8 Must Watch K-Dramas of Go Yoon Jung

8 Must Watch K-Dramas of Go Yoon Jung

8 Must Watch K-Dramas of Go Yoon Jung

South Korean actress and model Go Yoon Jung is represented by MAA. She studied art at Seoul Woman’s University. She joined MAA Entertainment as a model after earning a degree in modern art from Seoul Woman’s University. She initially appeared in ads for Ritz Crackers, Nike, Giorgio Armani, and Sports. She made her acting debut in the 2019 television series “He Is Psychometric.”

The actress is getting popular day by day due to her current drama Alchemy of Souls Season 2: Light and Shadow. Here is the 8 must-watch k-dramas of Go Yoon Jung

1. Moving

The same high school is attended by Jang Hee Soo, Lee Gang Hoon, and Kim Bong Seok. Although they appear to be regular pupils, they have unique talents that they received from their parents.

While Jang Hee Soo is a gifted athlete who can quickly heal from wounds like being shot or stabbed, Kim Bong Seok possesses the power to fly. Lee Gang Hoon possesses incredible strength and quickness.

While their parents battle to prevent them from being used by others, these three pupils attempt to keep their unusual talents a secret from others.

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2. Alchemy of Souls Season 2: Light and Shadow

Three years after his death, Jang Uk makes a comeback, and the wizards’ tale is retold. When a young woman who is imprisoned in her own house asks Jang Uk for assistance in regaining her freedom, Jang Uk turns into a hunter of the soul-shifters.

3. Alchemy of Souls Season 1

It is about the love and development of young mages as they overcome their twisted destiny as a result of a prohibited magic trick known as the “alchemy of souls,” which permits souls to exchange bodies. It is set in a fictional nation named Daeho that does not appear on historical or physical maps.

It tells the tale of an elite assassin named Naksu, whose spirit becomes unintentionally imprisoned inside the frail body of Mu Deok, the servant of the country’s most prominent and illustrious magician family and Jiang Uk. Jang Uk, the youthful master of the Jang Family, is hiding a shocking fact about his birth. He desires the deadly assassin’s assistance in altering his fate.

4. Law School

A demanding law professor and his eager pupils try justice via law when a terrible occurrence takes place at their esteemed institution.

Lecturer of criminal law and former top prosecutor Yang Jong Hoon is the professor to avoid because of his harsh statements. His stringent teaching techniques and insistence on expecting nothing less than the best from his perspective juniors in the legal profession, however, have a certain allure.

First-year legal student Han Joon Hwi is at the top of his class. He is a born leader, and on paper, his excellent looks and effortless charisma make him the ideal guy. He does, however, have a surprising side that is a well-kept secret.

Another first-year law student who overcame poverty and adversity as a youngster is Kang Sol (A), who was granted exceptional admission to the university. She travels a path of thorns because she feels deprived and ashamed all the time despite the money and skill around her. Her devotion will eventually teach her what it takes to be a successful lawyer.

Professor of civil law Kim Eun Sook formerly oversaw the free legal clinic at the law school. She developed a reputation for being a courtroom master due to her inherent aura of authority and free-spirited demeanor. She is the only coworker Yang Jong Hoon dares to confide in because of her reputation as a professor who is incredibly personable.

5. Sweet Home Season 1

Cha Hyun Soo, a recluse, relocates to a new apartment when his family perishes in an accident. Strange things start happening in his residence and across Korea, soon disrupting his peaceful life. Hyun Soo and the other occupants struggle to stay alive as individuals begin to transform into monsters.

6. The School Nurse Files

A new nursing teacher at the school is named An Eun Young. She possesses a unique capacity to spot monsters that resemble jelly and are created from the leftovers of human desire. She can also destroy these jellies. She shoots the jellies with a BB pistol and a toy knife. She feels that her school is the scene of a strange occurrence.

The same school employs Hong In Pyo as a Chinese language instructor. Hong In Pyo possesses a unique energy. An Eun Young and Hong In Pyo team together to get rid of these jellyfish in order to safeguard the students.

7. He Is Psychometric

In order to read a person or object’s past via physical touch, psychometry is a power that Lee Ahn gained after losing his parents in a fire. Lee Ahn then resolves to utilize this skill to eliminate wicked individuals. He meets Yoon Jae In, who makes every effort to keep her terrible truths hidden, despite the fact that she does not yet know how to harness her strength. They work together to crack a case that has been plaguing the lives of Ahn, Sung Mo, and Jae In, together with his foster guardian, prosecutor Kang Seong Mo, and the latter’s colleague, detective Eun Ji Soo.

The prosecution’s mother and father, who were primarily responsible for the fire, are at the center of the case. Jae In and Lee Ahn uncover the offender while also healing each other from their past, present, and future.

8. Hunt

a spy film based on the National Security Planning of the 1980s. National Security Agency agents Park Pyeong Ho and Kim Jung Do. They are rivals and both experts in their fields. A North Korean spy chief dispatched to South Korea is being pursued by the two guys. They quickly learn a secret reality.

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