Zoom Login to Your UMN Zoom account Latest Updates 2022

Zoom Login to Your UMN Zoom account Latest Updates 2022

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Zoom can be accessed by anybody at Northwestern who has a valid NetID, and its use is restricted to the performance of tasks associated with the University. Simply go to the Zoom login page, enter your NetID and password, and start using the service right away to obtain an account and start using it right away. When a user logs in for the first time, an account is immediately created for them.

This audio/video/content sharing conferencing service is hosted in the cloud and can be used through your web browser (only Chrome is supported), as well as through an application that can be downloaded for the majority of desktop and mobile operating systems. HD videoconferencing, screen sharing, breakout rooms, and real-time video sharing are some of the features that are supported. Meeting attendees have access to live chat, and the meetings themselves can be recorded. All presentation content and telephone audio is encrypted when using Zoom.

The university’s Learning Management System, Canvas, is integrated with Zoom, which enables instructors to conduct audio, video, and document sharing conferencing within their Canvas classes. Zoom also allows instructors to share their screens with students. Zoom makes it possible for students to hold virtual meetings of their study groups, which provides greater scheduling freedom.

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Principal Attributes and Advantages

It is possible for student accounts to have up to 200 attendee endpoints* connected to a meeting, while faculty and staff accounts can have up to 300 attendee endpoints connected to a meeting.

HD videoconferencing, screen sharing, and real-time video sharing are some of the features that are supported.

During the course of meetings, live chat is available and can be recorded.

spaces independent from one another that can be used for group work and projects.

Simple and easy to use interface

Integration with Panopto, a tool used by Northwestern University for desktop recording and media management * An endpoint may be a traditional telephone, a laptop computer, a tablet computer, a smartphone, or a room H.323 and telepresence system (audio-only connection).

The Workings of It

Visit the Zoom login page and select the login option to begin the process of creating a Zoom user account. After a user’s initial login, their accounts are automatically supplied.

You will be required to download the Zoom desktop application the very first time you use a computer to log in to Zoom, plan a Zoom meeting, or connect to a Zoom conference. Because downloading and installing the desktop application on your computer takes a few minutes, you should complete these steps in advance before making your first use of the program. Downloading the app from either Google Play or the Apple App Store is required for users of mobile devices.

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Make arrangements for a Zoom meeting.

The person who is in charge of booking the meeting will automatically receive an email from Zoom Network containing connection details, including a URL to use in order to access the conference. This email can be forwarded to attendees in the meeting, or it can be attached to an invitation for a meeting in Outlook. How can I schedule a Zoom meeting?

Confidentiality Regarding Gatherings and Recordings

Zoom has a variety of customizable settings that can be used to boost the level of confidentiality of your meetings and recordings. If you are going to be discussing any sensitive or confidential information in your meetings, it is strongly suggested that you use these settings. How do I defend myself from “Zoombombing” and how do I respond when it happens? How do I configure the privacy settings for Zoom meetings and recordings?

Participate in a Meeting

There are two different methods that which one can participate in a Zoom meeting. You have the option of using the link that was provided in the meeting invitation email or entering a Meeting ID once you have logged into your Zoom account. It is not necessary to have a Zoom account in order to participate in a meeting. How can I join a meeting that is being held on Zoom?

Use the Canvas zoom feature.

Zoom is available to professors in Canvas courses offered by Northwestern University. While you are working in Canvas, select the “Zoom” tab located on the navigation bar on the left. When prompted, click the Yes button next to “Authorize” and “Authenticate.” When a user registers for the first time, an entirely new account will be generated for them. The Canvas Learning Center provides access to user guides and videos that demonstrate how to use Zoom.

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Organizing and Running Online Events

Zoom is equipped with features that can handle online events of diverse sizes and degrees of interactivity on a wide range of levels.

It is possible that a regular Zoom meeting in which specific settings are carefully attended to is the most suitable format for highly engaging events in which all participants will contribute video and voice.

The Zoom license that Northwestern has allows for a maximum of 300 participants in a conference. You may find information on how to set up a Zoom meeting for an event in a secure manner by consulting the IT Knowledge Base.

Webinars hosted via Zoom have a different set of features than conventional meetings, including the following:

Options for a more robust registration process

The capability of customizing email invitations as well as the registration page

Including polling and Q&A functions.

Providing updates on registrations, attendance, polling, and question and answer sessions

Promote attendance to a panelist to give video and audio capability

Attendees’ names won’t be visible to other attendees

The Information Technology department at Northwestern has purchased 500 licenses for webinars that can accommodate up to 500 attendees. On a first-come, first-served basis, one license that may accommodate up to one thousand people is offered.

Please fill out the Zoom Webinar Request Form at least one week before the event in order to make a request for a free webinar license. Following the submission of the request form, webinar licenses can normally be issued to your account within two business days. Additionally, departments have the option to acquire licenses for exclusive usage of webinars.

You may find more information on Zoom webinars, including how to request a license and cost, by going to the IT Knowledge Base.

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Zoom Cloud Recording Storage Capacity and Availability

It is necessary to take steps in order to remain within the contracted limits of Zoom cloud storage due to the intensive use of Zoom as well as the high volume of meetings that are being recorded to Zoom’s cloud. In accordance with the Retention Schedule that can be found below, older cloud recordings stored on Zoom will be deleted and moved to the Trash folder.

Note the following:

Before being sent to the Zoom Trash, recordings can be downloaded for your convenience.

For a period of thirty days, recordings can be retrieved from the Zoom Trash.

Users should use caution when selecting which Zoom meetings to record in the cloud because the storage space available in the Zoom cloud is limited.

Zoom Login

You can access Zoom from a number of different locations, depending on what you require. Always make sure that you are logged into Zoom so that your meetings run as smoothly as possible.

Note to Students: If you have any issues regarding finding Zoom meeting IDs, please contact your teachers for assistance.

If you want to participate in a meeting or webinar from your computer, use the Zoom Client for Meetings (Desktop App). You may check out the comparison page on Zoom’s website to see which capabilities are not available when using another alternative.

Logging into the Zoom Portal is required in order to access recordings and reports, as well as to make changes to global meeting settings, webinars, and meetings.

Similar to the Desktop App, the Zoom Mobile App may be used on mobile devices (Android or iOS).

Client of Zoom for Use in Meetings (Desktop App)

As a meeting host or participant, you will find that the Zoom Client, also known as the Zoom Desktop App, offers the most capability. When participating in online meetings or webinars from your computer, we strongly advise using the Zoom Desktop App to assist you.

Note: For your own safety, Zoom automatically logs you out after one hour and twenty minutes of inactivity on your device.

Please refer to the Quick Start Guide for Meetings located on Zoom’s website in order to obtain specific information regarding the Zoom Desktop App.

Get the Zoom Client for Meetings Desktop App by downloading and installing it.

Begin the Zoom application by running it on your PC.

Make sure SSO is selected. There is a possibility that your client window will seem slightly different.

In the domain text area, enter umn if you are prompted to do so.

Make sure to pick Continue. When you authenticate using Duo, a window will open in your web browser. It is possible that it will automatically log you into the University system through your browser if you are already logged in to the system, and then it will send you back to the Zoom client. You may now close the browser tab that’s open for signing in using SSO.

In the event that you are required for it, enter your Internet ID and password for the University of Minnesota.

Click the Sign In button.

Within the Zoom Desktop application, you will be brought to the Home tab at this time.

Home tab:

Create a new meeting using either a meeting ID that was generated at random or your own personal meeting ID.

Entering a Meeting ID and Passcode Allows Participants to Join a Meeting.

Make arrangements for a fresh meeting.

Screen sharing can be done with a Meeting ID.

Explore and Participate in an Upcoming Meeting

Tab for meetings: Check out the agendas for the forthcoming events.

Zoom Portal

Your information pertaining to your University of Minnesota Zoom account can be accessed through the Zoom Portal. The following functionalities are available to you:

default meeting and webinar settings

webinars and meetings, even meetings booked from other sources such as Google Calendar or Canvas, can be arranged or edited.

Zoom cloud recordings, polls, and other reports can all be accessed and managed here.

personal options for your profile, such as your photo and Personal Meeting ID

Go to umn.zoom.us.

Choose to Sign in.

Please enter your Internet ID and password from the University of Minnesota to sign in.

You are currently on your Meetings page, which allows you to make changes to a future planned meeting, begin that meeting, or book a new meeting altogether.

You can check any of the following by using the left navigation:

Settings for your webinar recordings, your profile, and your reports

Zoom Mobile App

If you need to join a meeting on the go or host one, you can do so by logging into the Zoom mobile app. You also have the option to directly schedule meetings from within the app.

You may get the Zoom Cloud Meetings Mobile App for your device from either the Google Play Store or the App Store, depending on whether you have an Android or an iOS device.

Start the application. Tap the Sign In button located on the Start screen.

Select Sign in With SSO from the drop-down menu on the Sign In window.

In the text field for the domain, enter umn.

When you authenticate using Duo, a window will open in your web browser. It is possible that it will automatically log you into the University system and then redirect you back to the Zoom app if you are already signed in to the system through your browser.

In the event that you are required for it, enter your Internet ID and password for the University of Minnesota.

Tap Sign In.

If you are prompted, tap Open to return to the Zoom app on your device.

You will then be signed in to the Zoom app when you return.

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