic.

Everyone ought to be confident in themselves and accept their sexual orientation, right? And Emily has inspired both her devoted fanbase as well as other people to be confident in who they are by serving as a positive role model.

Emily hasn’t dated anyone since the end of her relationship with Teddy and her decision to come out publicly. As soon as possible, we are hoping to learn about a new guy in Emily’s life.

Emily Hampshire Marriage with Matthew Smith for Nearly Ten Years

Emily was formerly married to Matthew Smith, a former football player who is now an agent-in-training at the William Morris talent agency. Prior to getting engaged to Teddy Geiger, Emily was previously married to Smith.

She proudly shared the following information about Matthew with The Star: “He always wanted to be a sports agent like Jerry Maguire.”

Matthew and Emily hitched the wedding in 2006, and it appears that their marriage has been mostly trouble-free since then. They were married for almost eleven years before separating for good in January 2015. Emily has never verified anything or spoken publicly about it, but there have been rumors circulating that it was because of significant disagreements between the two of them.

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Emily Hampshire Marriage with Matthew Smith for Nearly Ten Years

Both Matthew and Emily come across as extremely private individuals. Matthew did not have access to any social media platforms, in contrast to Emily. It would appear that he takes pleasure in maintaining his anonymity and leading a quiet existence, oblivious to what others are saying about him on social media.

What Emily Was Willing to Open Up About: Her Tinder Experience After the Divorce


However, Emily did admit to one thing after the divorce: she used dating apps, and she couldn’t dispute that they assisted her in being better prepared to reenter the dating market.

She talked frankly about her experience of going on a date with one of her matches from Tinder, and she said that she “broke into tears” throughout the encounter. “I had just gotten divorced and was definitely not ready to put myself out there,” she admitted later on.

“Tinder had only recently been released, so I immediately began swiping. I don’t notice any tigers on this guy. In addition to this, he has a presentable appearance, and he does not appear to be a serial killer. Therefore, all of the boxes can be checked off: check, check, check. We can’t help but wonder what led to her marriage breaking up after hearing her side of the story, can we?

To cut a long tale short, she confessed that as soon as she and her Tinder date sat down at the table, she burst into tears (literally), and her Tinder date tried to calm her down, and even her makeup rubbed off on the guy. Long story short: she broke down in tears. LOL!

“When he hugged me with his very clean white shirt, I practically left an imprint of the joker’s face on his white shirt,” the woman said. “It was hilarious.”

In spite of the fact that she believed it to be very humiliating, she had no trouble making a joke about it when she was being interviewed. She went as far as to say that “having her” for the date was the worst part of the experience. Therefore, this provides us with an additional justification for adoring her.

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