Concrete Utopia Kdrama Cast

Concrete Utopia Kdrama Cast, Release Date 2021

Concrete Utopia Kdrama Cast, Release Date

Concrete Utopia Kdrama Cast, Release Date

Concrete Utopia Kdrama Cast
Concrete Utopia Kdrama Cast

Genre: Movie, Thriller

Title: concrete Utopia

Director: Uhm Tae Hwa

Writer: Uhm Tae Hwa

Country: South Korea

Language: Korean

Release Date:2021



Concrete Utopia Kdrama Cast

Concrete Utopia Kdrama Cast is given below:

Lee Byung Hun as Young Tak

Park Bo Young as Myung Hwa

Park Seo Joon as Min Sung

Concrete Utopia Kdrama Cast & Release Date

Concrete Utopia Kdrama Cast is already is confirmed but the release date is not confirmed yet. However, This movie is going to be released in 2021.

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Concrete Utopia Kdrama Cast & Summary Plot

Concrete Utopia Kdrama Cast and the story plot are given below.

Concrete Utopia is a Korean thriller movie. Its story is about the destruction after the earthquake. Hwang Goong Apartment is an apartment that is safe from the devastation of earthquakes. The people who are safe want to go to this apartment.

Min Sung(Park Seo Joon )was a police officer and now he is helping people during the earthquake. Myung Hwa(Park Bo Young) is a nurse and wife of Min Sung. Young Tak(Lee Byung Hun) is the leader of the Hwang Goong Apartment.

Concrete Utopia is a webtoon-based movie.

Lee Byung Hun in the movie Concrete Utopia:

He was born on 13 August 1970. Lee is 50 years old. He is a South Korean actor and singer. Lee Eun-hee is the younger sister of Lee Byung Hun. He was the first Korean actor who has won an Oscar award.

Lee has played a role in following movies and serials.

The Man Standing Next (2020)

Mr.Sunshine (2018)

Iris (2009-2013)

Red 2 (2013)

I saw the Devil(2010)

G.I.Joe: The Rise of Cobra (2009)

A Bittersweet life(2005)

G.I.Joe: retaliation (2013)

The Magnificent Seven (2016)

Ashfall (2019)

Inside Men (2015)

All in (2003)

The Good, The Bad, The Weird (2008)

Masquerade (2012)

Terminator Genisys (2015)

Beautiful Days(2001)

JSA (2000)

Iris: The Movie(2010)

Master (2016)

Addicted (2002)

Keys to the Heart (2018)

The Age of Shadows (2016)

A Single Rider (2017)

The Fortress (2017)

Memories of the Sword (2015)

Once in a Summer(2006)

Everybody has a Secret (2004)

Bungee Jumping of their own (2001)

Misconduct (2016)

Happy together (1999)

Emergency Declaration (2021)

The Harmonium in My Memory (1999)

I come with the Rain (2009)

Three…Extremes (2004)

Hero (2007)

Sons of the Wind (1995)

White NIghts 3.98 (1998)

Asphalt Man (1995)

Beautiful Lady (1997)

The Influence (2010)

Armageddon (1995)

G.I.Joe: Ever Vigilant (2020)

Who Drives me Mad (1995)

The Diplomat Kosaku Kurado (2011)

Asphalt my Hometown (1991)

Kill the Love (1996)

Lament (1997)

Runaway (1995)


Days of Sunshine (1992)

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Park Bo Young In Drama Concrete Utopia:

Park Bo Young was born on 12 February 1990. She is a woman of 31 years old with a beautiful and charming personality. She started her acting career with the short film Equal in 2005, When she was in high school.

Park also plays a role in the drama serial Secret Campus with Lee Min Ho.

She plays in her following movies.

Movies of Park Bo Young:

1.Equal as Kim Da-mi

2.Our School’s E.T. as Han Song-Yi

3.The ESP Couple as Hyun-jin

4.Scandal Makers as Hwang Jae-in

5.If You Were Me 4 as Kim Hee-soo

6.Rio as Jewel

7.Don’t Click as Se-hee

8.A Werewolf Boy as Eun-Joo

9.Snow Queen as Gerda

10.Hot Young Bloods as Park Young-sook

11.The Silenced as Cha Ju-ran

12.Collective Invention as Ju-jin

13.You Call It Passion as Do Ra-hee

14.On Your Wedding Day as Do Ra-hee

15.Concrete Utopia as Myung-Hwa

Dramas of Park :

1.Secret Campus as Cha Ah-rang

2.Witch Yoo Hee as young Ma Yoo-hee

3.Mackerel Run as Shim Chung-ah

4.The King and I as young Deposed Queen Lady Yun

5.Jungle Fish as Lee Eun-soo

6.Strongest Chil Woo as Choi Woo-young

7.Star’s Lover as young Lee Ma-ri

8.Oh My Ghost as Na Bong-sun

9.Strong Girl Bong-soon as Do Bong-soon

10.Abyss as Go Se-Yeon

11.Doom at Your Service as Tak Dong-Kyung

 Park Seo Joon in Drama serial Concrete Utopia:

Park Seo Joon was born on 16 December 1988. He is a man of stunning and charming personality.

His movies are following:

1.Perfect Game as Chil-goo

2.The Chronicles of Evil as Cha Dong-Jae

3.The Beauty Inside as Woo-jin

4.Midnight Runners as Park Ki-Joon

5.Be with You as Ji-ho

6.The Divine Fury as Yong-hoo

7.Parasite as Min-hyuk

8.Dream as Yoon Hong-dae

9.Concrete Utopia as Min Sung

Dramas list:

1.Dream High 2 as Si-woo

2.Shut Up Family as Cha Seo-Joon

3.Pots of Gold as Park Hyun-tae

  1. “Sleeping Witch” as Kim Him-chan

5.One Warm Word as Song Min-soo

6.A Witch’s Love as Yoon Dong-ha

7.Mama as older Han Geu-roo

8.Kill Me, Heal Me as Oh Ri-on

9.She Was Pretty as Ji Sung-Joon

10.Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth as Moo Myung

11.Fight for My Way as Ko Dong-man

12.What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim as Lee Young-Joon

13.Itaewon Class as Park Sae-royi

14.Record of Youth as Song Min-soo

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