Breaking Jungkook and Lisa Are Dating Now-Lisa and Jungkook Relationship 2021

Breaking: Jungkook and Lisa Are Dating Now-Lisa and Jungkook Relationship 2021


Lisa Jungkook, Jungkook and Lisa Are Dating, Lisa and Jungkook Relationship 2021, Is Jungkook dating lisa, Does lisa like jungkook, Jungkook lisa together, Here are the facts which show Lisa and jungkook are dating now. Fans are saying that jungkook is supporting lisa on his weverse and twitter for her solo lalisa.

Both Are Maknae Member


Jungkook is the maknae member of famous boy group BTS and Lisa is the maknae of famous k-pop girl group Blackpink. Their group has similar qualities. Both groups are dominating all over the world. Both are the center of their group and talented. Both stars have a fierce attitude on and off the stage. Both stars are very popular for their looks. Lisa and Jungkook are both cute and adorable.

Both Are 97-Liners


Both of them have 97-Liners and have some common friendship circle. Both belong to the k-pop industry where all members know each other very well. They may have some common friends and hang out sometimes with them. They may have contact with each other or share some group chat. These speculations are enough to raise up their dating rumors.

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Jungkook and Lisa Are Perfect Matches

We make someone perfect for each other only after our assumptions. Such as in high school we see couples on the base study level and look etc. it’s the same case with lizkook relationship. Both Lisa and Jungkook are the maknae of their group and also the most attractive members in the k-pop industry. They have the perfect couple vibes and are successful. That’s why fans like to put them together.

Does Lisa Like Jungkook?


This is not only the case for an army or Blinks it’s for the whole k-pop fandoms where the fans assume that they know everything about their Bias. On the basis of their assumptions and their favorite things, they pair them according to their thoughts. If the fans have the same habits, wear the same dress, or smile at one another, fans assume that they are dating.

But it’s not true if they do some fashion or make eye contact or laugh at each other or in the same chat group it does not mean that they are in some romantic relationship. There is no confirmation about their personal taste in relationships. We are not full of their habits. we’re not sure of their personal taste. K-pop idols are always sensitive about their personal lives. Do you think they will confess their personal matters in public?

On the day Lisa released her solo Lalisa Jungkook upload her pic on his official reverse account. After seeing this photo fans assumes that he is showing support to Lisa.

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In another photo, both stars are seen to make the same hand signs. this is enough to assume that there is something going between these idols.

Breaking Jungkook and Lisa Are Dating Now-Lisa and Jungkook Relationship 2021
Breaking Jungkook and Lisa Are Dating Now-Lisa and Jungkook Relationship 2021

Jungkook and Lisa Relationship 2021

Jungkook and Lisa’s GDA backstage is a mystery and we still don’t know what exactly happened? But this is what lizkookers say-

Blackpink leaving for some reason and Jungkook notices it

As soon as he notices it he drinks water then gets up and follows Lisa (according to lizkookers)

RM notices this and tells this to JIMIN and then Jimin follows Jungkook too

And then something happens backstage Jimin comes back after a while and tells the incident to RM

following Lisa to meet her but he was not allowed to meet so he was sad and disappointed)

Jungkook tried exchanging glances and Jungkook looked sad the entire time.

Jungkook and Lisa Dating Rumors 2021

The dating tales encompassing the two start to pour in close to when BlackPink delivered their very first full-length collection, which is essentially named The Album. It so happened that in the days paving the way to the arrival of The Album, Lisa, who is the lead entertainer/rapper of the all-young ladies K-pop band, had been spotted on different events with BTS’ Jungkook. Normally, the visuals of the two in one another’s organization started reports concerning a “secret sentiment” that was possibly preparing between them.

In any case, those bits of gossip, according to a report on, were seen pursuing their course it was uncovered that the ability of the executive’s organization that addresses BlackPink incorporated a statement that denied them from seeing others, which is a condition that likewise should be trailed by Lisa. Moreover, despite the fact that the two have been seen being agreeable with one another in open social affairs, no such reports which guaranteed anything on the lines of the two being spotted having a night out on the town have surfaced at any point ever. In practically no time, the reports which asserted that Jungkook was BlackPink’s Lisa’s sweetheart stopped to come to the public stages.

Different insights about Jungkook’s connections and that of Lisa’s will be uncovered as and when the authority sources share anything in association with the equivalent.

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