YouTube Premium Cost Is YouTube Premium Worth the Cost

YouTube Premium Cost Is YouTube Premium Worth the Cost

YouTube Premium Cost: Is YouTube Premium Worth the Cost?

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Is it worthwhile to pay for YouTube Premium? Here is a rundown of everything that is included in the subscription plan, as well as some thoughts on whether or not you should sign up for YouTube Premium.

If you spend a lot of time watching videos on YouTube, you should definitely look into purchasing a YouTube Premium subscription. But is it worthwhile to pay for YouTube Premium?

Let’s take a look at what YouTube Premium has to offer, what you need to know about the service, and how to evaluate whether or not it would be beneficial for you to subscribe to it.

1. How much does it cost to subscribe to YouTube Premium?

After a one-month free trial, the ongoing cost of YouTube Premium (formerly known as YouTube Red) is $11.99 per month. There is a plan available for $119.99 per year that you can purchase if you are confident in the quality of the service and want to make a commitment for the full year. If you pay for the entire year in front, you will save two months’ worth of money.

In addition, there are two other options accessible, one for families and one for students.

The Family plan for YouTube Premium is available for a monthly fee of $17.99. You are able to add up to five other people (for a total of six members) who are at least 13 years old and live in your household so that they can receive the same benefits as you do. According to the terms of service for YouTube, these individuals are required to share the same physical location.

The pricing of the Student YouTube Premium plan is instead $6.99 per month and is only available to students who can provide documentation (which is required each year).

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The number of YouTube Premium’s features that you take advantage of will determine whether or not the subscription fee is money well spent. Bear this in mind when we examine each of them below, particularly in regard to the features provided by other providers such as Spotify Premium and Netflix.

2. Videos on YouTube are free of advertisements

The fact that adverts are removed from all videos on YouTube is the most compelling argument in favor of purchasing YouTube Premium. While there are various ways to circumvent advertisements on YouTube, doing so prevents content creators from receiving revenue and is therefore not officially supported. Additionally, the absence of advertisements is present across all platforms, which means that even when you watch on smart TV apps, gaming consoles, your phone, or other similar devices, you will not see any advertisements.

As it turns out, one of the driving motivations behind the creation of YouTube Premium is the widespread use of ad-blocking software. YouTube has been the undisputed king of offering free films for a very long time, but hosting and streaming those videos comes at a cost. YouTube will be forced to look into alternative revenue models if users continue to block advertisements on the website.

We are aware that advertising may be quite frustrating, especially when you have to suffer through a 15-second ad before you can watch a 30-second video clip on YouTube. Do you plan on getting rid of them? YouTube Premium gives you the ability to do so in a manner that is both beneficial to the continuation of the service and benefits the content creators whose videos you view.

YouTube adds that the money made by Premium subscribers is distributed across the channels that those subscribers watch. Therefore, by watching your favorite channels with Premium, you are helping those channels make money that, in the absence of your support, they would have to generate through advertisements.

3. Access to all of YouTube’s Original Content

Even if you don’t mind seeing advertisements when you watch videos on YouTube, there are a few more perks that come with a YouTube Premium subscription that might convince you it’s worth the money. Access to YouTube Originals, which are a collection of unique shows developed by YouTube, was one of the key benefits of YouTube Premium when it first became available.

Despite this, YouTube made access to the majority of its original content available to anybody and everyone in early 2022, shortly after it ended its Originals program. Now, anyone with a free YouTube account may watch YouTube Originals content with advertisements, just like they would any other video. In spite of the fact that the corporation provides only a hazy statement to the effect that “only certain episodes may be available for streaming at any one time,” our observations have shown that the vast majority of Originals content is accessible to all users.

Despite this, being a YouTube Premium subscriber does still come with a few advantages in reference to the channel’s original content. In addition to having access to the content without being interrupted by advertisements, users also have access to supplementary content such as extended director’s edits and deleted sequences.

Check out the YouTube Originals channel to find out what’s currently available to watch. Videos that are labeled as Premium are only accessible to subscribers of the channel. The question is if you have any interest in any of the things that are being offered.

4. You get a free month of YouTube Music Premium

Access to the premium version of YouTube Music is included for free with a membership to YouTube Premium. In the event that you are not aware, Google’s music streaming service is called YouTube Music. It succeeded Google Play Music, which was scheduled to be discontinued in the late year 2020.

YouTube Music, in the same vein as Spotify and other music streaming services, is offered at no cost to users. If you subscribe to YouTube Music Premium, you will not only be able to listen to music without being interrupted by advertisements, but you will also have the option to download songs to listen to when you are not connected to the internet.

You can get YouTube Music Premium for free for the first three months when you sign up for YouTube Premium. After that, the monthly fee is $9.99. If you do not already have a membership to Spotify, Apple Music, or another service of a similar nature, you have the opportunity to enjoy two different types of subscriptions under one roof.

5. Video Downloads and Playing Videos in the Background

The advantages of YouTube Premium that have been discussed above are available across the board when you utilize YouTube. On the other hand, there are a few benefits that are exclusive to consuming content on mobile devices.

One benefit of upgrading to a YouTube Premium account is that it enables you to save videos to your iOS or Android device for offline viewing. If you have a restricted data plan, this is a fantastic way to view films on the move, and it also allows you to enjoy them in areas where there is no connectivity, such as on an airplane.

You may also unlock the capability to play videos in the background on YouTube’s mobile apps after you have an account. Your video will continue to play even if you switch to a different app or turn off the screen on your device. This comes in helpful if you frequently listen to lengthy videos on YouTube if you are only interested in the audio. Battery life can be preserved on your phone by turning off the screen while it’s not in use.

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If you have children, you will be pleased to learn that the ads-free experience and offline access features are also available within the YouTube Kids app.

6. YouTube Premium is Not the Same Thing as YouTube TV

Because the names of YouTube’s premium services are so similar to one another, it can be simple to get them confused. Both the fact that you can sign up for YouTube Music Premium independently from YouTube Premium and the fact that YouTube Premium automatically includes YouTube Music Premium have been brought to your attention.

You should be aware, on the other hand, that YouTube TV is not the same as either of these services. You can view live TV channels with the use of the television streaming service known as YouTube TV. It comes with a DVR in addition to other functions that are linked with TV streaming.

A subscription to YouTube Premium is not required to watch videos on YouTube TV, and YouTube TV does not feature any of the benefits of YouTube Premium. On the other hand, subscribers to YouTube TV do get complete access to all of YouTube’s original content, as was previously mentioned.

In addition to the Premium tier, YouTube also offers channel memberships as a paid subscription option. You can directly support a channel by purchasing one of these, and in exchange, you will receive a few rewards. The removal of advertisements from a channel is not one of the perks of becoming a member of a YouTube channel.

7. You don’t need to subscribe to YouTube Premium.

YouTube Premium has been available for a number of years, but the platform’s functionality has not been significantly altered as a result. You are free to continue watching videos from all of your preferred channels even if you choose not to make a payment at this time.

The removal of advertisements is without a doubt the primary advantage of having a YouTube Premium account. If you are a frequent user of YouTube, purchasing a subscription may be worthwhile for this reason alone. If you want to catch up on your Watch Later list while you’re traveling or flying, you might find it useful to sign up for a Watch Later membership for only one month and then cancel it once you’ve used it. Also, if you don’t currently subscribe to a premium music service, purchasing a membership to YouTube Music Premium is an attractive option for you to consider.

Aside from that, there isn’t much of a reason to sign up for YouTube Premium. If you even care about any of the series, you don’t need a subscription to watch most of them even if The Originals Kube has been discontinued. Cobra Kai, widely considered to be the most successful YouTube Original series, is now available on Netflix.

A subscription to the middle tier of Netflix allows access to shows and movies of a far higher quality than what is offered by YouTube Originals for around the same price. Access to Prime Video and Prime Music, as well as free delivery and other benefits, are all included in Amazon Prime, which costs approximately $12 per month when paid for annually. That makes YouTube Premium appear a great deal less appealing when compared to other options.

There is also the viewpoint that subscribing to YouTube Premium, at least during the period in which Originals were being produced, assisted YouTube in seizing control of the content that is customarily generated by its users. Due to the fact that this is the raison d’être of YouTube in the first place, a significant number of users have chosen not to subscribe to YouTube Premium.


The reality is that YouTube Premium is a hodgepodge of features that will only be appealing to a certain group of users. You don’t require Premium if seeing advertisements isn’t something that bothers you. It is not worthwhile to subscribe to YouTube Premium unless you have a significant interest in exploring the YouTube Originals library. You won’t be able to fully appreciate all of the benefits of YouTube Premium if you don’t use the mobile apps very regularly.

But if you want to avoid seeing advertisements on YouTube and you use YouTube Music Premium on a daily basis, then you should consider purchasing YouTube Premium. Use these helpful YouTube strategies to get even most out of the service, regardless of whether or not you decide to subscribe to the service.

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