Dylan Wang and Esther Yu Relationship & Dating

Dylan Wang and Esther Yu Relationship & Dating

Dylan Wang and Esther Yu Relationship & Dating

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Dylan Wang and Esther Yu Relationship

The television show “Love Between Fairy and Devil,” which starred Dylan Wang Hedi and Esther Yu Shuxin, successfully concluded with a happy ending, much to the delight of the show’s devoted audience.

As soon as the drama came to a close, a number of internet users posed the following question: “Will they ever have another chance to collaborate with one another?” We are able to gain an understanding of how to strike the CP.

The question is, what exactly is the connection between Dylan Wang Hedi and Esther Yu Shuxin in the actual world?

In point of fact, they are not boyfriend and girlfriend; rather, they are excellent friends and coworkers who spend a lot of time together.

Even if they are a pair in “Love Between Fairy and Devil” and seem to be made for each other, they are still clear outside of the drama and are only serving to hype the CP in order to comply with the promotion.

In today’s world, a significant number of dramas will also sign the deal with the male and female protagonists in order to hype the CP. Therefore, bringing it into real life is not required; instead, one should just ship the CP in the play.

Additionally, it is said that Esther Yu Shuxin and Dylan Wang Hedi have a very healthy connection with one another. During filming, Wang Hedi would not only lift Esther Yu up by her arms and carry her vertically, but he would also carry her on his back and stroll with her.

It was even quite hilarious to watch them chatting with each other behind the scenes, appearing both humorous and nice. It was happening behind the scenes, but it was still really entertaining. They are very close friends; otherwise, they wouldn’t have such a clear grasp of each other’s unspoken intentions, and they don’t try to avoid being intimate with one another in any manner.

They are referred to as the “on-screen pair,” despite the fact that they are not actually in a relationship in real life. This is the perspective of fans who enjoy watching dramas.

After all, in the drama “Love Between Fairy and Devil,” they were really close to one another and kind.

Because Wang Hedi portrayed the character of Qing Cang in the drama and Yu Shuxin played the role of the fairy Xiao Lan Hua in the drama, viewers dubbed the CP “Di Xin Yin Li” or “Cang Lan Couple.” A pair of photographs showing Wang Hedi and Li Xueqin sitting together in a car on the way back to their apartment was published by the news media not too long ago.

Then, a member of the online community uploaded a text stating that it is speculated that their relationship is public knowledge.

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Dylan Wang and Esther Yu Relationship & Dating

During that time period, it sparked a heated debate throughout the internet.

The reality of the matter is that Dylan Wang has not yet confirmed any romantic involvement. As opposed to what is often believed on the internet, he does not have a romantic relationship with any of the actresses he is close with, including Esther Yu Shuxin and Li Xueqin. There was some exposure earlier: Dylan Wang Hedi has been in a relationship with his girlfriend Liu Yi for the past six years, and there have been no rumors of him having any other girlfriends from the time he was in college until now.

If what they say is accurate, it is very evident how committed and secure Dylan and his girlfriend are in their relationship.

Now that “Love Between Fairy and Devil” has concluded, let’s look forward to the next project that Esther Yu Shuxin and Dylan Wang Hedi will work on together! Have you already sent out the CP?

Dylan Wang and Esther Yu Dating Rumors

At one time, the dreadful Lord Devil, Dong Fang Qing Cang, led his fearsome demon army into the realm of the gods and caused complete and utter destruction there. He was successful in vanquishing all of his opponents and overthrowing entire clans. One of the young women who served in the vanquished army is said to have been reincarnated many thousands of years later as a fairy named Xiao Lan Hua.

The Lord Devil has been under a curse and confined within a mystical tower for an untold number of years. He has not been able to escape from his dungeon cell. However, he believes he is able to go away after Xiao Lan Hua accidentally frees him from his confinement due to an accident. He is under the impression that all that is required of him is to offer Xiao Lan Hua as a sacrifice, and then he will be free to unleash chaos once more and take control of the known world.

There is a catch, on the other hand. During the process of releasing him, some strange sort of sorcery seems to have taken place, and it appears like the two of them have “swapped bodies.” Suddenly, the terrifying Lord Devil found himself imprisoned within the body of a weak and feeble female fairy. And Xiao Lan Hua discovers that she possesses strength beyond that of a normal human being! He guarantees that the two of them will perish together if anyone discovers what has taken place. But while they look for a method to break the spell, love starts to work its own brand of enchantment on them!

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Dylan Wang and Esther Yu Relationship & Dating

Since this drama has been airing netizens are loving their chemistry. Many netizens claim that they are already dating in real life or many want them to date in real life.

Dylan Wang Girlfriend

It is unknown who the Chinese actor Wang has dated in the past, and as a result, his romantic relationships have been subjected to a great deal of scrutiny in recent times.

The actor is closely associated with Shen Yue, who is also an actress, despite the fact that he was seen with an unidentified woman not too long ago. On the other hand, the rumors of his romantic involvement with Yue stem from their shared fandom.

The on-screen and off-screen chemistry of the actor and actress has long been adored by fans of both of them, and many of those fans hope that the two will eventually date in real life. Some of their followers even harbor the desire to see them living together in wedlock.

The work that Wang and Yue did in the Chinese drama Meteor Garden was very well received by the audience, and it was after watching them form a relationship onscreen that the audience began fantasizing about the two of them dating in real life.

A cursory search on the internet reveals that their supporters pined for the actor and actress to work together again and insisted that they should star opposite one another in yet another dramatic production. In addition, the production team of the Chinese drama even devoted an entire Instagram page to the two of them, demonstrating how much they adore them.

In addition, three years ago, a fervent supporter pushed things a few steps further by initiating an online petition with the desire to see actor Wang and actress Yue collaborate on yet another project. We might count ourselves fortunate as both Wang and Yue were spotted later working on the second season of the Chinese drama The Inn.

Esther Yu Boyfriend

If you are looking for information about Yu Shuxin’s current partner and relationship, it is important to note that although she is just 24 years old at the moment, her marital status indicates that she is presently single and that she is not dating anybody at the moment. In point of fact, there is a lack of information that we currently possess concerning Yu Shuxin’s past lover and relationship (more details to be updated as soon as possible).

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