Coco Quinn Boyfriend,Parents,Height,Age & more latest updates

Coco Quinn Boyfriend,Parents,Height,Age & more latest updates

Coco Quinn Boyfriend,Parents,Height,Age & more latest updates

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Coco Quinn Biography

Coco Quinn is a social media sensation and 11-year-old American vocalist. She was born in California on June 7, 2008, to a small American family of three sisters and a brother, as well as their parents. The family lives in the beautiful state of California. Her older sisters gave her her first dance lessons, after which she went to a professional trainer. She is also recognised for beginning gymnastics at the tender age of two years old.

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Gender: Female
Born: June 7, 2008
Age: 13
Home: Los Angeles, California
Occupation: Dancer







8th in 2021/22 school year
Affiliations: Euro Gymnastics

Just Plain Dancin’ (former)

Dance Precisions (former)

GoatFamLA (former)

Height: 4′ 11”


Parents: Jeannie Quinn (mother)
Siblings: Kaylee Quinn (oldest sister)

Rihanna Quinn (older sister)

Tyler Quinn (older brother)

Friends: Alexus Oladi

Alysa Owen

Elliana Walmsley

GiaNina Paolantonio

Hannah Colin

Kendyl Fay

Lilliana Ketchman

Maesi Caes

Nia Frazier

Pressley Hosbach

Sarah Georgiana

Love Interests: Gavin Magnus (ex-boyfriend)

Jules Coutinho (crush)

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Coco Quinn Quick Facts

  • Gemini is her zodiac sign.
  • She was one of “Molly’s Monsters,” alongside Kaylee and Rihanna.
  • Coco will play “Baby” Kirsten Clark on Stitchers, while Kaylee will play Young Kirsten Clark.
  • On their YouTube accounts, she partnered with Lilliana several times.
  • In 2017, she landed the role of Katie on Brat TV’s drama “MANI.” In August of 2017, the show debuted.
  • She joined GoatFam in 2019, but she quit in 2020.
  • She returned to Brat’s TV show “Chicken Girls” in 2020, reprising her role as Katie. She had an appearance in the seventh season alongside Elliana Walmsley, who played Claire.
  • It was confirmed in June 2020 that she had begun dating actor Gavin Magnus.
Coco Quinn Boyfriend,Parents,Height,Age & more latest updates
Coco Quinn Boyfriend,Parents,Height,Age & more latest updates

Quinn Sisters is another name for her.

She has three siblings: two sisters, Kaylee Quinn and Rihanna Quinn, who are both well-known American dancers, and a brother, Tyler. She is known as the Quinn sister, along with her older sisters. “We are the Quinn Sisters!” Coco exclaims. Our family consists of three sisters and a brother named Tyler.”

How did Coco come to this point in her career?

Coco began her dancing career on the American reality television show “Dance Moms,” where she received early dance and showbiz training from renowned American choreographer Abby Lee Miller. Coco went on to upload her covers on YouTube, where she amassed millions of views.

She was ranked in the top 20 gymnasts in the United States.

She described herself as a good rhythmic gymnast who is still ranked among the top 20 gymnasts in the United States. “I used to be a rhythmic gymnast and one of the top 20 in the United States who qualified for the USA Gymnastics national youth squad.”

She was a national champion of dancing.

Coco Quinn is a gifted dancer who is most recognised for her work with Dance Precisions’ Molly’s Monsters, a tiny elite competition team. Molly Long, a well-known choreographer, led the competition team. “I used to be a competitive dancer and national dancing champion,” she claimed.

Coco’s social media popularity

Coco is one of the most well-known kid dancers in the world, with over 655, 000 Instagram followers and 3,270 Twitter followers. Furthermore, her dancing videos have gone viral on YouTube, with 74,474,852 views and 475K subscribers as of 2019.

Coco is a huge animal lover.

Coco, like the rest of her family, is an animal lover. Her family has three hairless cats and a lovely dog. Toby Quinn, a dog, and Bertha, Poppy, Gold, and Bubba, cats, are their pets’ names.

She enjoys playing with them and spending her free time with them. “We are tremendous animal lovers!” Coco exclaimed. Toby Quinn is our dog, and Bertha, Poppy, Gold, and Bubba are our hairless cats.”

Her current look is

The famous social media kid star is currently starring in one of the most popular Youtube programmes, MANI, which airs on the Brat channel.

Coco Quinn Boyfriend

Gavin Magnus, an actor, rapper, and social media sensation, was her boyfriend. He has appeared in a few videos on the Coco Quinn channel on YouTube.

What are some of her interests?

She is a vegetarian.

She enjoys crafts and outdoor experiences.

Pink is her favourite colour.

Cotton candy is her favourite ice cream flavour.

Making up is her favourite pastime.

Hawaii is her favourite destination.

Peach green tea lemonade is her favourite drink.

Her ambition is to become a singer and entertainer when she grows older.

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