Zhao Liying Boyfriend Now Is Zhao Liying Dating Wang Yibo

Zhao Liying Boyfriend Now: Is Zhao Liying Dating Wang Yibo?

Zhao Liying Boyfriend Now: Is Zhao Liying Dating Wang Yibo?

The entertainment industry is always abuzz with rumors and speculations about celebrity relationships, and one recent topic that has captured the attention of fans is whether Chinese actress Zhao Liying is dating Wang Yibo. Both prominent figures in the Chinese entertainment scene, their alleged romance has sparked curiosity among fans and media alike. With various clues and interactions between the two stars, fans are eager to know whether there’s any truth to these rumors. In this article, we delve into the speculation surrounding Zhao Liying’s romantic life and explore the possibility of her dating Wang Yibo.

Zhao Liying Profile:

Full Name Zhao Liying
Date of Birth October 16, 1987
Place of Birth Langfang, China
Age 36 years old (as of 2024)
Height 5 feet 4 inches
Education Langfang University of Economics
Occupation Actress, Model
Years Active 2006-present
Marital Status Divorced (previously married to Feng Shaofeng)
Children One son (Xiang Xiang, born March 8, 2019)
Notable Works – The Legend of Shen Li – My Destiny – Wild Bloom – The Story of Xing Fu – Legend of Fei – Our Glamorous Time – Princess Agents – Noble Aspirations 2  – Rookie Agent Rouge – The Journey of Flower – The Romance of the Condor Heroes
Awards Best Chinese Actress
Social Media zhaoliyingoffiicial

Who Is Zhao Liying?

Zhao Liying is a well-known Chinese actress and model. She was born on October 16, 1987, in Langfang, China. Zhao Liying gained recognition for her acting talent and has become one of the most popular and influential figures in the Chinese entertainment industry.

She started her acting career in 2006 and has since starred in numerous television dramas and films. Zhao Liying has showcased her versatility by portraying a wide range of characters, earning acclaim for her performances in both historical and contemporary roles.

Some of her notable works include dramas such as “The Journey of Flower,” “Princess Agents,” “The Legend of Fei,” and “My Story for You,” among others. She has also appeared in various films and has been praised for her contributions to the entertainment industry.

Aside from her acting career, Zhao Liying has also ventured into modeling and has been featured in numerous fashion campaigns and magazines.

Who Is Zhao Liying Boyfriend?

Zhao Liying was previously married to Feng Shaofeng, but the couple got divorced after their marriage. Despite their separation, they share a child. As of now, Zhao Liying is not dating anyone and does not have a boyfriend. Instead, she is focusing on her career, dedicating her time and energy to her acting projects and professional endeavors.

Zhao Liying Boyfriend
Zhao Liying Boyfriend

Is Zhao Liying Dating Wang Yibo?

Rumors have been swirling about a potential romantic relationship between Chinese stars Zhao Liying and Wang Yibo. The speculation intensified after their respective fandoms made headlines for conflicts, leading to the banning of the actresses’ fan groups due to misbehavior. Many fans and observers have hypothesized that the co-stars of “The Legend” might be concealing a romantic involvement, citing various clues hinting at their close ties.

One notable incident that fueled the rumors occurred when Zhao Liying’s fans expressed disapproval of her rumored collaboration with Wang Yibo on “Wild Bloom.” Some questioned whether the actress’s continued association with Wang Yibo, despite concerns about his acting abilities impacting her career, could be attributed to a deeper connection between them.

Supporters turned amateur sleuths began pointing out potential evidence of a secret romance between Zhao Liying and Wang Yibo. Notably, both stars were seen wearing identical necklaces featuring a small bone charm, a motif associated with Zhao Liying’s nickname “Little Bone” from her role in “The Journey of Flower.” Wang Yibo’s frequent public appearances with the necklace further fueled speculation, with some interpreting his actions as symbolic of their alleged relationship.

Additionally, instances of intimate behavior between Zhao Liying and Wang Yibo on variety shows have been scrutinized, such as their choice to share a bowl of food despite other options being available, a peculiar decision given Zhao Liying’s known germophobia. Furthermore, observers noted that their schedules often overlapped in terms of dates and locations over the past two and a half years, suggesting a level of closeness beyond mere professional collaboration.

Finally, Wang Yibo’s past comments about preferring older women have led some to speculate that the 10-year age gap between him and Zhao Liying may not be an obstacle to their supposed romance.

Zhao Liying Boyfriend Now Is Zhao Liying Dating Wang Yibo
Zhao Liying Boyfriend Now Is Zhao Liying Dating Wang Yibo

Who Is Zhao Liying Husband?

Zhao Liying’s former husband, Feng Shaofeng, is a well-known actor in the Chinese entertainment industry. Born on October 7, 1978, in Shanghai, China, Feng Shaofeng has appeared in numerous television dramas and films, earning acclaim for his versatile performances. He gained widespread recognition for his roles in dramas such as “Prince of Lan Ling” and “The Story of Minglan,” as well as films like “Wolf Totem” and “Detective Dee: The Four Heavenly Kings.”

Zhao Liying and Feng Shaofeng’s relationship garnered significant attention from fans and the media when they announced their marriage in 2018. However, their union faced challenges, and they ultimately decided to part ways in 2021. Despite the end of their marriage, both Zhao Liying and Feng Shaofeng have continued to pursue their respective careers in the entertainment industry.

While Zhao Liying’s relationship with Feng Shaofeng has come to an end, she remains a prominent figure in Chinese entertainment, admired for her talent, beauty, and professionalism. As for Feng Shaofeng, he continues to be active in the industry, captivating audiences with his compelling performances on screen.

Zhao Liying and Kris Wu’s Relationship

The recent encounter between Kris Wu and Zhao Liying at a program recording site may have appeared surprising to some, giving the impression that they were meeting for the first time. However, it’s worth noting that the two stars shared a close relationship in the past. At one point, they were even celebrated by fans who coined the terms “Ai Li Xiao Wu” and “Fan Jian Ying Huo” to represent their relationship.

Their on-screen chemistry was evident, particularly during their collaboration on the variety show “72 Floors of Mystery,” where their interactions appeared genuine and affectionate. Additionally, their joint appearance in the music video for “想你” further fueled speculation about their romantic involvement.

Despite the frequent and intimate nature of their interactions, both Kris Wu and Zhao Liying have maintained that they are merely friends, often referring to each other as “sisters.” However, their close bond has led many to speculate about the true nature of their relationship.

Notably, Zhao Liying was the first female celebrity to wish Kris Wu a happy birthday on Weibo, a gesture that didn’t go unnoticed by fans. However, despite the speculation, Zhao Liying’s and Kris Wu’s relationship remains platonic.

Ultimately, while their friendship has endured, differences in their backgrounds and values have prevented their relationship from progressing beyond friendship. Zhao Liying’s preference for a simpler life within her mainland Chinese social circle contrasts with Kris Wu’s broader international connections and desire for a more adventurous lifestyle. These disparities have made it challenging for them to fully understand each other and align their paths in life, leading them to remain friends rather than pursue a romantic relationship.

Zhao Liying Drama List

Here is a list of some notable dramas starring Zhao Liying:

“The Story of Minglan” (2018) – Zhao Liying portrays the titular character, a clever and resourceful woman navigating the complexities of family and society during the Northern Song Dynasty.

“Princess Agents” (2017) – Zhao Liying plays Chu Qiao, a slave girl who rises to become a powerful military strategist amidst political turmoil and intrigue in ancient China.

“The Legend of Fei” (2020) – Zhao Liying stars as Zhou Fei, a martial arts prodigy who embarks on a journey to uncover the truth behind her family’s tragedy and defend her homeland.

“The Journey of Flower” (2015) – Zhao Liying takes on the role of Hua Qiangu, a kind-hearted yet powerful immortal who becomes entangled in a tumultuous love story spanning lifetimes.

“Boss & Me” (2014) – Zhao Liying portrays the diligent and independent Xue Shan Shan, whose life takes an unexpected turn when she becomes the personal assistant to a demanding CEO.

“Noble Aspirations 2” (2016) – Zhao Liying reprises her role as Hua Qiangu in this sequel to “The Journey of Flower,” where she continues to navigate love, loyalty, and betrayal in the world of immortals.

“The Legend of Lu Zhen” (2013) – Zhao Liying stars as the titular character, Lu Zhen, a determined young woman who rises from humble beginnings to become a respected court official during the Northern Wei Dynasty.

“The Mystic Nine” (2016) – Zhao Liying appears as a guest star in this drama set in the Republican era, revolving around a group of adventurers uncovering ancient secrets and battling supernatural forces.

These dramas showcase Zhao Liying’s versatility as an actress, with her ability to portray a wide range of characters across various genres and periods.

Who is Zhao Liying?

Zhao Liying is a Chinese actress and model known for her work in television dramas and films. She gained widespread recognition for her versatile acting skills and has become one of the most popular actresses in China.

What are some of Zhao Liying’s most famous dramas?

Some of Zhao Liying’s most famous dramas include “The Story of Minglan,” “Princess Agents,” “The Legend of Fei,” “The Journey of Flower,” “Boss & Me,” and “The Legend of Lu Zhen.”

When was Zhao Liying born?

Zhao Liying was born on October 16, 1987, in Langfang, China. As of [current year], she is [current age] years old.

Is Zhao Liying married?

Zhao Liying was previously married to actor Feng Shaofeng, but the couple divorced in 2021. They have one son together named Xiang Xiang, born in March 2019.

What is Zhao Liying’s height?

Zhao Liying is approximately 5 feet 4 inches tall.

What are some recent projects Zhao Liying has been involved in?

Some recent projects Zhao Liying has been involved in include dramas like “The Legend of Shen Li” and “My Destiny.”

Does Zhao Liying have any social media accounts?

Yes, Zhao Liying is active on social media platforms such as Weibo and Instagram, where she shares updates and interacts with her fans.

What awards has Zhao Liying won?

Zhao Liying has won numerous awards throughout her career, including Best Actress awards at various prestigious award ceremonies in China.

Is Zhao Liying currently dating anyone?

As of now, Zhao Liying has not publicly confirmed any romantic relationships. She has stated that she is focusing on her career and personal life.

What other interests or hobbies does Zhao Liying have?

Apart from acting, Zhao Liying is known to enjoy painting and calligraphy. She has also expressed interest in cooking and spending time with her family.


In conclusion, while fans may speculate and hope for a romantic connection between Zhao Liying and Wang Yibo, it’s essential to approach such rumors with caution. Despite the numerous clues and interactions that have fueled speculation about their relationship, neither Zhao Liying nor Wang Yibo has confirmed any romantic involvement. As such, their alleged romance remains unverified, and it’s crucial to respect their privacy and personal lives. Whether they are simply close friends or something more, only time will tell. Until then, fans can continue to enjoy their respective works and support them in their careers.

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