Best Korean Dramas on Netflix in 2021- You Should Watch Right Now

Best Korean Dramas on Netflix in 2022- You Should Watch Right Now


Here is the list of Best Korean Dramas on Netflix in 2022.

Mine, Vincenzo, The Uncanny Counter, Stranger, Start-up, Mr.Sunshine, It’s ok to not be okay, Kingdom, Hospital Playlist, Vagabond, Crash Landing on You



The Latest Drama Mine is about the Cahebol family of Korea. This story is especially about the two sisters-in-law. Both of them try to fight against the truth and lie of their life and find their true identity. The first episode starts with a murder. If you like to watch dramas like Sky Castle and The Penthouse and then this drama is best for you to watch.

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Favorite Hallyu Korean actor Song Joong Ki will apply the role of Vincenzo. A small Korean boy was moved to Italy where he was adopted by an Italian Mafia family. He becomes a famous mafia liar. After his boss died he moved to Korea. Where he faces new enemies.

The Uncanny Counter


This popular hit fantasy Korean drama is based on disabling teenager who got natural superpowers and joined the group named Counter. The counter is a special supernatural group that eliminates the evil spirit which possesses normal humans and does the evil spirits. This way a teenage boy starts to lead a double life, in the daytime a teenager school, and night time a Counter who vanishes evil spirits.

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Stranger Korean drama has already two seasons and fans are still waiting for the third season. This is a thriller based on the New York Times best TV show of 2017. A detective who teams up with a very low-level IQ Prosecutor.



Famous Korean Hallyu stars Suzy Bae and Nam Joo Hyuk play the role of the main lead cast. Sart-Up is about the story of the young generation who are struggling for their career. This drama has many plots like Love triangle, emotional.

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Best Korean Dramas on Netflix in 2021- You Should Watch Right Now
Best Korean Dramas on Netflix in 2021- You Should Watch Right Now



Mr.Sunshine is a historical drama set during the late period of Joseon. U.S Eugene Choi role played by Lee Byung-Hun. When he returns to his motherland Korea he falls in love with Go Ae Shin ( played by Kim Tae-Ri). She is a noble and confident woman. She fights for the right to freedom.

It’s ok to not be Okay


Famous Hallyu star Kim Soo Hyun Played the role in this drama. This drama is based on Mental Health. Ko Mon Yeong ( played by Seo Ye-ji) has an emotional disorder. While on the other side Kim Soo Hyun works in a Mental Health center. He also takes care of his brother who has a mental problem. The girl meets the boy and both help to heal each other’s wounds.

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The kingdom is the Netflix Original series. It is based on a Crown Prince ( played by Ju Ji hoon). The king caught a mysterious disease. Everyone wants to cover up this to not be released in public. But the king was not dead but in fact, he changed into a creature who eats the flesh of people. It is more like Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead. In this drama, we can see that people can be crueler than zombies.

Hospital Playlist


Hospital Playlist is based on the five childhood friends who are insaperateable and now they are doctors in the same hospital. The drama is based on their lives inside and outside of the operation room. They all release their stress by going to a band club they make once a week. That’s why the title includes Playlist.



Vagabond is a basic thriller and action drama starring Bae Suzy and Lee Seun gi. Cha Dul-gan, a stuntman whose nephew died in a plane crash. He started to investigate with the help of National Agent Go Hae-Ri. They discover a terrorist group that leads to Blue House.

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Crash Landing on You


A South Korean richest heiress accidentally lands in North Korea. Where she was rescued by a North Korean Captain of a special Police force. He tries to save her and find a way to send her back. During this time they fell in love with each other. This drama remained a Top 3rd drama for a long time. Thanks to its main cast Son Ye-jin and Hyun Bin.

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