Who is Jason Momoa wife 2021His Dating History & Marriage Latest Updates

Who is Jason Momoa wife 2021?His Dating History & Marriage Latest Updates


What is the age difference between Jason Momoa and his wife? Are Lisa Bonet and Jason Momoa still married? How much older is Lisa Bonet than her husband? Does Jason Momoa have children? jason momoa wife age, jason momoa wife 2021, jason momoa wife and kids, jason momoa height, jason momoa age, age difference jason momoa wife


We often hear lots of actors habitually change their better halves. It’s not surprising since we experience a daily reality such that individuals can never seem to get enough. And also, being the focal point of consideration seems to be the fundamental objective for many actors.

However, don’t lose trust just yet. There are still some actors who can keep a stable, long-lasting relationship. He is Jason Momoa.

You all will be surprised to realize that Jason Momoa had been together with his wife for almost twenty years and still pressing onward. Here, we will become more acquainted with additional with regards to Jason Momoa’s relationships.

Jason Momoa Wife Lisa Bonet


Jason Momoa is presently married to Lisa Bonet and lives joyfully with their two children. So how could they keep up with such a stable marriage while proceeding to function as actors?

While working in the film industry has never been easy, Jason and Lisa won’t ever surrender. Before they got married, the two had some troublesome past experiences as well.

Lisa Bonet was previously married to Lanny Kravitz for quite a long time and then, at that point, got separated. However, it didn’t stop Lisa from trusting in adoration and marriage. Also, Lisa was full-grown enough to be friends with her ex-husband still. Jason is also a companion of Lanny’s, and we can track down the three pictures together.

Yet, how did Lisa and Jason meet interestingly, and how’s their excursion?

It worked out that Jason Momoa had been a massive fanatic of his wife since a small child. So it resembles wedding your youth superstar crush? That is insane! He had crushed on her for over twenty years before at last meeting her in 2005.

“Since the time I was, similar to, eight years old and I saw her on the TV, and I resembled ‘Mom, I need that one I’m similar to, ‘I’m going to stalk you for the rest of my life, and I’m going to get you,” expressed Jason during his meeting in The Late Show.

After their first experience in 2005, they created instant chemistry the second after they met. Indeed, even Lisa herself conceded that she could have Jason’s affection toward her immediately. She also described him as an honorable man since day one.

“I can’t say it was all out from the second we saw one another, yet we have been together from the day we met. At that point, love came, and it came enormous. He got me and tossed me behind him, cave dweller style.”

Jason disclosed that he’d been super nervous prior to meeting Lisa. He’d even attempted to impress her by fearing his hair—what a sweet man.

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Who is Jason Momoa wife 2021His Dating History & Marriage Latest Updates
Who is Jason Momoa wife 2021His Dating History & Marriage Latest Updates

The couple then, at that point, dated for a considerable length of time prior to choosing to get married in 2017. They held a private wedding where it was just gone to by family and their closest friends.

Two years after they dated, they had one little girl and were soon trailed by a child kid three years after the fact. So when they got married, their kids were at that point growing up.

Several sounds like a little glimpse of heaven. What else could be better than wedding your lifetime crush and having two cherishing kids with them? Besides, there aren’t any regrettable rumors between them during their 12 years of dating life and even after their marriage. It seems like they have their glad world, away from the spotlight and toxic expectations from the media.


Jason Momoa’s Family troubles


However, their life didn’t always go as smoothly as we suspected. After their second youngster was conceived, they were having a monetary crisis, which was tough for them.

Before Jason got a job in his successful film Aquaman, there was a period that he struggled to get moving throughout everyday life. Yes, he did play in season 1 of Game of Thrones in 2011 yet just for one season before the person he played got killed. From that point forward, he said that he was “totally underwater.” He also disclosed that he was unable to try and get an agent for almost four years.

“We were starving after Game of Thrones. I was unable to get to work. It’s extremely difficult when you have babies, and you’re totally owing debtors,” told Jason to InStyle.

The same situation happened to Lisa. She expressed her disappointment that the industry didn’t allow too many opportunities for a person of shading like her.

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“There aren’t endless opportunities for ladies of shading, you’ve likely seen,” said Lisa with Net-a-Porter in 2018.

Luckily, they managed to escape the monetary issues and made their leap forward roles following quite a while of struggle. Jason got a job in Aquaman, yet he also then starred in another successful sci-fi film, Dune, alongside Timothée Chalamet.

His First Daughter


Jason and Lisa have two children, gladly showing to the world through their social media. Their first little girl, Lola Iolani Momoa, was brought into the world in July 2007 – ten years before they got married. However, Jason was super excited about having a child, being a parent didn’t sound easy for him.

“I’m not going to do well with it. I’ll despise it on the off chance that she brings home some dipsh*t awful kid. I’m similar to, ‘On the off chance that you discover a man who treats you better than I treat Bonet, best of luck!” Jason told Men’s Health in November 2020. However, it seems as he did an extraordinary occupation being a father.

His second youngster was brought into the world in May 2020. This time it was a kid, Nakoa-Wolf Manakauapo Namakaeha Momoa. And just like his relationship with Lola, he also has a strong bind with Nakoa. He shared his video of him playing around with his son in Instagram stories. He composed an inscription, “Showing my kid the ol’ no-look huck,” on the video. Moreover, he has a moniker for Nakoa: “Wolfie.”

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Who is Jason Momoa wife 2021His Dating History & Marriage Latest Updates
Who is Jason Momoa wife 2021His Dating History & Marriage Latest Updates

Nakoa looked partaking in his father’s exhibition as he kept on chuckling in the video.

And the best piece of the video is: we’re ready to see how hot Shirtless-Jason is. So we’re not whining.

One of his fans screenshotted the video and then, at that point, tweeted it, “great evening to Jason Momoa showing his son how to toss tomahawks just,” and promptly got in excess of 34,000 likes. We stan a hot and adoring father like Jason!

Jason Momoa Cancelled His Wedding Plan with Fiancée, Simmone Mackinnon


However, we realize that Jason Momoa had set his eyes on Lisa Bonet since day one – and had always needed to be with her regardless occurred – he once surrendered and proposed someone else.

He was engaged with Simmone Mackinnon, his co-star in Baywatch in 2004. He was also serious with his relationship with Simmone – however, he realized that Lisa was always the one. His engagement stayed for a considerable length of time before Jason threw in the towel.

Jason and Simmone were in any event, wanting to get married in Hawaii, as indicated by Herald Sun. However, everything changed when he at long last had the opportunity to meet Lisa Bonet in 2005.

However, he never explicitly conceded that it was the principal reason for their split. However, Simmone was devastated concerning that. Not long after Jason punched out with her, Lisa became pregnant. So, it is clear Jason was cheating with Lisa when they were still together.

“It’s a shock, and of course, this news has been upsetting. Be that as it may, I have continued on, and I am exceptionally glad and partaking in an extraordinary relationship with someone else,” Simmone told the Herald Sun.

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Who is Jason Momoa wife 2021His Dating History & Marriage Latest Updates
Who is Jason Momoa wife 2021His Dating History & Marriage Latest Updates

That is insane stuff to ponder.

Jason Mamoa relationship with Emilia Clarke


This one isn’t sincerely associated with Jason, yet she is his best companion and had shared many charming moments. She is Emilia Clarke.

Emilia and Jason had been close friends since they cooperated in Game of Thrones. However Jason just appeared for one season, their relationship lasted as of not long ago, in any event, when Jason is married.

The two of them instantly discover their chemistry the second they met. It was absolutely a well-disposed kind of adoration, nothing heartfelt involved between them. Besides, it’s always possible to have relationships other than heartfelt ones, correct?

Jason and Emilia’s relationship was even supported by Lisa. Of course, many rumors said they were dating – it’s hard not to assume that however – yet Lisa didn’t show any sign of jealousy even a tad. It seems like Jason’s adoration for Lisa is so large until she was unable to discover any reason not to put stock in him. He is a genuine nobleman without a doubt.

Indeed, even once, Emilia took Jason’s telephone to FaceTime Lisa and conversed with his kids. This is the genuine epitome of a solid marriage. No big surprise many individuals revere Lisa and Jason.

Other than that, they also go through significant moments together. For example, at Emilia’s 33rd birthday festivity, Jason and the GoT team came and took many adorable pictures together.

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Who is Jason Momoa wife 2021His Dating History & Marriage Latest Updates
Who is Jason Momoa wife 2021His Dating History & Marriage Latest Updates

Emilia also observed Jason’s birthday, however, Jason is as of now not on the GoT team. However, their friendship had been pressing onward for over ten years now, and they will keep being adorable with one another. Beautiful!

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