Yify Proxy List For 2022 YTS Proxy & Mirror Sites (100% Working)

Yify Proxy List For 2024-25| YTS Proxy & Mirror Sites (100% Working)

Yify Proxy List For 2024-25| YTS Proxy & Mirror Sites (100% Working)

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Downloading files through Torrent sites continues to be a popular choice for many people, despite the proliferation of services that are accessible only through paid subscriptions in our modern society. Because of this, we have compiled a list of working Yify proxy sites as well as a list of YTS mirror sites that is easy for you to access.

Because it permits users to download content that is protected by intellectual property rights, the option of file-sharing known as P2P is almost always viewed negatively by law enforcement agencies and other authorities. As a result, many of the finest torrent sites have been taken offline throughout the course of time, and their mirror sites and proxy sites have emerged in their place.

However, several of the most popular torrent sites, such as Yts.ag, Yts.gs, and Yts.am, have been prohibited by a number of internet service providers (ISPs) in a variety of countries. In the year 2022, you can download torrent files by using Yify proxy sites in the event that you are unable to access YTS for whatever reason. All of the Yify and YTS proxy sites that were operational at the time this article was written have been selected by hand and included in the following lists.

The torrent sites that have been discussed up until this point are only for the purpose of providing information. We do not endorse their use in order to download information that is protected by copyright.

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Yify Proxy| YTS Proxy Sites List (100% Working)

Yify Proxy 1

Yify Proxy 2

Yify Proxy 3

Yify Proxy 4

YTS Proxy 1

YTS Proxy 2

YTS Proxy 3

YTS Proxy 4

List of Working YIFY Torrents Proxy Sites

Proxy Site Status Speed
https://yts.am Good Very Fast
https://yts.pm/ Good Very Fast
https://yts.gs Good Very Fast
https://www4.yify.is/ Good Fast
https://yts.unblocked.llc/ Good Fast

YIFY Proxy Sites Not Working?

There is a remote possibility that none of the websites on the YIFY Proxy list will operate properly for you. In some parts of the world, the laws around piracy and copyright are very stringent.

The good news is that despite this fact, you will not be prevented from utilizing YIFY Proxy sites because there is a way to circumvent this restriction.

Enter the URL of any of the YIFY Proxy List sites in the ProxySite text box to begin viewing those sites. In addition to that, we have a dozen different options from which to choose the location of the server.

An application known as Ultrasurf is downloadable for use on mobile devices running Windows, iOS, and Android. There is now available an extension for the Chrome web browser. Download the application in a portable format, and then launch it. After being directed through a proxy, you will have full access to YTS. There is nothing that can be done to prevent this.

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How Does YIFY Proxy Work?

When you use a YIFY Proxy to browse the torrent site, there are three parties that are affected by your actions. First, there is you, then there is the proxy server, and then there is the destination site, which in this instance is YIFY Torrents.

Because of its remote location, the proxy server allows you to circumvent the geo-restrictions that are in place in your zone. When you send your traffic through the server, the local restrictions are bypassed at that point. As a result, there are no barriers preventing you from accessing YIFY torrents.

Is YIFY Down?

You are unable to access YIFY, leading you to believe that the service is currently offline. It’s possible that won’t always be the case. There is likely more than one explanation for it.

In the first place, there is the issue of the Internet service provider (ISP) blocking the content in compliance with the authority’s request. There is also the possibility that international companies have blocked the routing for the entire region.

Using this service, you are able to determine whether or not YIFY is now unavailable. It displays the history of prior outages, the current status, and feedback from users.

Is Torrenting Legal?

Sharing files across the Internet with other users known as peers and seeders is what “torrenting” means when taken at its most basic level. At first, it established a network at the university for the exchange of files across the various residence halls.

Torrenting has developed into a massive file-sharing network that is being utilised by millions of users on a regular basis. In addition to other items, you can look for movies, television series, music, and books there. All of them are stolen, and as a result, they violate the copyright of the original creators.

How To Download Torrent Files?

You will need to open the torrent file of the material you wish to download in order to use torrents. They are delivered in the.torrent file format, which stores all of the pertinent information regarding the torrent that may be downloaded on a computer.

In addition, it is only accessible through the use of specialised Torrent Client software. Only a select few of the more recently developed download managers have begun enabling torrent downloads as well.

You don’t need to worry about it because we’ve got you covered across all available platforms. After installing the application, launch a torrent file, and immediately begin downloading more torrents without having to wait for anything.

Yify Alternatives 2022

These Yify proxy sites and YTS proxy sites, which are managed by torrent enthusiasts, have been geo-blocked by internet service providers in numerous regions. You can use Yify alternatives such as Pirate Bay, KickAss Torrent, 1337x, Rarbg, Limetorrents, and more to download torrent files using Yify torrent. In the event that the torrent sites listed above have been blacklisted by your internet service provider, you can use the following proxy sites to download files via torrent:

  • Kickass proxy
  • Pirate Bay proxy
  • Extratorrent proxy
  • Rarbg proxy
  • 1337x Proxy
  • EZTV proxy
  • Demonoid proxy

FAQs on Yify Torrent Solution (YTS) and Proxy Sites List

What is Yify?

Yify Torrents, often known as YTS (Yify Torrent Solution), is widely regarded as one of the most reliable and user-friendly torrent sites for downloading media files such as movies, songs, and subtitles. Due to the website’s lack of clutter and the ease with which users may browse through a significant collection of torrent files, it has established a strong reputation in the field of torrenting.

What exactly occurred with Yify?

The original Yify torrent website was taken offline in 2015 due to allegations of illegal activity; nevertheless, there are a large number of Yify proxy sites and mirror sites that provide users with the same user interface while having a different domain name.

How Do Yify Proxy Sites Actually Function?

Proxy websites typically function as a “man in the middle” to offer you an anonymous link between your internet connection and the website you are attempting to access. This bridge can be thought of as a proxy. In the case of Yify proxy sites, your web browser will begin the connection process by sending a request to the proxy site, which will then forward the request to the website that you want to visit. Because of this, the website you are trying to access will not be able to decode the IP addresses that were initially attempting to establish the connection. Therefore, Yify proxy sites assist in making your digital footprints invisible, which enables you to circumvent geo-blocking implemented by ISPs.


When it comes to accessing YIFY torrents, you may depend on these YIFY proxy list sites.

Please keep in mind that this is not a complete list. There will always be fresh YIFY mirrors and proxies appearing online at random intervals.

Be wary of fake versions of the YTS website that have been created by imitators. You will be able to tell a difference in the quality of the torrents that you have downloaded. In addition, fraudulent websites are notorious for being littered with intrusive ads.

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