Beyond Evil Season 2 Release Date

Beyond Evil Season 2 Release Date-Will The Series Return to Netflix or Cancelled?

Beyond Evil Season 2: Everything we Know about Release Date

Fans have to say goodbye to another Thriller and action drama on Netflix Beyond Evil after Sysphus: The Myth.

The Latter Series Beyond Evil has won the hearts of Korean Drama fans with the story of two detectives who works to solve the mystery of a murder case in a small town.

The Final episode of Beyond Evil is airing today on Netflix, However, the fans are still not ready to say goodbye to this amazing series. Now fans are wondering will there be Season 2 of Beyond Evil.

It was not announced officially by JTBC Drama that there will be a renewal of Beyond Evil or Will there be season 2 of Beyond Evil?

However, it is not verified yet that season 2 of K-Drama Beyond Evil will return.

Beyond Evil season one has left enough openings for the renewal of season 2.

Beyond Evil season 1 also earned a good score on the K-Drama fans website gaining 7.8/10 on IMDB, 8.5/10 on My DramaList, and 92% on Asianwiki. This score is enough for the renewal of Beyond Evil season 2.

Beyond Evil season 2 may not be released as no official statement about season 2 has been released. Beyond Evil season 1 has only 16 episodes and 15 episodes have already been released. After 15 episodes have been released it is still uncertain that season 2 will be released. Beyond Evil Thriller Mystery drama is performing quite well.

The drama is attracting the audience with a unique summary pluot. Beyond Evil is famous for its casting Yeo Jin Goo and Shin Ha Kyun. Yeo-jin Goon got much popularity in his drama Hotel Del Luna alongside famous actress IU. He has been working in this field since childhood. People love to see him on the Screen.

Beyond Evil Season 2 Release Date
Beyond Evil Season 2 Release Date

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Beyond Evil Season 2 Summary Plot

Beyond Evil Season 2 is not yet confirmed yet. In Korean Dramas it happened many times they a popular series on demand of the fans released another season. Beyond Evil season 1 was about a young and passionate Detective who works to solve the mystery of a death case. So it can be imagined that season 2 will also be about another mystery. If season 2 of Beyond Evil will air the storyline may be changed but the genre will remain the same. The first season was about the death case that happened 20 years ago. So the second will show a more difficult mystery. The case will be different and more tuff and unique.

Two fearless detectives Lee Dong Shik and Han Joo Won are determined to solve the murder case. Lee Dong shik was once a very capable and passionate police officer. But after a case, he was unable to solve his name was demoted at the Manyang Police Station. Soon Han Joo Woo is a fearless young detective transferred to Manyang Substation. Han Joo Woo is different from Lee Dong Shik. He has a high society level because his father has a high position in the National Police Agency. Han has his own life secret.

Just like 20 years ago a strike of murder case also start to take place. Both detectives are determined to solve the case. But the difficulty get increases as the rate of murder cases increases. Things keep getting complicated as murder case increases.

Beyond Evil Season 2 Release Date

According to the current news Beyond Evil Season 2 release date is not confirmed yet. Beyond Evil season started on 19 February 2021 and ended on 10 April 2021.

Even if there will be season 2 of the series it will take some time for production and season 2 will be aired in 2022. However, still, there is no news from the drama set or production about the second season of Beyond Evil.

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Beyond Evil Season 2 Cast Name

Shin Ha Kyun as  (Lee Dong Shik), Yeo Jin Goo as (Han Joo Won), Choi Dae Hoon as (Park Jung Je), Choi Sung Eun as (Yoo Jae Yi) , Kim Shin Rok as (Oh Ji Hwa) and  Chun Ho Jin as (Nam Sang Bae). The cast may remain the same and the story will be changed. However, we might see new faces in the new story of Beyond Evil season 2.

There is no official statement about Beyond Evil Season 2 released yet. However, the article will be upgraded as soon as news is released. Providing fast and true news is our priority.

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