Who Is Zheng Shuang Husband & Children? Why She Divorce Her Husband?

Who Is Zheng Shuang Husband & Children? Why She Divorce Her Husband?.Zheng Shuang is a Chinese actress who also performs as a singer. Zheng Shuang was born on August 22, 1991, and she will be 30 years old by the year 2021. In Indian English, the name Zheng is pronounced Zheng Shang (Zheng Shang). She has been in a number of Chinese television dramas and feature films. Many Zheng Shuang dramas are available, including Meteor Shower, Secret History of Empress Wu, War of Desire, Love 020, Rush to the Dead Summer, My Story for You, The Four, and Chronicle of Life, among others.

She has a large number of followers on Instagram and other social media platforms. Zheng Shuang is regarded as the most controversial Chinese actress in history, and she has been barred from working in the entertainment sector by the Chinese government.

Here is everything you need to know about Zheng Shuang: her age; bio; marriage; controversy; why she has been banned; birthday; birthplace; Instagram; movies; dramas; height; childhood; early life; professional career; net worth; family; awards; and Yang Yang.

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Zheng Shuang Family

The Zheng Shuangs are a Chinese family. Zheng Shuang was born in Shenyang, China, into a traditional Chinese family. Her family is made up of a father and a mother, respectively. Her father’s name is Zheng Chenghua, and he is a businessman, and her mother’s name is Liu Yan. She has two brothers and one sister. She doesn’t have any brothers or sisters. His family has only one child, and she is that child.

Zheng Shuang Husband, Boyfriend and Affairs

Zheng Shuang has a wife and a child. Zheng was in a relationship with a Chinese producer named Zhang Heng at the time of this writing. After some time has passed, they decide to get married and exchange wedding vows in the United States of America. However, the pair announced their separation in 2020, citing a surrogacy controversy as the reason.

Following that, rumors have circulated that she has been in a relationship with her co-star Yang Yang. Zheng Shuang and Yang Yang had previously collaborated on the extremely popular Chinese drama Love 020′′, which is considered to be one of the most successful Chinese dramas of all time. According to social media rumurs, Zheng Shuang’s lover is currently a yang yang couple.

Early life and career

Zheng Shuang has completed her studies at Beijing’s Central Academy of Fine Arts, where she received her diploma. Zheng made her acting debut in the drama “Meteor Shower” in 2019, which marked the beginning of her professional career. Following the airing of this drama, Zheng was thrust into the public spotlight. Later on, she made an appearance in the second season of the television show.

In 2011, she also appeared in the film “Mural,” which was directed by Gordon Chan and starred in a supporting role. The next year, she acted in the films “No Limit” and “War of Desire,” both of which were directed by her husband. In 2012, she also made an appearance in the television drama “The Secret History of Princess.” Princess Taiping and Princess Andingsi were both characters in this drama in which she appeared.

In 2014, Zheng also starred as the main character in the drama “Swords of Legends.” The actress has participated in a number of Chinese television dramas, including “The Cage of Love,” directed by Tong Hua, “Love Weaves Through a Millennium,” and “Queen In-Man.” hyun’s She also made an appearance on the reality television show “Divas Hit the Road” in the same year.

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Later on, she appeared in a number of dramas, including “Chronicle of Life” (2016), directed by Fei Wo Si Cun, and “The Three Heroes and Five Gallants” (2016). In 2016, Zheng Shuang and Yang Yang co-starred in the drama “Love 020,” in which they played the lead roles. Following the airing of this drama, Zheng gained widespread recognition. This drama quickly rose to the top of the ratings for the entire year.

Later on, she participated in other dramas, including “Rush to the Dead Summer(2017),” “MY Story for You (2018),” and “River Flows to You(2019).” Zheng has been named as one of the “Four Dan actresses of the post-90s age” by the Southern Metropolis Daily, a Chinese newspaper. Zheng was placed 39th on the Forbes China Celebrity 100 list in 2017, 67th in 2019, and 82nd in 2020, according to Forbes.

Zheng Shuang Controversies

In 2020, Zheng has been in the news due to the surrogacy scandal, and she has been barred from entering the country by the Chinese government. Zhang Heng, Zheng Shuang’s husband, has claimed that she abandoned his two children, who were born through surrogacy in the United States, and that she did so on purpose.

Zheng Shuang Statement About Surrogacy

In that same statement, Zheng also revealed the reason for the surrogacy arrangement, stating that she was unable to give birth due to her health and cardiac issues. Because of her young age, Zheng is also suffering from heart problems. And it is for this reason that she did not put her health at risk during her pregnancy.

However, she is compelled to take surrogate action since Zheng and her husband, Zhang Heng, desired to expand their family through adoption. As a result, they both made the decision to a surrogate and contacted the appropriate agencies. Everything was fine until Zheng made the decision to find Zhang Heng’s whereabouts since he suspected she was cheating on him. As a result, she was unsure about providing a good family for the children, and she sought advice on abortion and the termination of surrogacy arrangements.

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Take, for example, the surrogacy controversy and abortion, which resulted in Zheng Shuang being blacklisted and barred from working in the Chinese sector. After that, she will be unable to perform any industrial work and will be unable to sign any projects. Zheng Shuang has been barred from acting for the time being, and she is no longer a professional actress.

Some Insignificant Facts About Zheng

  • Zheng was placed 39th on the Forbes China Celebrity 100 list in 2017, 67th in 2019, and 82nd in 2020, according to Forbes.
  • Zheng is an animal lover, and she also owns a dog and a cat as pets of her own.
  • Is Zheng Shuang going to be single in 2020?
  • – In 2020, Zheng and her husband Zhang Heng are legally separated.
  • She is also a big fan of good food.
  • As a result of her work on Zheng Shuamg’s Book, she was awarded the title of Asian Good Books Ranking Best Crossover Author in 2017.
  • Her favorite instrument is the violin.
  • In China, Zheng is the most controversial actress in the country.
  • She is no longer an actor because she has been banned from the Chinese film business by the Chinese government.
  • With the help of the Chinese actor Yang Yang, Zheng has developed a working relationship.
  • Zheng was at the pinnacle of her acting career when she was barred from performing.
  • Zheng was the most well-known actress in China, and she has a large following of admirers all over the world.
  • She is the mother of two children born through Surrogate Scandal.

Is Zheng Shuang Still Married?

No, Zheng Shuang is not married at the time of writing. She and her husband Zheng Heng have separated and divorced in 2020. Because Zheng’s husband was having an affair with her. When she found out about her husband’s extramarital affair, she made the official announcement that they would be divorced soon after. She also has two children who were born through surrogacy. According to the latest speculations, Zheng Shuang and Yang Yang are dating each other right now.

Is Zheng Shuang Still An Actress or Model?

Since January 2021, she has not signed any projects or films because Zheng Shuang has been blacklisted from the Chinese entertainment sector by the Chinese government. She is unable to participate in any dramas or films. In the aftermath of the surrogacy incident, Zheng is still dealing with the fallout. For the time being, it appears that Zheng has been digitally removed from the industry and is no longer considered an actress.

Who Is Zheng Shuang Husband & Children Why She Divorce Her Husband

Does Zheng Shuang have Children?

By surrogacy, Zheng has two children with her husband, Zeng Heng, whom she married in 2007. In December of 2019, Lucas was born, and Luna was born in January of 2020, making them the elder and younger children, respectively. Both of them were born through surrogacy therapy, and as a result of the surrogacy scandal, Zheng was placed on the blacklist.

Does Zheng Shuang Have An Instagram Account?

Yes, but her fans have already created a large number of fan pages in her honor. As a result, locating her Instagram handle appears to be difficult. Zheng Shuang’s Instagram handle is Zheng Shuang love, and she has 90.9k followers on the social media platform.

Does Zheng Shuang Like Yang Yang?

They may or may not be dating, but their fans have been clamoring for them to appear together since they appeared in the Chinese drama “Love 020.” On Instagram, Zheng Shuang and Yang Yang have a large number of fan pages. As a result of her divorce, rumors have circulated that Zheng Shuang and Yang Yang are dating each other. However, they have not made an official announcement yet.

Truth About Zheng Shuang and Her Husband Zhang Heng Surrogacy Rumors


Speculation on Weibo and Wechat that the celebrity couple had separated sparked a social media frenzy on Monday, January 18, according to reports. Some internet users discovered a ‘dissolution’ case involving the couple while searching the public access database of the United States Federal Court system.

Following that, news and rumors began circulating that the couple had two children in the United States through a surrogacy arrangement, but actress Zheng Shuang refused to accept custody of them because she and Zhang had separated – despite the fact that her name was on the children’s birth certificates. Zheng Shuang’s Surrogacy Gate (also known as the “Surrogacy Gate”) was the subject of much discussion at the time.

Ms. Zheng is alleged to have refused to cooperate with the necessary legal procedures, as evidenced by images of the children’s birth certificates published by the Chinese media outlet Netease Entertainment. Sources close to producer Zhang Heng have confirmed that he is stranded in the United States with the two babies and is unable to bring them back to China with him because Ms. Zheng has refused to cooperate with the necessary legal procedures.

In this incident, two children have been implicated: a girl, who was born on January 4, 2020, and is registered in the state of Nevada, and a boy, who was born on December 19, 2019, and is registered in the state of Colorado. Chinese media obtained copies of the birth certificates for the two newborns, which prove that both Ms. Zheng and Mr. Zhang are the legal parents of the children. An older audio recording, in which Zheng, Zhang, and both of their parents apparently debate what to do with their unborn children, has also been released to Chinese media. While listening to the voice tape, Zheng’s side argues that the children should be given up for adoption, with Zheng herself even expressing disappointment that the infants could not be aborted because the surrogate moms were already seven months pregnant.

On January 19, Zheng Shuang herself responded to the situation on Weibo (@SZ), in which she did not directly address the situation but stated that it was “a very sad and private thing that I did not want to discuss in front of everyone.” Moreover, she stated, “since last year, legal teams in both China and the United States have never given up on preserving the legal rights of me and my family.”

The ‘Surrogacy Gate’ and Its Relationship to Time While this case is unfolding in front of the public’s eyes and via their own research, more and more details are being revealed to the public about what is happening. Money appears to have played a significant role in the breakdown of Zheng and Zhang’s relationship, with a private lending issue totaling no less than 20 million yuan (about 3 million USD) cited as one of the reasons for their split. Because the story is a bit jumbled and confusing, we’ll make an attempt to recreate a timeline of events in this section.

Zheng Shuang, a Chinese actress, has hinted that her husband, Zhang Heng, may have cheated on her.

According to the proverb, one hand cannot clap on its own behalf. The Chinese actress Zheng Shuang () appears to have retaliated against her spouse Zhang Heng () by posting an indecent photo on Instagram, leading admirers to believe that her husband was cheating on her!

Despite the fact that Zheng Shuang has been banned from Weibo, she has taken to Instagram to communicate with her supporters. On September 4th, she made her first public post, which contained the simple message: “I am living the life I want; there is no shortcut.” Her account, on the other hand, has not been validated, and some fans are not entirely positive that it is indeed her.

On the 29th of September, her alleged account shared a fuzzy photo of a woman, causing consternation in the online community as a result. “I never want to be imprisoned in this horror ever again,” she stated in her letter. Give me a deadline, since I’ve been waiting for a public apology for a long time.”

As it turns out, that wasn’t the complete picture. The account claimed to have a high-definition version of the photo, but did not wish to share it with the public. Despite the fact that the photographs were not blurry, the caption stated that they were not very clear. However, netizens immediately discovered another identical photo from the account that was simply outlined and featured what appeared to be a lady practising oral sex. This photo was quickly removed from the account.

Both posts are no longer available on her Instagram, but netizens with quick fingers have captured screenshots of them, which are now available on Weibo as well. Many believe her imprecise posts were about her spouse Zhang Heng, despite the fact that no names were stated.

Conflict Behind Zheng Shuang and Zhang Heng Divorce

On the basis of the photographs alone, they concluded that Zheng Shuang had hinted to Zhang Heng’s infidelity. Zheng Shuang was able to see the photograph because Zhang Heng (cheated) and purposely sent it to him, according to one internet user. Others appear to agree, declaring, “The slime (Zhang Heng) is too disgusting to be around.” The question was raised by several, “Can we be certain that this is Zhang Heng’s (member)?” they said.

The subject of Zheng Shuang’s alleged account has not been brought up again, and Zhang Heng has remained silent on the matter. For the time being, the situation appears to have stabilised, albeit uncomfortably.

While fans were dissatisfied with Zheng Shuang’s surrogacy incident, Zhang Heng could find himself in hot water if the suspicions about him are proven to be accurate. He could face the same kind of backlash that Zheng Shuang did, which could explain why she suddenly decided to speak up, if it was she who did so at all.


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