BTS Jimin Ideal Type of Girl 2021

BTS Jimin Ideal Type of Girl 2021 New Updates


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BTS Jimin Relationship Status


All the BTS members are currently single, however, many rumors are surrounding them but that’s only because of their popularity. Just like all the BTS, Jimin is also single. He never dates anyone, maybe because of his hard work. He is a very skillful dancer. Jimin has the perfect body moves in dance among all the BTS members. Jimin is currently single but the rumors have been surrounding him over the years.

Who Is BTS Jimin Dating?

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BTS Jimin & Han Seung-Yeon Dating Rumors


There are many dating rumors of BTS Jimin but the most famous was his dating rumor with the fellow K-pop singer Han Seung-Yeon from the girl group KARA.

In an interview on the show “Weekly Idol,” Han was asked if she likes BTS Jimin or if she has an eye on BTS Jimin. She responded positively and said yes, “That’s Right”. Han said when we were promoting “Mama Mia” and our promotion period collapsed. At that time he was my attraction and I had an eye on him ever since then. It was nice that the promotion period overlapped that time. because he is always busy improving his dancing skill. Jimin is an excellent dancer and also our Bias.

BTS Jimin & Red Velvet Seulgi Dating Rumors


Throughout Jimin’s whole profession there are many rumors of his dating with his fellow idols and celebrities. But these rumors are not based on reality. They were just rumors.

After BTS Jimin has admitted that he is a fan of SM Entertainment girl group Red Velvet. And After this statement, the fans start to assume that Jimin has an affair with one of the Red Velvet members. After that rumors started growing about BTS Jimin and Red Velvet Seulgi that they are dating.

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BTS Jimin Ideal Type of Girl 2021
BTS Jimin Ideal Type of Girl 2021

BTS Jimin Ideal Type of Beauty In Girl


At the last, Jimin said that he would date a girl who cares for him and take interest in him apart from being just a beautiful person.

BTS Jimin revealed his ideal type of girl in an interview. Jimin Likes a cute type of girl with a very feminine style and perfect body. He likes the soft nature of girls because he likes a girl who has cute nature. He also wants someone with a good outstanding personality. He also likes the bold kind of personality in girls because he is a flirty type of boy. He needed someone who was flirty and flirted with him when they wanted. He also loves girls with silly personalities.

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BTS Jimin Ideal Type of Personality In Girl


BTS Jimin also loves surprises. So he wants a girlfriend with an adventurous time personality. Jimin wants a girl who keeps her astonished and surprised. She could also make him feel joyful with simple cooking. Jimin wants a girl who is emotionally stable and supports him. Jimin wants a girl on whom he can lean on during his difficult time. She wants a supportive girl. Jimin’s ideal type is always there for him in his difficult time.

He also wants a girl who can cheer him up when something good happens to them. Jimin wants someone with a big heart. Jimin wants a girlfriend who loves her as much as he loves her.

So if you are a shy person then you are not the ideal type of BTS Jimin.

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BTS Jimin Ideal Type of Personality Celebrity


In 2017 during an interview with E-News BTS Jimin told about her ideal type of Hollywood celebrity. Her ideal type of Hollywood celebrity is McAdams . she is best known for her role in the romance movie The Notebook and The Comedy Mean Girl. McAdams is also known for her movie About Time. BTS V’s solo song Winter Bear is also inspired by her movie. BTS Jimin Hollywood celebrity crush is McAdams.

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