BTS V, a masterpiece just sitting down...

BTS V, a masterpiece just sitting down…

BTS V, a masterpiece just sitting down…


BTS has completed its modeling for Hyundai. Their profile looks like an elegant work of art.

All BTS members are indeed handsome and talented.

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The official Instagram of Hyundai Motorcycle on 15th April released the photo of BTS members Jimin, V, and Jungkook. BTS is currently active as the Brand Ambassador of Hyundai. On April 22, Earth Day, with BTS photos it is expected that a new video of BTS and Hyundai will be released.

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BTS V is sitting on a sofa with a modern interior with an eye-catching side pose. V is sitting on a sofa and wearing a white jacket. All the material is upcycled because it is made of recycled vehicles, leather bags, and other fibers. It enhances the meaning of saving the environment on Earth Day.

BTS V is simply sitting on the sofa and naturally simply placing long legs and arms. This gives a serious and comfortable environment. With his natural hair, his slender and beautiful snot continues to prove him handsome once again. BTS V has the most handsome man look among his group members. His large shining eyeballs are looking at something bright revealing a beautiful figure itself like his nickname, “a man who breaks masterpiece”. Under the chins, his long fingers are gathered.his long fingers, arms, and legs can be felt even he is only sitting.

BTS V, a masterpiece just sitting down...
BTS V, a masterpiece just sitting down…

He exposes all the fine figures, an elegant and noble beauty. It was enough to call a masterpiece of art.

Fans who watched the pictorials said, “I lost my words because it was so beautiful in itself”, “I’m just sitting on the sofa, but I feel like I’m sitting in a royal family.” It really looks like someone’s work of art.”


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