Who Is Anna Kendrick Boyfriend 2022 Truth About Anna Kendrick Secret Partner

Who Is Anna Kendrick Boyfriend 2022? Truth About Anna Kendrick Secret Partner

Who Is Anna Kendrick Boyfriend 2022? Truth About Anna Kendrick Secret Partner


What is the name of Anna Kendrick boyfriend? There has been a slew of Hollywood “it” couples throughout the years, and the public’s interest in celebrities’ love lives never seems to wane. While we liked getting the inside scoop on Brangelina and, more lately, Kimye, some members of Hollywood’s upper crust prefer a more low-key relationship. One of them is Kendrick Lamar. For years, the Pitch Perfect star has kept her romance from the public eye; her Instagram page is devoid of photos of her boyfriend, despite the fact that she has a lot of selfies.

Anna Kendrick Relationship Status 2022


For years, the actress from Pitch Perfect and Up in the Air has kept her romantic connection a secret.
Despite starring in some of the year’s highest-grossing films, the effervescent 36-year-old makes an effort to keep her personal life private, refusing to discuss her current partner in interviews and never posting about him on social media.
And it’s all done on purpose.
“Well, keeping things quiet isn’t easy, as you are proving right now,” Anna said to a journalist in a 2020 interview with Fairfax Media when asked about her personal life.
“But that’s how it’s always been for me.”

Who Is Anna Kendrick Boyfriend 2022


According to Bustle, Kendrick is dating cinematographer Ben Richardson, whom she met on set. Kendrick and Richardson have very different careers, yet they work close together, and they’ve managed to keep her celebrity out of their relationship. Fans, understandably, are clamouring for more information. To that end, here’s the truth about Anna Kendrick’s boyfriend, whom she has yet to publicly introduce.

Who is Anna Kendrick dating right now?


Anna has been dating Ben Richardson, a British cinematographer, since February 2014. While Anna has never stated how they met, Ben worked on the 2013 indie film Drinking Buddies, in which she also appeared, thus their romance most likely began on site.
Ben, who also collaborated on the smash film The Fault In Our Stars, reconnected with Anna in the 2014 film Happy Christmas for work purposes.
They haven’t been spotted on the red carpet together since they started dating, and they don’t post images of each other on Instagram. (Ben’s page consists solely of beautiful landscape images.)
Ben Richardson, Anna Kendrick’s boyfriend, now lives in the United States, while the cameraman is originally from the United Kingdom. Richardson was born and reared in England, as AFC disclosed in a March 2013 interview with him.

Who Is Ben Richardson?


Richardson earned his education in the United Kingdom as well, earning a bachelor’s degree in media arts from Royal Holloway University. But as he indicated, a lot of what he knows is self-taught. “We rarely had any money or access to professional equipment,” he explained to the publication, “so I just had to find out how to light the sets we made.”
Fortunately, Richardson’s dedication to his studies paid off.

The partner of Anna Kendrick is a well-known cinematographer


Anna Kendrick’s boyfriend is a Hollywood bigwig; while Kendrick basks in the spotlight as an A-lister, her boyfriend works behind the scenes. Ben Richardson, on the other hand, is one of the most well-known cinematographers in the industry. Over the years, he’s won a slew of prizes, including two of the most prized Oscars and Sundance Film Festival awards.
Richardson’s abilities were immediately recognised. According to the ASC, his debut feature picture, Beasts of the Southern Wild, won him the Best Cinematography prize at the Independent Spirit Awards. Richardson earned the Excellence in Cinematography award at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival for Beasts of the Southern Wild.

Who Is Anna Kendrick Boyfriend 2022 Truth About Anna Kendrick Secret Partner
Who Is Anna Kendrick Boyfriend 2022 Truth About Anna Kendrick Secret Partner

On the set of Drinking Buddies, Anna Kendrick met her boyfriend.


Ben Richardson and Anna Kendrick became fast friends after meeting on the set of Drinking Buddies in 2013. The movie is about two coworkers (Olivia Wilde and Jake Johnson) who fall in love with each other’s significant others. Jill, played by Kendrick, falls for Chris, played by Ron Livingston, in the film.
Behind the cameras, though, things were a different storey.
Richardson met Kendrick as the film’s cinematographer, though they didn’t start dating until nearly a year later, after the film was completed. Nonetheless, it was their first time working together, and it led to a lot of following collaborations between the two.

Here’s how long Anna Kendrick has been dating her boyfriend.


To be honest, we don’t know much about Anna Kendrick’s connection with Ben Richardson. We do know, however, that they appear to be rock solid. Rather than flaunt their romance in front of the world, the couple has been dating quietly and consistently since 2014, according to Distractify in 2019, indicating that their relationship is definitely long-term.
For whatever reason, the happy pair avoids discussing their relationship in interviews and rarely appears on the red carpet together. Occasionally, however, paparazzi will catch them out together, reassuring admirers that they are still together. While we may never know the ins and outs of their romance, we do know that Kendrick and Richardson like going to the movies together! Kendrick was photographed exiting a movie theatre in December 2019 with her hand snugly wrapped around Richardson’s; she appeared pleased and calm in the photographs taken by the Daily Mail. The couple has also been seen conducting errands together in the past (via the Daily Mail). It’s simply an usual couple of things.

Anna Kendrick Ex-Boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal


Anna, who had previously been linked to her former co-star Jake Gyllenhaal and UK director Edgar Wright (they dated from 2009 to 2013), was forced to dispel rumours that she was romantically related to hockey player Anthony Beauvillier in 2019, when he cheekily tweeted her on Boxing Day with the simple message “Hi.”
Anna’s fans joined in the fun, humorously tweeting made-up stories of Anthony’s heroism and claiming to speak for him.
“Remember Beau when you rescued me from a burning building, fixed me a seven-course meal, and taught me eight languages,” one fan tweeted.
“Thank you again, Beau, for saving all those kittens at the animal sanctuary in the Bahamas when the hurricane occurred,” another said.
And Anna’s reply to the social media storm was gold too.
She tweeted: “These replies have been my entertainment for the last two days. Thank you all for regaling me with the true tales of this man’s heroism.”
But of course, Anna only has eyes for Ben.
For the time being, we’ll leave you with some of Anna and Ben’s only solo couples images on the internet, taken on a romantic stroll in New York City.

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