Who Is Robert Pattinson Girlfriend 2022 Are Robert and Suki Waterhouse Still in a Relationship

Who Is Robert Pattinson Girlfriend 2022? Are Robert and Suki Waterhouse Still in a Relationship


Robert Pattinson Girlfriend 2022, Robert’s Current Girlfriend is a Famous Model, Suki Waterhouse. Who can at any point fail to remember the notable cool and puzzling Edward Cullen in The Twilight Saga? With a virus grin and scaring eyes, Robert Pattinson has his Moxy.

The Tenet entertainer is one of the most generously compensated entertainers in Hollywood. He was likewise included by Time magazine as “100 most persuasive individuals on the planet” and furthermore highlighted in Forbes Celebrity 100 rundown.

Robert’s honors and accomplishments aren’t the main things that look great on papers; his rundown of ladies does, as well. He is known to date a few entertainers, and here we will get a more profound understanding of every one of them.

Robert’s Current Girlfriend is a Famous Model, Suki Waterhouse

Robert is presently dating Love, Rosie entertainer, and English model Suki Waterhouse. They declared their sentiment in July 2018, later Robert said a final farewell to FKA Twigs. In any case, the couple didn’t report it unequivocally; it was the paparazzi, not surprisingly, that took their PDA pictures during their late-night walk around the city.

The pair likewise appeared to be reluctant to open up additional with regards to their relationship in broad daylight. Nonetheless, Robert said it himself that assuming they let individuals in, it would assess the significance of their affection.

He additionally added, “In the event that an outsider on the road got some information about your relationship, you’d think it incredibly discourteous. Assuming you set up a divider, it winds up a superior,” clarified Robert in his meeting with Sunday Times.

A few fans likewise conjectured that Robert turns out to be considerably more unshakable on getting his relationship far from the media later the negative remarks he got from his relationship with FKA Twigs. The remarks are generally bigoted, and he had gained from his mix-up.

So presumably that is the reason he jumps at the chance to keep it serene this time. Yet, the news consistently spread, so it isn’t difficult to sort out who the entertainer is dating constantly,

Be that as it may, he never uncovered a lot about the subtleties of his relationship. With Suki, it is the same. We likely see the vast majority of the signs that they are as yet a couple by photographs from paparazzi that the two didn’t understand were taken off.

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Who Is Robert Pattinson Girlfriend 2022 Are Robert and Suki Waterhouse Still in a Relationship
Who Is Robert Pattinson Girlfriend 2022 Are Robert and Suki Waterhouse Still in a Relationship

Later Robert had recuperated from COVID-19, he and Suki were spotted together snuggling up in September last year.

The two are yet continuing forward as of recently, and there isn’t any regrettable gossip about them all things considered. Robert and Suki appeared to have a steady and solid relationship. Because of their endeavor to keep their affection life as hidden as could really be expected.

Robert Pattinson and FKA Twigs Relationship & Breakup Reasons

Before settling down with Suki Waterhouse, Robert was locked into FKA Twigs. So when we hear her name, we may be comfortable with her sexual maltreatment news with Shia LaBeouf. Assuming you trust that her relationship with Robert was any better, set yourself up to be baffled.

FKA Twigs and Robert were just drawn in for a half year, and they split in 2017. Some media sources expressed it was on the grounds that she got such countless negative remarks from Robert’s fans.

“Individuals just called me the most frightful and uninformed and horrendous names in the world,” revealed the cellophane artist to Louis Theroux on the Grounded digital broadcast.

She then, at that point, added, “He was their white Prince Charming, and they considered he ought to be with somebody white and blonde.” She likewise said the tormenting impacted her mentally, and she had a breakdown hence. It wasn’t clear how Robert responded around then, realizing his fans tormented his better half.

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Robert Pattinson and FKA Twigs Relationship & Breakup Reasons
Robert Pattinson and FKA Twigs Relationship & Breakup Reasons

Other than that, Robert and Twigs couldn’t carve out an opportunity to see each other because of their over-occupied timetable. A dependable source told the media, “Their itinerary negatively affected their relationship. Sadly, Robert is the person who finished it.”

With the absence of time to meet and such a large number of bigoted remarks that impacted Twig’s psychological well-being, the relationship finished for great. Notwithstanding, there weren’t any large battles and contentions before they split, and they remained companions up to this point.

Robert’s & Dylan Penn Relationship and Breakup Reason

In 2013, Robert’s name was all around the media, particularly later he canceled things with Kristen Stewart. She went behind his back with a wedded chief. It wasn’t just Kristen who could continue on that quick. Robert additionally had observed another sweetheart only four months later he split with Kristen Stewart.

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Robert’s & Dylan Penn Relationship and Breakup Reason
Robert’s & Dylan Penn Relationship and Breakup Reason

Robert and Dylan Penn, an American entertainer, and model, began dating in 2013. A few sources even said that Robert was “wild about her.”

Indeed, it was justifiable since Dylan Penn is a major name in the business. She is Sean Penn, and Robin Wright’s little girl likewise adds more distinction to her name.

In any case, their relationship didn’t keep going for long, and they simply figured out how to be together for quite some time.

His Relationship with Kristen Stewart Had More Drama than All The Twilight Saga Movies

As a large portion of you must’ve known, the following young lady that Robert had dated is his co-star in The Twilight Saga, Kristen Stewart.

Sometime in the past, all individuals discussed was this one-of-a-kind team. However, other than Hollywood’s darlings, their relationship additionally had more shows than The Twilight Saga even have.

Kristen Stewart has a standing to date for each co-star that she met on set. In any event, when she was recording close by Robert, she was involved with entertainer Michael Angarano. So their relationship was somewhat outrageous around then.

Exactly when she began recording New Moon, she and Michael authoritatively separated, and she started dating Robert. However the two spotlight more on the movies, it was difficult to disregard how extraordinary Kristen and Robert’s science was in the film. Likewise, individuals who love the film series probably delivered Bella and Edward Cullen hard. So the thing is the preferred inclination over realizing that they for sure-dated, in actuality?

Many individuals accept that the pair began dating in 2009, and Wyck Godfrey, the maker of the films, even trusted that Robert and Kristen would keep being a couple until The Twilight Saga processes were finished. Haha, we feel you, Godfrey.

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His Relationship with Kristen Stewart Had More Drama than All The Twilight Saga Movies
His Relationship with Kristen Stewart Had More Drama than All The Twilight Saga Movies

In any case, exactly the same thing happened to Kristen, in which she went behind her boyfriend’s back with her new co-star. At the point when she began recording Snow White and the Huntsman, she was discovered cheating with the film chief, Rupert Sanders.

Kristen actually portrayed Robert as “awesome” in her meeting years after the fact. He additionally tended to him as “an enchanting person.” Well, really awful, Kristen, you undermined him.

Robert and Kristen separated in 2012, and Kristen began a relationship with the chief immediately.

Robert and Kristen Shared the Same Girlfriend: They Both Once Dated SoKo?

In any case, the intriguing thing about them didn’t stop there. In 2015, later Kristen remarked concerning how she would have rather not “characterize her sexuality,” the news that Robert and Kristen dated a similar individual came up.

A French artist, SoKo, was reputed to date Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart (not simultaneously, obviously). SoKo casually uncovered to A Music Blog, Yea? that she was set to go on a prearranged meeting with Robert Pattinson back in 2016.

“Better believe it, it was the best thing of all time! Three evenings in, I went out and met a young lady who resembled, ‘Hello, I like your music, I work for a name, and we couldn’t imagine anything better than to sign you. Where are you remaining? Do you really want a spot to remain?’ and I resembled, ‘Better believe it, I do.’ That very evening I had a prearranged meet-up with Robert Pattinson!” reviewed SoKo, energetically.

In any case, it wasn’t certain if it was just a one-evening thing or it formed into a more committed relationship with Robert. One thing without a doubt, the two had a date once.

Be that as it may, it wasn’t a similar case with Kristen Stewart. However SoKo and Kristen were detected a few times hanging out together, she didn’t let it be known unequivocally that they were dating. However, many individuals accept it.


However, SoKo gave a “hint” that she was in a cheerful relationship around then, and we accept she was alluding to Kristen. She suggested that Kristen had moved toward her in an antiquated manner, wherein she cherished it. “Our start was very OG,” told the vocalist. “I’m extremely infatuated and exceptionally glad in a relationship, so I don’t have that desire.”

Kristen, then again, is calmer in her meeting about her relationship. All things considered, she offered her viewpoints about “coming out” and “putting the name” to herself.

“To characterize yourself, and you can verbalize those boundaries and that in itself characterizes you, then, at that point, do it. In any case, I am an entertainer, man. I live in the f**king equivocalness of this life, and I love it. So I don’t feel like it would be valid for me to resemble ‘I’m coming out!'” told Kristen to Nylon magazine.

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