CEO Kang Jong Hyun Reveals the Truth Behind His Breakup with Park Min Young

CEO Kang Jong Hyun Reveals the Truth Behind His Breakup with Park Min Young

After only one day of dating, Kang Jong Hyun and Park Min Young decided to end their relationship. Because of the hostile environment created by the public’s perception of the actress, the two were unable to maintain their connection.

On October 12, Dispatch claimed that CEO Kang Jong Hyun discussed his love affair with Park Min Young for the very first time. After receiving negative feedback regarding their relationship from public members, Kang Jong Hyun has stated that he is no longer with the famous actress. As a result, Park Min Young was involved in a string of unflattering rumors about her personal life, which had a significant impact on her work and reputation.

Following the publication of dating photos in the media, we had a conversation. Both parties were in agreement to end their relationship. Kang Jong Hyun revealed, “I don’t want her artistic career to be wrecked because of a man.” communicate this to Dispatch.

The businessman with the surname Kang discussed how he and Park Min Young dated or broke up, which is information that is no longer significant and does not need to be made known to the audience. Both parties have decided to sever their ties to one another. As a result, Kang Jong Hyun is hoping that his name will no longer be referenced in the same sentence as Park Min Young’s.

At the end of September, just one day after publicly acknowledging his connection with Kang Jong Hyun, Park Min Young ended his relationship with him. Fans did not approve of the love story starring the actress. The reason for this is that Kang Jong Hyun was involved in multiple scandals involving fraud in the business world.

Kang Jong Hyun is allegedly a well-known virtual currency behemoth. His business card indicates that he is the chairman of Bithumb as well as a number of other enterprises. However, Kang Jong Hyun is not mentioned in any of the aforementioned company’s legal documents.

CEO Kang Jong Hyun Reveals the Truth Behind His Breakup with Park Min Young

During the years 2013 and 2014, he was a participant in a fraud investigation. To be more specific, it was alleged that Kang Jong Hyun defrauded A Capital to the tune of around 3.5 billion won by fabricating fake financial statements. During the years 2014-2015, he stole about 10 billion won by defrauding a financial company that he borrowed money from. Kang Jong Hyun received a sentence of three years of probation in the year 2016.

The public’s perception of Park Min Young suffered as a direct result of the scandal that included her boyfriend. There is a strong belief that Kang Jong Hyun has showered her with expensive gifts. After that, the management organization for Park Min Young stated that the actress did not get any expensive presents from her boyfriend, contrary to what was reported by Dispatch.

According to Insight, the audience was put off by the ruckus generated by Park Min Young’s emotional reactions, and as a result, the film project did not go over very well. The viewership rate for her newest film, Love in Contract, is becoming lower and worse with each new episode.

1986 was the year of Park Min Young’s birth. She became well-known thanks to her roles in the films Sungkyunkwan Scandal, What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?, and City Hunter, among others. Recently, the actress has been working alongside the actor Go Kyung Pyo in the television drama Love in Contract. According to the information provided on the Sohu page, Park Min Young’s professional life is not making significant headway at the moment.

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