Who is Bill Burr WifeAre Bill Burr and his Wife still together Bill Bur Sons Latest Updates 

Who is Bill Burr Wife?Are Bill Burr and his Wife still together? Bill Bur Sons Latest Updates 

Who is Bill Burr Wife?Are Bill Burr and his Wife still together? Bill Bur Sons Latest Updates

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William Frederick Burr (born June 10, 1968) is an American stand-up comedian, actor, writer, and podcaster who is most known for his work in the comedy genre. F Is for Family (2015–2021), a Netflix animated sitcom in which he created and played the main character Frank Murphy, was his first project.

His other television credits include the AMC crime thriller Breaking Bad (2008–2013) and the Star Wars television series The Mandalorian (2019–present), in which he portrays Migs Mayfeld. As part of the All Things Comedy network, he co-created and hosts a twice-weekly comedy podcast, titled Monday Morning Podcast, which has been running since May 2007. His 2019 stand-up comedy special, Paper Tiger, was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Comedy Album at the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards, which took place on February 10.

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Early life

William Frederick Burr was born on June 10, 1968, in Canton, Massachusetts, to Linda Ann (née Wigent) and Robert Edmund Burr, a dentist. He is the son of Linda Ann (née Wigent) and Robert Edmund Burr. He is the youngest of five brothers and is sprung from German and Irish ancestors. He graduated from high school in 1987 and went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in radio from Emerson Undergraduate in Boston, Massachusetts. One of his college instructors was novelist David Foster Wallace.

He worked in warehouses before embarking on his stand-up career, and later expressed his appreciation for the freedom he had while there: “If my employer gave me a hard time, I could simply get on a forklift and drive away.”


Burr made his stand-up comedy debut on March 2, 1992, in New York City. The year 1994 marked the year that he relocated to New York City. As of May 2007, Bill Burr has been recording a weekly one-hour podcast, Bill Burr’s Monday Morning Podcast, in which he discusses his experiences and current events, as well as traveling on tour and sports, and in which he also provides advice to listeners who submit queries.

The podcast can be found on Burr’s website, YouTube channel, and the All Things Comedy network, among other places. He is occasionally joined on stage by his wife Nia, and he has hosted guests and conducted interviews with other comedians. A new podcast named the Bill Bert Podcast, which Burr hosts with fellow comic Bert Kreischer was launched in October 2019 and is presented by Burr and Kreischer.

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Burr has also appeared as a guest on radio shows and other comedians’ podcasts, including Opie and Anthony, You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes, The Adam Carolla Show, The Joe Rogan Experience, WTF with Marc Maron, The Nerdist Podcast, The Adam Buxton Podcast, and Nobody Likes Onions. Burr has also appeared as a guest on television shows, including Opie and Anthony, You Made It.

Burr was also the first guest on Tom Green’s podcast, which he hosted himself. His guest appearance on the Hollywood Babble-On podcast, alongside Ralph Garman, took place on April 18, 2011.

At Madison Square Garden on November 14, 2015, the Royal Albert Hall on June 6, 2018, and two consecutive nights on March 4, 2019, Burr has performed to sold-out crowds.

During his tenure at the Wilbur Theater, Burr broke a new record for the most consecutive sold-out performances, performing 19 sold-out shows in a row, breaking the previous mark often set by Aziz Ansari. On September 28, 2018, Burr sold out the Los Angeles Forum, which had 20,000 seats available.

During the task “No Love Lost” in Grand Theft Auto IV, Burr appears as Jason Michaels of the biker gang The Lost MC, which he portrays. In 2009, he returned to the game as a playable character in the expansion pack The Lost and Damned.

Why Do I Do This? (2008), Burr’s debut hour-long special, was filmed entirely in New York City.

It was on September 18, 2010, that Comedy Central broadcast Burr’s Let it Go special, which was recorded at The Fillmore in San Francisco and premiered on the network. A later special, You People Are All the Same, was broadcast exclusively on Netflix in 2012 and was a critical success.

A year later, Burr shot his fourth hour-long special, I’m Sorry You Feel That Way, which was filmed at the Tabernacle Theater in Atlanta, Georgia. The film was shot in black and white, which was unusual for a modern comedy special at the time. He also appeared on Chappelle’s Show on a regular basis.

Burr has been referred to as a “comic’s comedian” by many who follow the stand-up comedy circuit in the United States.

The character of Detective Walsh was played by Burr in the film Date Night. Additionally, he appears in the fourth and fifth seasons of AMC’s Breaking Bad, portraying the character Patrick Kuby. Mark Mullins, a character he played in the 2013 buddy cop thriller The Heat, was his character.

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F Is for Family, a Netflix original series that launched on December 18, 2015, stars Burr as the title character Frank Murphy. The show, which is an animated sitcom, is inspired by Burr’s stand-up routines as well as the insanity of political correctness. Season 4 of the series premiered on Netflix on June 12, 2020, and will last for six episodes.

Burr and Michael Price collaborated on the writing and executive producing of the series. Bill Burr: Walk Your Way Out, Burr’s fifth hour-long special, premiered on Netflix on January 31, 2017, and is now streaming. He had an appearance in the third episode of the second season of the HBO series Crashing, which was named “Bill Burr.”

Bill Burr: Paper Tiger, Burr’s sixth hour-long special, premiered on Netflix on September 10, 2019, and is now streaming. In December 2019, he appeared as Migs Mayfeld in the sixth and fifteenth episodes of the Disney+ series The Mandalorian, which aired on the streaming service.

On October 10, 2020, Burr will host the first episode of NBC’s Saturday Night Live since its inception in 1992.

Netflix original animated series F Is for Family was the first original Netflix animated series while Burr’s You People Are All the Same was the first stand-up special to premiere exclusively on the streaming service.

In March 2022, it was revealed that Burr will make his feature directing debut with Old Dads, a film in which he will also create the script and star as the lead character.

Bill Burr Wife

Burr tied the knot with actress Nia Renee Hill in 2013. Their daughter was born on January 20, 2017, according to their records.  Their son was born in June 2020. They are currently residing in Los Angeles. Hill appears as a guest on Hill’s podcast from time to time.

Burr holds a pilot’s license for helicopters. He enjoys playing the drums in his spare time.

He is a fan of heavy metal music.

Metallica, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Pantera, Ministry, Slayer, Iron Maiden, and Meshuggah are some of his favorite bands.

He credits the drummer John Bonham and Dave Lombardo with inspiring him to pursue a career in drumming. He also appreciates cigars and other tobacco products.

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Who is Bill Burr wife?

Nia Renee Hill was born in Boston, Massachusetts, and is the daughter of Ben Hill, a former comedy manager, and Loretha Gaskill, a former actress. The divorce between her parents occurred when she was a child. Nia’s mother remarried and became the mother of Nia’s younger brother, Trey. Her father lived in Los Angeles, and she was encouraged to pursue a career in the arts as a result of her visits to the city.

Who is Bill Burr WifeAre Bill Burr and his Wife still together Bill Bur Sons Latest Updates 

She is a woman of many abilities, both in front of and behind the camera, and has worked in the fields of acting, producing, directing, casting, and fashion design. Hill’s other professional accomplishments include serving as the Creative Director of Tenderheaded Films, despite the fact that the company’s Facebook profile hasn’t been updated since 2012.

Where did Bill Burr meet his wife?

Hill and Burr were both students at Emerson College in Boston, where they met, fell in love, and lived together for a short time before relocating to Los Angeles in search of greater chances in the television and film industries.

Bill Burr Wife Age

Hill was born on June 2, 1978, making him 43 years old, according to reports. Burr is 53 years old, thus there is a ten-year age gap between them. Burr recalls being concerned that he was too old to be able to make his wife pregnant when he was 48. ‘I was concerned that I was getting too elderly to tackle it, so finding out that the plumbing still worked was a relief.

The thought of having to go through the Westworld experience, where I’d have to go into a lab and they’d have to extract some form of life from me, was a little unsettling to me. I was giddy with anticipation. “I’ve always wanted to be a father, believe it or not,” he admitted. They are both Geminis, as Bill’s birthday is June 10 and he is June 10.

Hill is a multi-talented performer who also writes, produces, and directs. She has been in films such as Lila, Long Distance, Did You Look for Work This Week?, the Netflix series Santa Clarita Diet, and the HBO series Crashing. She has also appeared in the television series, Lila. Moreover, Hill appears on Burr’s podcast, the Monday Morning Podcast, on a regular basis as well.

Her involvement in the entertainment industry also includes vocal work; she has been voicing the recurrent part of Georgia Roosevelt in Burr’s animated adult sitcom, F is for Family, since its premiere in 2017. The series, which is available on Netflix, is likely to return for a fifth and final season, though no specific release date has been announced. Hill and comedian Marcella Arguello co-created the YouTube series You Welcome, which premiered in 2015. c

Her work outside of television and comedy has included writing and blogging about subjects such as feminism and race, which she has done in the past. When she was younger, Hill wrote an article for the now-defunct website XOJane.com titled “I Never Thought I Would End Up Here But Here I Am: My Life As A “Kept Woman.” In the article, she talked about coping with her husband’s role as the primary breadwinner in their family and how she hopes to change that one day.

The author of “I’m a Black Woman Who Dates White Guys” also provided advise on what to say and what not to say to those who are in inter-racial relationships, which may be found on her website.

Nia is also a spokesperson for Talar Natural Beauty, a skincare line that she endorses.

Is Bill Burr still married to Nia?

The couple is still in a committed relationship. Hill is a huge supporter of Burr and his professional endeavors, frequently posting about his accomplishments on social media and expressing how pleased she is of him. She also has her own YouTube page, where she only posts videos of her husband performing, which is a nice touch.

When was Bill Burr married?

Burr and Hill were married in September 2013 after dating for several years. However, the specifics of their wedding are not publicly available. Some of his early 2000s stand-up routines have him pondering why people get married and complaining about his inability to connect with the women he encounters. In his words, “I will get married the day I encounter a married guy who truly appears to be happy.”

Bill Burr Children

Both Burr and Hill have two children together: Lola, who was born in January 2017, and a second child, whom they expect to welcome sometime around the middle of next year. Hill announced the news of her second pregnancy on Instagram in May 2020, with a photo of her growing baby bulge and the comment, “In other news…”

When asked about his wife and their children, Burr said, “She gave me a beautiful baby boy, so now I have a daughter and a son, which is awesome.” Burr appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live in 2020.

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